Saturday, September 26, 2009

Must We Go Through This Again?


Okay, okay. More "Anonymous" commenters are coming out of the woodwork to crucify me because of my opinion of Yarn Harlot and I guess I'm going to have to explain things for those who are wondering what in the heck is going on...

At issue is a long-dead argument between me and Yarn Harlot. I had given the argument up a couple months ago but every time one of my blog posts irritates one of her groupies, they feel the need to send an "Anonymous" comment filled with inane, cruel, and vitriolic insults.

But I really don't care---because, as most of you know, I don't care if someone disagrees with me. I am the type of person who is secure in my opinions without "hating" somebody who disagrees. I am sensible enough to know that not everybody believes the same way I do. And so I believe that it is fine to "agree to disagree", in a pacifist universe.

But....lately, the aggressiveness of the mean Anonymous comments is startling.

Now, don't get me wrong---I don't dislike "Anonymous" commenters. Many of my readers comment on my blog using the "Anonymous" choice because it's easier. It's easier because it gets around the need to log in a URL or a Google address. And so, a lot of people comment on the "Anonymous" choice because they can get their comment in without annoying red tape or other aggravations.

All commenters are beloved to me and I welcome their opinions. Even when they don't put their names, I love them equally as if they had put their name, address, or email address. I value all input to my blog, positive or negative. And if a commenter goes so far as to be nice to me, I am so thrilled to get that comment that I consider that person as a good friend--- one that I value as much as my "in-the-flesh" friends. And I keep as loyal to them as I would those I know in person.

But the rude commenters!!!...... Geez, I don't mind negative comments (I appreciate constructive criticism) but there is a particular cadre of people out there who are Yarn Harlot's buddies---and never a more rude, insulting, vindictive bunch of assholes could you meet!

Lord, these people!!!

The reason I know they are Yarn Harlot's buddies is that I never got their sewage-filled comments until one particular incident. And that incident was when I took Yarn Harlot to task for what, in my opinion, was her repeated anti-American comments.

Now, don't be fooled by Yarn Harlot's lovey-dovey rhetoric. Yarn Harlot is crafty. She hides her anti-American comments (in my opinion) in jokes and other comic prose. My main example is her Canada Day posts. I wouldn't mind if she wrote her Canada Day posts using only Canadian pride and enthusiasm. Of course she's pro-Canadian--she's a Canadian! But the past, she has written her pro-Canada comments with thinly disguised anti-American pot-shots which are so subtle that they mock and ridicule America without many Americans ever realizing they've been insulted.

And, in fact, Yarn Harlot has been publicly criticized for this behavior of hers many times BEFORE ME. Yes, you read it right---she's been criticized for this behavior LONG BEFORE I EVER CAME ON THE SCENE (or took up the flag, if you will). In fact, on one of her Canada Day posts she even criticized those who called her an "anti-American" during the blog post!!

Yeah, people, it's true.

Yarn Harlot knows her Canada Day posts (and other random posts) have been taken as anti-American---but she doesn't care.

Which brings me to present day.

Fast forward.

This past Canada Day I protested against what I considered anti-American comments in her "Canada Day" post. And I did rant. Yes I did.

And GODDANG, but did I get a lot of hate mail!!!! Geez-oh-man but the hatemail I received would have made my grandmother blush!

Lord, have mercy, but Yarn Harlot's fans came out in force against me! They made an onslaught of hate mail posts on my blog that practically caused my ISP server to lock up! They sent hundreds of emails every day, calling me every vile name in the existence of the English language!

But I don't care.

Because I believe in the American Way---and it's called Freedom of Speech. By being an American, I have the God-given right to express my opinion whether or not my neighbor likes it. And let me tell you, it wouldn't have mattered who the Yarn Harlot was or anybody else---I would have criticized what I considered those anti-American words of hers no matter WHO wrote them!! And I won't back down from this.

Believe it or not, once upon a time I liked Yarn Harlot for her cutesy little yarn blog. But I grew tired of her annual Canada Day anti-American remarks. And when I finally exploded and wrote of my discontent, hundreds of Americans wrote me that they were on my side---that they, too, disliked her anti-American rhetoric and had stopped reading her blog because of it. Yes--they wrote me that they NO LONGER READ HER BLOG or BUY HER BOOKS or TAKE HER CLASSES.

When I mentioned this on the blog, many of Yarn Harlot's rabid-dog buddies asked me to betray the names of those people who had sided with me---which I refused to do. Private email is just that---PRIVATE.

Some of Yarn Harlot's buddies even stated proudly that I had "less" people on my side than they had on their side. But I replied that I didn't care. Numbers don't matter to me. But my patriotic beliefs DEFINITELY DO matter to me. And I wanted to get out my opinion on my blog....

