Monday, September 14, 2009

At My Mother's House....


One of the things I love about my mother's house is that there are a hundred nooks and corners to get lost in--- each area completely different from any other spot. (I particularly like this nook because of the oil painting of my beautiful mother---and two of her "mannequin" works of art below it. I think my mother's mannequin pieces are fantastic.)

Everywhere you look in my mother's house, and on every possible surface, there are objects of fantastic beauty and art. Much of the art pieces are my mother's works, whether oil paintings, mosaiced items, upholstery/fabric art, wooden things, or wire underlayed cemented pieces. There are some works in her house that are of other artists. And most of the furniture (and other decorations) are antiques, another of my mother's loves. In the shot above, I really like the mosaic of the woman's face. I love my mother's mosaics. She cuts each and every tiny mosaic piece herself with various saws-- out of ceramic, mirror, china, tiles, or whatever catches her fancy.

My mother is frequently requested to give tours of her home. Usually the tourists are totally in awe and admiration of her home and art. But sometimes.... things happen. For instance, the... uh... naked cherub in the upper righthand corner of the doorway above once caused an extremely pious and modest lady visitor from the local Baptist church to faint nearly dead away--- necessitating her "resuscitation" by vigorous fanning with paper church bulletins by the other ladies in the group.

Um....for what it's worth, it's a valuable antique. There's another one just like it on the other side of the doorway....



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Trinka said...

What a beautiful home! It would be hard to focus on visiting with so much neat stuff to look at. :)