Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sylvie's Summer Cotton Poncho...

(Copyrighted 2004)

By the way, this is the easiest pattern---it goes VERY quickly---and no, that's not me in the picture. It's the wife of a biker buddy, from the time when I was married to a biker man and lived on a biker compound in Austin, Texas. She's the same girl pictured in my free pattern for "The Girl From Versailles Hat."

Anyhoo, about the poncho. (And you can click on the picture to make it bigger.) I designed this pattern for a French girl named Sylvie who owned a très bohemian boutique of clothing in Texas. I used to sell funky knitted things I'd made in there, on consignment. One summer, when she returned from a trip to New York, she showed me a wool poncho she'd bought up there--- and asked me if I could make a version of it in cotton, for summer. I looked at the construction of the wool poncho and realized that it was knit in the exact way some dishcloths are knit---triangular, on the bias.

And it looks so cool when the wearer is walking because that totally long fringe swooshes back and forth like the fringe on some leather jackets---you know what I mean.

So I made my version of it. I made 3 in all, in different colors, and I gave them to her to sell in the store on consignment. She bought the above white one for herself and sold the other two in a day. So I made a few more to sell in there because they're so easy to make that I could make both pieces of one in a single day.

The fringed trim is a mixture of the cotton yarn the poncho is made out of and also that skinny chenille yarn you can get in hobby stores like HobLob, Michaels, etc. That way the fringe drapes prettier and gives some interesting contrast.

The one thing you can't see in the picture is that I also sewed a string of white seed pearls around the neck edge. (I don't have a closeup picture for some reason---must have lost it along the way since 2004.) But trust me, the row of seed pearls totally makes the whole poncho. (You can use other types of beads/trim if you prefer.)

So here's the pattern:


* - worsted weight cotton yarn, approx 8oz; (I used cheap "Peaches & Creme" or "Sugar & Creme" yarn from cones or balls---made for a bigger profit, ya know?)

- size 15 US knitting needles (or size to obtain gauge)

- Crochet Hook size H;

- Extra, sport-weight chenille yarn for the fringed trim;

- approx. 32" of seed pearl trim for neck edge.



- Fits ladies medium.



- 4/3/4 rows to 2";

- 5 1/2 stitches to 2".



* Body pieces (make 2) (and knit in garter stitch throughout)

With size 15 needles, cast on 2.

Row 1: Knit.

Row 2: Knit, increasing 1 stitch each side of row by doing a M1 on the 2nd st of row and then a M1 on 2nd to last stitch of each row.

Row 3: Knit.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for the next 23 rows, then repeat row 2 for 11 more rows.


Side Seam:

(Place a marker at beg. and end of next row) Repeat row 3 for 23 more rows, which will cause a straight side seam instead of the previous V-shaping. On the 23rd row, place a marker at the beg and end of the row. Thus, the area between the markers is the "side seam" area.


Shoulder Shaping to Neck Edge:

- Decrease one stitch each end of each row 3 times.

- Bind off.



- Sew side seams, the area between the markers placed in body section of each piece.


Neck Edge Border:

Using an "H" crochet hood, attach yarn to neck edge of one side seam.

Round 1: Chain 1, then sc 100, spaced evenly around neck edge. Attach to first sc by slip stitch. Chain 1.

Round 2: Sc again around the neck edge but decreasing as follows: *(sc 3, skip 1), repeat from * to end. Attach to first sc of round with slip stitch. Chain 1.

Round 3: Repeat Round 2.

Cut and tie off yarn.

Weave in yarn edges on the inside of garment.


Pearl Trim:

With sewing thread and needle, sew the pearl trim, pearl by pearl, along top edge of neck edge.


Fringe Trim: (Applied to the V-shaped sectioning of the front and back pieces):

Cut 3-strand bundles of yarn lengths 28" long (or as long as desired) to make bundles consisting of the following:

- 1 length of the cotton yarn you made the poncho with;

- 2 lengths (of a similar or contrasting color) of sport weight chenille yarn;

(Thus, you will be working with 3-strand bundles at a time);

Then, taking one 3-strand "bundle" at a time together, slip knot the three strands of fringe onto the edge of each row of the V-shaped part of the garment, starting from the bottom of the front's side seam down to the point of the "V"--- and then back up to the next side seam of the front--- and around to work your way down from the back's side seam to the point of the "V", and then back up the back's side seam to where the fringe began.

