Thursday, April 15, 2010

Updates---Let Me Count The Ways....



I know that I must do what's right,

As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus

above the Serengeti,

I seek to cure what's deep inside,

frightened of this thing that I've become....

("Africa", Toto)


It's Thursday and I'm still melancholy. But at least I'll get to see my idol on TV tonight, pictured above---the angel Castiel on the program "Supernatural".

Forgive my obsession with him, but I have a complete teenaged crush on him. He is absolutely the sexiest thing I've ever.....

Where was I?

Oh yes, updates.

The below picture is me catching the little asshole Leonard red-handed in the act of sassing me.

(Or should it be 'red-pawed'?)

These dang cats always have to get the last word. (Er....the 'last meow'?)

Where was I, dang it?

Oh yes, the updates!

Below is an updated pic of the Little Red Riding Hoodie. (You can click on the picture to make it bigger.) The shoulder area will look different when finished because the dropped sleeves will cause that red & black area of rosettes on the top of the sleeve to be down around the top of the arm horizontally instead of the vertical way it appears now. And that's the third stupid sleeve I have attempted--the other two were tossed... tossed as in Do Not Pass 'Go', Do Not Get Out of Frogging Jail, Do Not Collect Any More Yarn....) I've just begun a length of cabling on the sleeve but it doesn't show up well in the picture. And that little circle of tiny leaf edging will eventually go on the flared cuff I'm going to do on the wrist area.

And don't forget---there's going to be a hood on the garment, upon which the leaf trim will go up and encircle---and then go back down the other buttonband. And the hood will have a black drawstring with multicolored pom-pons on the ends.

And now, my next picture.....

I know, I know---you're thinking "God, she's NOT going to show us pictures of her plants again!?" But I'm afraid so. I don't have much on the deck but the little I do have I'm hoping mightily will do what I want them to do---which is to make tomatoes, herbs, and snap beans.

And, weirdly, the tomato plant in the Topsy Turvy upside-down planter has totally turned itself RIGHT-SIDE UP trying to find the sun! It did that overnight, actually, which totally amused Blaine and myself.

And the herb pots are doing alright. Every morning, in the dark, I snip myself some cilantro to mince and add into my breakfast omelette. (Have I ever told you that I make killer omelettes? I fill them with grated cheese, herbs, and slices of vine-ripened tomatoes---yummy.)

Last but not least are the below snap beans. These ones are further along than the other ones. Which is because I started the other two pots of snap beans with seeds, and the seeds haven't come up yet. But these three are growing like crazy.

And below is the back neighbors' redbud tree. I just wanted to show it to you because it is such a thing of beauty. Those redbud trees are scattered throughout the neighborhood. I should have taken a picture when they all first bloomed---it was spectacular. Sadly, the red flowers on a redbud tree don't last very long--just a week or two at the most. But this one out back is still beautiful. I wish EVERY tree in our neighborhood was a redbud. Wouldn't that be something?

Oh....and an update on my therapy. (I know, I know---you're thinking: "GOD, she's NOT going to talk about her stupid therapy again, is she???)

My new therapist called just now. And he instructed me to come see him next Wednesday for my "Orientation" to the new therapy method and the new location. My new therapist's name is Jack. Jack McCall I think.... (!!!)

I saw Fred on Monday and cried in his office. I was telling him that I don't take "change" very well and that my new therapy program means that I won't see him anymore. (Of course he has known it all along but I said it anyway.) I told him that no therapist has ever "understood" me but him. He calmed me down by saying that the changes don't mean that I will NEVER EVER see him again. And he encouraged me to give my all to this new therapy program, which I promised I would do.

And then he asked about the progress of the Little Red Riding Hoodie. He said softly: "Is it a bright, bright red?"

Fred always did understand my fixation with bright, vivid colors. (And I'm crying while I type this...)

Tonight I'll get to watch my idol.... the angel Castiel...




Knittingmama said...

Holy amazing sweater! That is gorgeous and you are doing such a great job with it. If we were living in the middle ages, you would certainly be earning indulgences with this sweater.

Your "garden" looks great! I'm so jealous. My husband just started our tomato plants the other day. From seed. It's going to be along stinkin' time before we see fruit. But, living in NW PA, this is my fate. I'm just hoping the frost we had the other night didn't do our apple and other fruits in.

Keep on knitting!

Bo... said...

Thank you, Amy! And it doesn't take long from seeds---I've done that before with very good results. In fact, I once planted tomato seeds and grew 6' plants from them!

kprsn6 said...

My heart goes out to you. Keep plugging along with the therapy knowing that Fred does have your best interests at heart. I am sure it will get better.


Bo... said...

Thank you very much, Karen!

Anonymous said...

Your sweater is a work of art. Still envious!

Hope your new therapy is helpful.

Bo... said...

Thank you, Anonymous!

Cindy/KS said...

It's looking good! The tomatoes as well!

Bo... said...

Thanks, Cindy!!