Get it, Anonymous? I said it's MY BLOG. MY BLOG. Let me say it again: MY blog. (Understand the word "MY"? It means that it's MY blog and I'll write on it what I please.)

Fast forward again.

These days, I've been blogging along about whatever strikes my fancy. And what still happens? I'm still (STILL!) getting rude, mean, vile, and insulting "Anonymous" comments from Yarn Harlot's clique. They criticize me on every little thing, including my mental status (they know I see a therapist), my mother, my sister, my politics---ANYTHING they can---no matter how much I ridicule them right back.

In fact, they're so stupid they don't even realize that my comments back to them are ridiculing and mocking. I know this because they keep on answering me, reading my blog obsessively, and insulting me obsessively.

Ho hum and whatever.

And you know what it all means?

It means the following:

Yarn Harlot, as usual, is too chicken and cowardly to insult me, publicly, herself. And so she does what she's always done---she sends her "thugs" to do her dirty work.

And Yarn Harlot is not above baiting me on her Twitter page. Whenever she sees one of my blog posts which annoys her (and let me tell you, she's on my blog every day at least once or twice, reading it obsessively--and according to my sitemeter she's on it as we speak!!!)---or she is given information about something on my blog from one of her minions--- she will then make an alcohol remark about whatever type of booze she's going to relish drinking that day (even though she never used to do that) because she knows that I'm a recovering alcoholic. And then she might make a subtle anti-Bo remark.

For example, one day recently she said this: "I think my issue is that if it's attention that they're seeking, doesn't publicizing the hate mail increase hate mail? I couldn't take it"---talking about how I have been publishing my hate-mail comments and then replying to them.

And heh! She is so correct! She COULDN'T take it! She is too cowardly! She's a weak, lily-livered pantiwaist and a chicken-hearted coward, terrified of becoming "unpopular" like I am. That's why her blog is so ultra-cautiously "politically correct"!!

Good call, Yarn Harlot, sweetie, saying "you couldn't take it" --- because that's the best call you've made in a long, looooong time., speaking of calls...dinner calls. Blaine just yelled: "Get off the computer and help me drain the pasta!"

And so I go eat dinner....

(But if any of you "Anonymous" people wish to comment, please do so. I will read you after dinner."




Anonymous said...

Why do you still have the YH on your blog roll? You realize that you're steering traffic her way, right?

Paula said...

Hmm, maybe I should go back to telling her about January in AL when I have the car sunroof open in 60 F weather. I did not read her post anyway.

Bo... said...

To Anonymous #1 (cuz there'll be others--believe me):

The reason her link is on my sidebar is because I am too lazy to update my sidebar (for about the last 3 years, I think...) And plus, I couldn't care less. You think I sit around all day worrying about whether or not I've "steered traffic her way", dingleberry? If people want to read her silly blog then I welcome them to it. Have at it. Go for broke. Yeehaw and all that--get the picture??? (Or, as we say in Texas, "git the picher?"...)

tottergirl said...

Hi Bo,
What goobers they are!

How is your Mom doing? How are you doing? Has your MIL gone home yet?

Also, I love your crazy wild round thing sweater. Wish I had the umph to carry it off.

Teresa said...


If you welcome constructive comments so much, why didn't you post my previous comments?

Bo... said...

Hi Tottergirl!!!

Thank you for your kind comments! My mom and I are doing fine! But my mother-in-law is driving me so crazy that I just may have to check myself into the local mental hospital---and that's the truth, aaarggggh!!! I'm trying to be polite, but I admit I'll be glad for Monday morning when she will leave!

Bo... said...


Look down on the next blog post, the "Tonight's Prayer", and you'll see your comment posted and my response....

Warrior Knitter said...

frackin libs. How unhappy and sad they all must be to have so much hate and bile to spew.

I'm one of those that will never purchase another Yarn Harlot product, read her blog or recommend it. If the YH would have kept her anti-American and political comments out of her blog I might have a different opinion. She is entitled to her opinion and her as well as we are.

I and many others support you, Bo 100% in what you're doing. I also hope you know that you are not alone. I and many others (yes I can name names) know first hand what it's like to be hit with hateful, vile and often obscene comments for nothing other than respectfully disagreeing.

I'm glad you keeping blogging and writing cause we're going to keep reading.

Bo... said...