Trim fringe with scizzors to make even. (Or hell, leave it uneven for a funky "Bo" look.....) (And if you give it to anybody, make sure they know that it's handwash and lay flat to dry.)



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bo And The

She talks kinda lazy,

And people say she's crazy,

Her hair is kinda wild & free...

("Love Goes Where My Rosemary Goes", Edison Lighthouse)


I have no idea why these two idgits are fighting up there. But you have to admire Little Baby's spunk---and you really have to watch out for her crochety moods. She's so old it isn't funny but yet she still has it in her to frighten the bejezus out of idgity Leonard, even though he's younger and obviously stronger!

At times Blaine and I have found tufts of Leonard's black fur on the ground and Blaine or me will say something like: "Good Lord, it looks like Little Baby snatched him bald again! It's a wonder he still has any head fur left!"

And no, I didn't purposely teach her that "southern" tendency of snatching someone bald when annoyed with them. She must have absorbed it from me like osmosis. Snatching somebody bald is a special skill which isn't that easy to pull off properly. It mostly isn't used these days except by stern southern grandmothers on their wayward grandchildren...

...especially those wayward grandchildren who do such ridiculously foolish mischief as to have a pancake-flipping contest with her sister, whereby most of the pancakes end up either stuck to the ceiling, tossed behind the stove, or landing "hat-like" on.... well.... their grandmother's head as she barges into the kitchen to see what in the hell all the maniacal laughing is about....

Anyway, Little Baby has gotten so grumpy in her old age, and Blaine and I have frequently had to resort to breaking up these two idgity cats' squabbles--- and sending one upstairs and the other downstairs for what we call "Cat Time Out"...

Anyhoo, onwards I knit on the Little Red Riding Hoodie.

Below is the picture of the part of the wrist which flares out from the long ribbing in order to accomodate my stubborn desire to adorn the sleeves with the tiny leaf trim I am knitting out of crochet cotton. But I can't make up my mind on whether to put it on the outside of the cuff edge or else on the inside with just the leaves peeking out. One problem is that the sleeve is just a tad too long--- and much as it aggravates the hell out of me, I'm going to have to frog it back about 7 rows, leaving the flared-out area skinnier than I desire, but oh well--such are knitting foibles....

(And don't worry--it looks better on the arm in person than it does in this picture.)

Below is my iCord machine which I'm using to make the length of iCord for the drawstring of the hood. And I plan on putting multi-colored pom-pons on the ends of the cording. (You know me---I can never leave well-enough alone....)

Below is the whole shebang "in progress". As you can see, I finally started the hood. I know it looks kind of collar-ish right now but don't worry---it will be a hood. And as I knit it, I'm daydreaming about various ways of working out certain details for the whole garment--things that I'll add at the end. I have the buttonband area to deal with---maybe frog enclosures out of the black cord?....plain loops with toggles?....who knows! I have several ideas cooking.

And, of course, the hood has to fit right---I'm thinking of using paired decreases in the back to make some sort of gussetty-looking shaping which will round the hood onto the head in the back, skull area. (Don't know if I explained that clearly enough.)

(Is "gussetty" a word?)

Oh yes! I've got more progress reports to show! Behold the upside-down 'mater plant below! Even though we've had 3 straight days of rain and clouds and, as we southerners are wont to say, the tomaters are doin' jis fine and dandy, thank yew!"

However, the pot of snap bean seeds below (peeking from the dirt) epitomizes the concept of "better late than never". I know it seems wrong to plant aggressive vegetable vine plants in pots instead of the ground, but notice how I have stuck stakes in there for the young plants to vine around. And then whenever they get too long for the stakes, I will move the pots next to the deck's bannister railings---and let the vines twine around them for the duration. I've never done it this way before so it should be interesting.

The three perky snap bean plants below are show-offs and are trying to outshine the others. (And they're doing a very good job of it.)

If you look closely at the picture below, you can see some more snap bean seeds trying to sprout out of the dirt near that pretty little one that's already started its little self.

(Bless their little snap bean hearts....)



Friday, April 23, 2010

Bo's Cat Cam--- 4/23/10


For fans of Little Baby, I found the above snapshot of her in a dusty drawer. It was taken in 1993.

