Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Texan Birthday Bash...


Ahhh....the mythical Dallas!


Love me some Dallas....

It was raining when we drove in so the pictures are blurred by raindrops---but good ole Dallas is beautiful all the same!

Although my sister is more understated and traditional in her decor preferences than my mother, my niece, and myself, she still loves my mother's art. The above is one of my mother's mosaiced "towers" on her front lawn. Many times, local traffic stops to a crawl when people want to take a closer look at it.

What Texan garden would be complete without a Texan Star somewhere?.....

The above is a piece of my niece's artwork on an easel painted by my mother, a watercolor of a lady conjuring up another lady.....

And above is another piece of my niece's artwork.

Anyhoo, slowly but surely tonight's birthday bash is coming together. In multiple locations, food is being prepared, appetizers are being loaded onto trays, a spectacular cake is to be picked up from the pastry chef, the house is being decorated--- and a "Scavenger Hunt" of 21 gifts is being arranged for my darling niece--- since it's her 21st birthday. She will have to hunt for 21 gifts (not including a myriad of other gifts from various members of the family!) while wearing a Birthday Queen Crown! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Hey, I might get a present or two, myself!! (Although I've gotten plenty already and am happy as a clam!)


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