Warrior Knitter---you're a good friend, and please know that your message built up my spirits tonight---from very low to a much happier level. Thank you, good buddy.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah, I wouldn't even read that b.s. Truth is you're an attention whore and you LOVE all the negative comments you get. In fact I now suspect that your little rant against the YH was purely based on the fact that you were JEALOUS of all the attention she gets while your fat tub of lard ass goes unnoticed.

You got your wish, didn't you?

Congratulations on your small minded pathetic attention grab.

susan said...

The way I see it...

Bo: "here I am take me or leave me, but I'm real."

YH: "sugar coated sap, not a real person."

I read YH once, but it got a cavity...Bo I am glad you are real and not afraid to share your thoughts! I know that I do not live in a sugar coated world, in fact I don't know anyone who when you share your thoughts, I read with intrest. I have been reading your blog for years...I laugh with you, I have worried for you and I have prayed for you. I am glad that you are not afraid for your readers to see the real you, thanks!


Bo... said...

Thank you, Susan!!!!

Bo... said...

To Anonymous #2 (I told you there'd be others....) just stated (and I qoute) "I wouldn't even read that bs".

Au contraire--and so I will respond to your rudeness a la Joe Wilson:



You're lying through your teeth, dumbass! You are one of the people who reads my blog obsessively, seething in dark, ugly anger, and foaming at the mouth like a rabid animal (A bat comes to mind).

Let me say it again, because it tickled me to say it the first time:


Anonymous said...


I enjoy your blog and the colourful pictures you post, plus the stories of nursing. I also enjoy the Yarn Harlots blog.

I suppose i'm a little naive, but why can't we all be friends? I'd never travel to someone's blog just to post the kind of horrible comments that i see others leaving - we're all people, with real feelings and i think some internet users are too quick to forget that when they're sitting at their keyboards.

Regarding pride in your country - i'm Irish and grew up with people killing each other less than 100 miles from my home in the name of 'country', so it's a difficult concept for me. In a way, it's only since peace in N Ireland that we've been able to openly feel a nationalistic pride without fearing we were in any way encouraging those who chose violence. So, i'm fascinated by other people's national pride and am interested to see how my own country will develop it.

What i'm trying to say is that no matter what country we come from we're all people, with feelings and i'm saddened to see such hate.

Peace to all - oh, and Boh keep taking your meds! (you mentioned in an earlier post that you welcomed reminders).

Anonymous said...

Bo, I emailed you the other day but today I want to leave a public post.
The Yarn Harlot has made me cringe several times when she speaks about the US of course she is entitled to be pro-Canada logical and rightfully so but it still makes me cringe for my own country. I also do not like her ultra liberal leanings. But I do read her blog daily and enjoy it I just don't always agree with her.

Now to address anonymous who thinks right wingers are ruining the are a total dumbass and I cannot believe you are so pathetic as to write your stupid shit on someone elses blog, Godfry get a life.
Right wingers ruining this country? Have you looked at congress lately? How 'bout the White House, seen any "hope" coming outa there lately?

Stop hounding BO's blog you pathetic little chunk of barfed on dog doo.

Have a good day Bo.

Bo... said...

Thank you, Anonymous #3 and #4!!!

Anonymous said...

Listen one more time, you dense, ignorant psychopath: talking about the great things that Canada does or has or has done, does NOT mean a person is anti-american, EVEN if those things are things that America does do, or isn't. I'm an American and can acknowledge that in many ways, Canada is an awesome country and they do things better than America. Just like America does many things better than Canada.

It's clear that growing up in a home decorated by a blind gypsy has warped your brain. Did your mom feed you undercooked beef brains? Perhaps you have mad cow disease? Surely your rants and ravings are making less and less sense. Have you found yourself stumbling around and mooing lately for no reason? Are you frothing at the mouth? Do you feel the urge to take on any other bloggers from other countries who have national pride?

I speak only out of concern for you health. If you succumb to mad cow, what will I read for entertainment?

Bo... said...

To the Anonymous who addresses me as "you dense, ignorant psychopath":

I feel sorry for you. You are obviously an unhinged lunatic who is filled with a raw, seething rage which is frightening. I will step up the security on my property because of you and your ilk.

I tracked your ISP and you are a Canadian. So please don't pretend to be an American. You have NO IDEA what the concept of "American patriotism" means. NO IDEA. Therefore, you are talking out of your ass.

By the way, my Mother laughed her butt off at the "blind gypsy" remark. She actually said that you have a "good eye" since she does have "gypsy" and "bohemian" taste in her art. It would have been a great compliment to you had you not been an angry lunatic who simply searches for terms which you think are "insulting".

Um...guess what??

Yeah! Guess what?

You're an idiot! Yeah, baby. A bonafide idiot!

Well, I'd love to chat but the "Wizard of Oz" is on and I never miss it.......