And below is her today. Blaine and I worry about her because she's so old that she limps when she walks, she doesn't always make it to the litter box, she makes that "yowling" sound at night when she is confused and can't find us, her vision and hearing are poor, she can't jump up on the furniture anymore, and she sleeps most of the time.

Sometimes she sleeps so deeply that I become alarmed and go check to see if she's breathing. I've heard that housecats can live long lifetimes---and I really hope she does.

And here's the idgit called Leonard. He's only about 2 years old.



Monday, April 19, 2010

Signs of Spring at Bo & Blaine's House....



Before the breathin' air is gone...

Before the sun

Is just a bright spot in the night-time,

Out where the rivers like to run...

I stand alone

And take back somethin' worth rememberin'...

("Out In The Country", Three Dog Night)


At our house there are but two "signs" that Spring has finally arrived. And when I see the first sign, I then try to anticipate what the other will be....

Because I know for sure that Spring has truly arrived once Little Baby stops sleeping in her food bowl and, instead, starts sleeping in the sun....and....

...and that Blaine has made his Big Decision on just how he is going to prepare food on the back deck for the warm weather season.

Will he grill it on the little table-top charcoal griller? Will he buy a larger charcoal griller? Or will he regret selling his huge gas griller and get another one? Hibachi? Campfire?


And then yesterday it happened---the puzzle was solved. Blaine came home with a huge box---and proceeded to build a gigantic meat smoker. Yep, a smoker..... and he built the damn thing in 3 hours --- smack dab in the middle of the living room.

And the whole time he was building it, he waxed poetic on its virtues to me. "Yeah, honey" , he said from the huge pile of cardboard and plastic wrapping, "This thing is just the right size for you and me. Not too big, not too small."

"Really?" I replied, trying to sound interested.

"Yep!" he exclaimed happily, "And it's even got a temperature gauge!"

After he finished building it, I helped him tote the behemoth out the back doors and then down to the bottom of the deck--- whereupon he promptly began smoking a huge rack of barbequed ribs that he'd had marinating in apple juice & spices overnight.

Another assurance of Spring is less impressive. I found that one of the many snap bean seeds I planted has arisen from the dirt like a green Phoenix. Yahoo! A real live bean sprout!!

No other seeds in that pot nor the other pot have yet to sprout but hope springs eternal...

Also yesterday I joined a sleeve to the Little Red Riding Hoodie, in a special way I like doing, and I'm about to finish the last inch or two of that sleeve. Once the first sleeve is designed and finished, it only takes a day or two to knit the second one because there won't be umpteen froggings like the first one required. (You can click on the picture for a larger view.)

(And before joining a sleeve to the body of a garment (after letting the sleeve "rest" overnight) I always loosely baste the sleeve onto the body several times as I approach the end of the wrist in order to check whenever the sleeve length gets to the perfect length that I want.)

The way I join sleeves to a garment on which I've steeked the sleeves and then knitted facings is that I pick up stitches a couple of rows inwards from the facing edge --- all around the entire circular hole for the sleeve (the knitting is usually neater a couple of rounds in from the facing, especially if there's been a lot of fair isle work). And then I knit one round. And then I bind it off. It is to that one-row structure that I sew my sleeves, matching the outer loops of the round of bound off stitches to the outer loop of the first round of the sleeve--and then the sewed edge usually turns out much neater than if I had picked up stitches along the very edge of the facings.

Um.... I didn't mean that a "sign of Spring" is me joining a sleeve to a knitted garment. But while I was out there taking a photograph of the lone bean sprout I also snapped a pic of the Little Red Riding Hoodie. Today I'm going to finish the cuff. I'm thinking that I'm going to make a little flared-out part onto which I can sew the tiny little leaf edging that I have been painstakingly knitting.

(I've had trouble thinking of an attractive way to end the sleeve and utilize the little leaf edging. But by God, those dang tiny leaves have been so difficult to knit on those dang tiny glove-sleeve needles that I've decided that I'm going to use them on this hoodie even if it dang near kills me....)



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Updates---Let Me Count The Ways....



I know that I must do what's right,

As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus

above the Serengeti,

I seek to cure what's deep inside,

frightened of this thing that I've become....

("Africa", Toto)


It's Thursday and I'm still melancholy. But at least I'll get to see my idol on TV tonight, pictured above---the angel Castiel on the program "Supernatural".

Forgive my obsession with him, but I have a complete teenaged crush on him. He is absolutely the sexiest thing I've ever.....

Where was I?

Oh yes, updates.

The below picture is me catching the little asshole Leonard red-handed in the act of sassing me.

(Or should it be 'red-pawed'?)

These dang cats always have to get the last word. (Er....the 'last meow'?)

Where was I, dang it?

Oh yes, the updates!

Below is an updated pic of the Little Red Riding Hoodie. (You can click on the picture to make it bigger.) The shoulder area will look different when finished because the dropped sleeves will cause that red & black area of rosettes on the top of the sleeve to be down around the top of the arm horizontally instead of the vertical way it appears now. And that's the third stupid sleeve I have attempted--the other two were tossed... tossed as in Do Not Pass 'Go', Do Not Get Out of Frogging Jail, Do Not Collect Any More Yarn....) I've just begun a length of cabling on the sleeve but it doesn't show up well in the picture. And that little circle of tiny leaf edging will eventually go on the flared cuff I'm going to do on the wrist area.

And don't forget---there's going to be a hood on the garment, upon which the leaf trim will go up and encircle---and then go back down the other buttonband. And the hood will have a black drawstring with multicolored pom-pons on the ends.

And now, my next picture.....

I know, I know---you're thinking "God, she's NOT going to show us pictures of her plants again!?" But I'm afraid so. I don't have much on the deck but the little I do have I'm hoping mightily will do what I want them to do---which is to make tomatoes, herbs, and snap beans.

And, weirdly, the tomato plant in the Topsy Turvy upside-down planter has totally turned itself RIGHT-SIDE UP trying to find the sun! It did that overnight, actually, which totally amused Blaine and myself.

And the herb pots are doing alright. Every morning, in the dark, I snip myself some cilantro to mince and add into my breakfast omelette. (Have I ever told you that I make killer omelettes? I fill them with grated cheese, herbs, and slices of vine-ripened tomatoes---yummy.)

Last but not least are the below snap beans. These ones are further along than the other ones. Which is because I started the other two pots of snap beans with seeds, and the seeds haven't come up yet. But these three are growing like crazy.

And below is the back neighbors' redbud tree. I just wanted to show it to you because it is such a thing of beauty. Those redbud trees are scattered throughout the neighborhood. I should have taken a picture when they all first bloomed---it was spectacular. Sadly, the red flowers on a redbud tree don't last very long--just a week or two at the most. But this one out back is still beautiful. I wish EVERY tree in our neighborhood was a redbud. Wouldn't that be something?

Oh....and an update on my therapy. (I know, I know---you're thinking: "GOD, she's NOT going to talk about her stupid therapy again, is she???)

My new therapist called just now. And he instructed me to come see him next Wednesday for my "Orientation" to the new therapy method and the new location. My new therapist's name is Jack. Jack McCall I think.... (!!!)

I saw Fred on Monday and cried in his office. I was telling him that I don't take "change" very well and that my new therapy program means that I won't see him anymore. (Of course he has known it all along but I said it anyway.) I told him that no therapist has ever "understood" me but him. He calmed me down by saying that the changes don't mean that I will NEVER EVER see him again. And he encouraged me to give my all to this new therapy program, which I promised I would do.

And then he asked about the progress of the Little Red Riding Hoodie. He said softly: "Is it a bright, bright red?"

Fred always did understand my fixation with bright, vivid colors. (And I'm crying while I type this...)

Tonight I'll get to watch my idol.... the angel Castiel...



Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Davy Crockett of.....well....petunias...




I hear your voice,

it's like an angel sighing,

I have no choice,

I hear your voice,

Feels like flying....

("Like a Prayer", Madonna)


Whenever things start changing---and I hate change with a purple passion---I get very melancholy and sad.

One of the things which is changing are the seasons.....

Sensing that planting time is nigh, I dragged my stupid self out to the back deck and began the necessary preparations to put together and plant all the things Blaine had bought me for a nice little deck garden. It had all started with me wanting to try out that "Topsy Turvy" upside-down tomato planter doohickey I keep seeing on TV. And so I asked Blaine to buy me one. While he was buying the Topsy Turvey thing (and a "large-size cherry tomato" plant to put into it) he also picked up four kitchen herbs: mint, oregano, sweet basil, and coriander/cilantro. The little plants look somewhat bedraggled but I think it's just shell-shock from being transplanted. I'm not worried. I have an amazing green thumb---and I talk to my plants. I can make anything grow.