Anonymous said...

Wow Bo, your anonymous stalker has no life, but geez it is entertaining for the rest of us, I feel sorry for you though. If only Mary Englebreit was still publishing her magazine, your mothers house would be PERFECT for it.
And your stalker is still poo.

Anonymous said...

How's your blood sugar these days?

Warrior Knitter said...

Hmmm, I notice that most of the posts that sound like they've been written by raving lunatics are very negative, call Bo or refer to her by offensive names. They're probably written by libs. All of the posts supporting Bo refrain from bashing the opposition, calling them offensive names and read like they're written by sane, respectful folks. Curious, heh?

I've noticed this on other popular knitting sites, too. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I am American. I like America, and I like Canada. I like the Yarn Harlot. But, most importantly, I like knitting. I don't agree with everything the YH says, or everything you say. (Oh, and I'm a "lib".)

But all that doesn't matter. None of this matters. Jesus used to say things about tolerance and love and turning the other cheek. I never thought that was nonsense; that's what matters.

Love is hard. Tolerance is hard. Patience is hard. Even when you don't feel it coming your way. But it's still worth a shot.

Anonymous #8 said...

I don't get it...either you are or aren't effected by what anons/YH/others say?

I am curious because you thanked Warrior Knitter from bringing your mood up from low. Just ignore it for God's sake. It appears (from this side) that you like all this attention or you wouldn't post your rantings on a public blog. Period. You can't rant all you want IN PUBLIC and then expect others to not reply. I don't care who's friends they are.

and another go on and on and on claiming to be a red blooded American, stop this crap then, would you? Have your opinions and welcome others, but your indignation about people having differing opinions is ridiculous. You can't have it both ways.

You think the YH is talking about drinking to torment you? LMAO, that is rich. She has been talking about drinking beer for as long as I have been reading her blog(aka years). She loves her pints. Paranoia will destroy ya.

and BTW, anons CAN just leave a name, no red tape, no big deal.


p.s. I like the fountain, but please go with some cool wood or metal buttons for the sweater, it would look way better, IMO. I bet YH has some suggestions...hahahaha! (joke!)

Bo... said...

Oh, Anonymous #8, good grief. I will try to answer your questions.

1. I thanked Warrior Knitter for bringing my spirits up because I was in a sad mood after having come back to Kansas after having a nice time with my family in Texas. I always get blue when I leave my family. (But you wrongly thought that I must be talking about something related to YH or the blog---which kind of shows that you are like the rest of the negative commenters who don't LISTEN to me--- you only hear what you WANT to hear and you are making lots of incorrect assumptions about my personality.

2. In reference to whether or not I should publish the the negative hate-mail: the last time I got into a discussion about why I don't like YH, I didn't publish the bazillions of rude Anonymous comments---and I was severely criticized for it. Commenter after commenter wrote me bitter missives, taunting me & DEMANDING that I publish the mean comments. Soooooo, this time I indulged those people and printed all of the hate-mail. (And besides, I found out that it was fun to mock them back. Some of them are so stupid they don't even know they've been mocked.)

3. Do I like the attention? YOU BET I like the attention of the issue I have taken a stand on---pointing out that YH makes what I believe to be subtle, somewhat mocking anti-American comments while making 80% of her income on Americans' HARD EARNED DOLLARS. You can bet that I LOVE that attention. And considering how I'm getting more and more positive emails and comments in which people agree with me, I'm pretty happy about the attention I get about it.

I just don't get you. I have gotten a hell of a lot of emails from people saying they believe that same thing that I do---that YH frequently makes anti-American comments. IT ISN'T JUST ME!!!!

4. And about the Anonymous commenters who use the Anonymous function" because of the "red tape"---I have had several emails from people who said they had a hard time commenting the regular way--and that their comment hadn't appeared until they used the Anonymous function.

5. Yeah, Yarn Harlot has long talked about her beer on her blog. No big deal. But I have noticed that almost every single time she gets mad at me she makes a detailed alcohol statement on her Twitter page. Paranoid? Maybe so. But it's happened enough times after she got angry with me that I'm wondering if not such a coincidence. It doesn't bother me---but it does say a lot about her passive-aggressive personality. And speaking of her passive-aggressive personality, I would have a WHOLE LOT MORE RESPECT for her if she fought her own battles instead of getting her regiment of thugs to do it for her. She is such a pansy. She keeps her blog so politically correct that I can't get past the first two sentences of her blog entries without yawning. And let me tell ya, if somebody talked about me in a way I didn't appreciate, I would tell that person "F" you!! But she has never done that. She has written me what she thinks are pious and dignified emails which are laughable--SPARE ME.