The only time I ever had bad luck with plants was a garden bug trauma which occurred when I was still living in Texas--- "The Great Petunia Massacre of 2002" ---let's not speak of it!

("The Great Petunia Massacre of 2002" was to my petunias as The Alamo is to Texans...)

(Remember the Alamo!!)

(Remember The Petunias!.....)

Okay, another major change which has me swooning around like a forlorn waif is the huge change which is about to happen in my therapy.

The powers-that-be have decided to transfer me to a year-long program of DBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, meant for patients who don't respond to conventional therapy--- and it's in a completely different building than the one I've been going to for 2 years. And worse yet, it is comprised of a group of completely different 1:1 therapists---which means I will lose my therapist, Fred!

(A year-long program??? Son of a bitch.... I've got THAT MANY bats in the belfry??)

But it's losing Fred that has me the saddest.

But both Fred and my case manager claim that I need the above-mentioned type of therapy. They said it's an "exclusive" group for a certain type of patient, and that it's "intense". They also said that you work closer with your therapist--- closer even than I have in the past with Fred. And that's the part I hate---losing Fred. Because although I will keep my same psychiatrist for the prescription of my meds, I will have a different 1:1 therapist than Fred. I'll have one of the therapists tied to that DBT group, a guy who specializes in DBT---and a guy my case manager claims is "just as excellent as Fred".

But the instant he said that, I thought in my head: "NOBODY is as excellent as Fred"!!

What will I do without Fred?

Remember the Petunias!......

Where was I?

Oh yes---planting a deck garden.

I planted three pitiful looking snap bean seedlings in a pot and stuck two metal stakes next to them for the young vines to climb up while they're growing long enough to vine themselves around the deck's railings. I told Blaine that these three little plants will NOT be enough to have a nice crop of snap beans, so he is currently making a second trip to the store to get more. I told him to get me two big planters and a packet of snap bean seeds.

Yes, the season is changing...

My therapy is changing....

And the idiot cats couldn't care less. They either sleep.....

Or they squabble.... about whatever it is that cats squabble about....

Remember the Petunias!....



Thursday, April 08, 2010

I Have Sworn an Oath That This Little Red Riding Hoodie Will NOT become a UFO.... dammit....



Call me a joker, call me a fool,

Right at this moment I'm totally cool...

("I Go To Extremes", Billy Joel)


So who are you to yawn at me, Little Baby? You're not exactly the damn Patron Saint of Excitement, you know.

Nor the paragon of good manners, either....

Damn cat.....

Okay, I'll admit it---I'm totally getting BURNED OUT on this damn thing I've created called The Damn Little Red Riding Hoodie.

(Okay, sorry for all the cussing but the word "damn" is on my mind a whole lot lately while knitting this donnybrook. I am totally frustrated with how damn long it's taking to put this thing together.)

As you can see, I've still got a zillion more damn miles of leaf trim to knit for the buttonbands because the damn trim has to also extend up onto the hood I'm going to knit for it, with both leaf strands meeting on top of the head in the middle. (The dark areas at the top of the pieces are shadow---and you can click on all the photographs to make things bigger.)

And so far I've only finished a half of one damn sleeve and it's leaf trim. (Don't worry about how funny the wrist shaping looks because it fits fine---the baby cabling is stretchy and I also wanted fairly skinny sleeves anyway.)

Here's a closeup of the leaf trim knitted out of Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton. At first I actually loved knitting this easy little trim---except not miles and miles of the damn stuff!!

Both the buttonbands and the sleeve trim areas have other finishing details I'm going to perform in addition to the leaf trim--- such details as I think will really make things pop. But at least here you can get a picture of the general idea.

And don't forget that there's still that damn hood to be knitted--- and I've never knitted a hood in my life!.... aaaarghhh!!!!

Like I said, I'm SOOOOO burned out on this lengthy project. But I'm determined to finish it, by golly. NO WAY IN HELL is this thing going into a damn UFO bag....

And surprise surprise----you guys all convinced me that I should give the Bond "Embellish-Knit" i-cord maker one more try! So I went BACK to the store and re-bought it.

(Is "re-bought" a word???)

And I practiced until I had it right---and then cranked out the necessary i-cord to use as the drawstring of the hood. I'll think I'll knot it or something and see if I can make it more attractive....



Monday, April 05, 2010

Things To Do On A Rainy Day....



Bought a ticket for a runaway train,

Like a madman laughin' at the rain

Little out of touch, little insane

Just easier than dealing with the pain

("Runaway Train", Soul Asylum)


Woke up to a totally stormy, rainy day. The rain drops have been alternating with periods of pea-sized hail. Perfect, I thought to myself. And although I know most people prefer sunny, nice days....

I absolutely adore bad weather--- because it gives me an excuse to moon around in a breathless melancholia.

So I lit a scented candle....

And I poured myself some coffee.

(But I poured it quickly---because I have never liked this self-grinding coffee bean contraption that Blaine bought. I think it's looking at me....and one day it wouldn't open the big flap that allows the machine to grind the beans. I actually told it to "Open the Pod Bay Door, Krups".....)

And then, due to a total burnout on the Little Red Riding Hoodie, I am taking a few days away from it in order to gather my wits about me for the next phase on the thing.

So today I am playing with the pieces of the camouflage cardigan I started on the USM. I took the sleeves off the machine to hand knit a picot trim on their wrists--- and then pinned them to the top of the body's shoulder to calculate the total length I'll need. (Once I figure that math, I'll re-hang them onto the USM and knit the rest of them.)

(And yes, I did want a wide sleeve wrist with a picot edging instead of ribbing. I know it doesn't match the bottom of the cardigan but I just felt like doing something different. I'm going to do the buttonbands differently, too. And I'm going to put a hood on this thing.)

Also this morning, I watched the launch of the Space Shuttle "Discovery"---and I got tears in my eyes. I love how my country is so strong, always striving to a higher level in every aspect of our culture, including NASA's reaching towards the moon and the Space Station.

When I was a tiny tot, while my father was in the US Army, he frequently worked on NASA projects. It was a couple years later that he was accepted into the Foreign Service Diplomatic Corps and began taking our family around the world.

But the current President is going to stop the space program---so I only have a launch or two left to watch.....

And below is the way that Little Baby deals with rainy days.....I guess I'll have to tell her the particulars of the launch later, when she wakes up.



Thursday, April 01, 2010

Proof That Opposites Attract.....


* Observe below.....a totally messy, haphazard man called Blaine. (Clue that he is messy: notice all the open drawers, debris on the floor, computer equipment strewn all over the place--- while he works on his computer doing God knows what to it....)

(And I know you appreciate the fact that I cropped the photograph so as to spare you the sight of Blaine's ..... um .... "plumber's derriere"...)

Observe below .... the actions of an obsessive-compulsive neat-freak albeit politely considerate Bo, whose neatness is evidenced by the tidy little Post-It Note stapled to Blaine's lunchbag every morning upon which is written things like "Don't Forget Tupperware!" --- said Tupperware containing Blaine's lunch being located inside the refrigerator--- because if no Post-It Note were there, folks, it's sure-shootin' that Blaine would most probably forget the damn thing and end up toting an empty lunchbag with him to work....

(Trust me, it's happened.)

Observe below .... when I vacuum the living room I place things scattered on the floor out of danger while I am vacuuming--- and then I considerately replace said items back to their original locations when I'm finished vacuuming, whereas.....

Observe below ..... when Blaine vacuums the living room, things sometimes just .... disappear. (Clue: Notice anything missing below? My iPod's earphones are nowhere to be found--- and seemed to have suspiciously gone missing not long after I overheard the vacuum make a godawful, bloodcurdling noise while Blaine was vacuuming ....)

Observe below .... Blaine's mischievous cat with the perpetually guilty expression on his face....

Observe below ..... Bo's quiet albeit spoiled cat who usually sleeps in her tuna dish but is branching out to different sleeping locations (like the sun-dappled spot by the back door now that the weather has turned nice....)

Just another day in paradise at Bo and Blaine's house....

(And Bo is highly grateful to the Almighty Lord that Blaine has never accidentally vacuumed up one of the dang cats....)