6. Thank you for your suggestion of the buttons for the cardigan. You may actually be right about that. I won't finish the cardigan for awhile and may change my mind six times in the meantime. But I'm afraid that Yarn Harlot would not have a helpful suggestion for it. You see, Yarn Harlot is not a "designer" knitter. She's a "follow-the-pattern" knitter and can only follow other people's patterns. (Haven't you noticed?) She even had to follow the pattern for the ridiculously easy Log Cabin blanket, which any fool could have done just by looking at it.

Anyway, I hope this answered your questions. And I may take your suggestion on the buttons. (But do you really think I could resist those outrageous red buttons? And then putting red patch pockets on there? Come on....indulge me right back. You know I can't knit anything normal...... HEH!

Bo... said...

Anonymous #8!!! Did you see it on YH's Twitter page? Immediately after she read my comments (answering you) on this particular comment page, she wrote the following comment about alcohol:

"Hey @cockeye, @depravedDyer and I just had a chardonnay as part of a dinner pairing... and liked it."

I REST MY CASE!!!! HAH!!! Told ya she was a classic passive-aggressive. She can't help herself.

Anonymous said...

I really think you have a problem.

Bo... said...

To Anonymous #9:

Then how do you explain the sentence:

"some cobbled together piece of wonder that takes all the best parts from all the nicest mittens,"

When I say "designer" knitters, I'm talking about people who don't use other people's patterns at all (even "parts" of them) because they are able to design patterns completely from their own conceptualizations. I'm talking about knitters who make up their own patterns completely out of their heads. For example, the sweater I'm knitting right now is completely on-the-fly. I did not even LOOK at anybody else's sweater patterns to begin knitting it. I even chart out my own fair isle patterns on graph paper.

Bo... said...

To the Anonymous person who says "I really think you have a problem":

You are completely correct.

1. One of my first bead necklace attempts broke, dang it. I've got to learn how to do the joining better.

2. Blaine's family invited us over this weekend and I soooooo don't want to go. They have two dogs which look suspiciously like they have pitt-bull in them and I hate big dogs like that. (Especially since one of them bit the heck out of Blaine's father the other day.)

3. Believe it or not, I don't boil eggs well. My boiled eggs never peel well. And me, a grown woman, actually had to ask her mother how to boil an egg properly.

4. I bought Blaine a new lunchbox but he says it's too big for his department's shared frig. He says it will take up too much room. So now I have to go back to Walmart and buy those little ice-pak things to put inside the lunchbox so that the food will stay refrigerated without the lunchbox having to be put into the frig.

5. My cat, Little Baby, is getting very old and won't eat the dry food. And she's even eating less of the tuna I give her. I worry about her.

6. I can't find my best barrette.

7. When I got up this morning I found that Blaine had left a HUGE pile of his freshly laundered socks on the coffee table---which I'm going to have to match and fold.

Shall I go on?

amy said...

Bo - don't you think it's long past time to give it a rest? the more you go on and on about YH, the more it looks like you're the one who's obsessed.

If you aren't, why not just give it a rest, and get on with your own life?

Bo... said...

Okay, Amy.

Anonymous said...

Censorship - mmmm, methinks the "lady" has something to hide. Hardly a balanced viewpoint is it, honey.

Anonymous said...

I think the YH's Canadian Thanksgiving post was anti-American to a small degree, also I think she's fairly thin-skinned for someone who is so snarky all the time. But I have to say, the way you carry on about things is kinda crazy.

Bo... said...

To Anonymous above:

Yeah, I have been accused of being crazy. And to tell you the truth, it's probably true. But I'm also nobody's fool, and so when I feel strongly about an issue, I tend to hold on to it like a pitt bull.

Ashley said...

Could YH's twitter post of "Hey @cockeye, @depravedDyer and I just had a chardonnay as part of a dinner pairing... and liked it."
possibly mean that she doesn't usually drink chardonnay and that she was surprised that she liked it? Just a thought.
After reading both you and YH's blogs for some time I have to say that I will probably not be reading yours anymore. This whole ordeal has gotten way out of hand in my opinion and I'm tired of hearing about it. I really was enjoying your blog, but I can't take the hate and paranoia anymore. :(

Bo... said...

To Ashley:

One thing you'll find out about me if you read my blog enough is that I am completely HONEST about my feelings, even if that isn't exactly the most popular opinion of the day. And I have very strong feelings about the whole issue at hand. I'm sorry to lose you as a reader, but if you're looking for sugar cupcakes and puddin' & pie, it ain't here. If you want that then go back to just reading YH.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

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