Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Tour of Mumsy's Home---Revisted....


Friday my mother and I are leaving for Dallas, to my sister's home. The whole family (plus boyfriends) is gathering there to celebrate my niece's 21st birthday, my birthday, my nephew's birthday...WHEW! My sister, the perennial "organizer" has planned a full-fledged birthday party where we will all wear party hats, open party favors, blow kazoos, blow out candles, and dine like kings and queens.

I really don't look good in a party hat, but oh well...

Thought I'd put some more pics up of my mother's home and artworks. The above pic is one of the walls in her studio on which she keeps jars of mosaic tiles, beads, and glass baubles. She even mosaiced the walls in her studio...

The above is a mosaiced table she made for my niece's new apartment (as a birthday gift). We all think my niece will go WILD over it as she adores my mother's art style. My niece is also very artistically inclined herself. She was selected for an art scholarship in France, she designed the logo for a Dallas trucking company, and she sketches and draws lovely pieces which are always framed as they are spectacular.

My mom even painted the floors of her studio!....

The above is a cool thing my Mother made---she's made several of these masks. You can also "light" up the faces' eyes.

Here's a comfortable nook I find myself near a lot....

The above is a beautiful mosaiced "bust" of a lady she sculpted then mosaiced. This is in the breakfast room.

The above is another interesting corner---and the garden bench below it was a Christmas gift from me to my Mother. It has a tile on one of the corners which my mother created and baked herself after I had signed it, to her with love (with the date of the Christmas).

The above is another corner of the breakfast room.

Mosaiced marguerita anyone? (But not for me, heh...)

My mother painted the above oil paintings, and a couple of the actual objects she painted are located below on the chest.

Above is my bathroom. I know it's tacky to show a picture of a bathroom but I just love my bathroom!! Much of the house's floors are covered in authentic, lush Persian carpets like the one above. They are "tribal" carpets--- and so the particular Persian villages they were made in is noted on their undersides. All "real" Persian carpets have a deliberate flaw in the colorful design's patterning--- and this is because the Middle Eastern rug makers say that the only "Perfect" thing is God, and so they refuse to make "perfect" carpets. (Which I think is cool!)

Okay...another bathroom, heh! The above is another bathroom's sink area, the mosaiced bathroom.

Above is a nook with more objects my mother made, and also some bought items from foreign countries we've lived in .

The above is the religious icon nook. Some of the items were made by my Mother, the prayer beads are from the Middle East, and some parts of the nook are bought items (antique icon boxes or such).

The above pic is of one of the fountains in my Mother's gardens, and it's the whimsical mosaiced one. Mom and I sit out there in the afternoons and listen to the water trickling. But there's a new fountain near my bedroom window that she's making, but this fountain is different--- and spectacular!--- as it is modeled after old California's Mexican Missions, complete with a bell tower (a la San Juan Capistrano).

Anyway, I've got to make jam tarts tomorrow to take to Dallas as my contribution to the occasion. They will have shortbread crusts. And my niece has asked for my Mother's Beef Stroganoff and Vegetable Casserole for her birthday dinner on Sunday--YUMMY! (And she won't allow my sister to make the dishes---nooooo, it has to be my Mother!) Mom is also taking some scrumptious-looking loaves of a couple of flavors of fruited swirl-breads--YUMMY again!

Should be a TOTALLY fun trip! And I'll keep in touch via my sister's handy computer...




dcuplady said...


I think your mothers stuff is gorgeous, particularly the paintings and absolutely the mosaics. Its not everyones cup of tea, and a lot of it together turns some off...I think its fabulous.

I do have to say, I started reading your blog to "try to figure you out" after the yarn harlot incident, but I have been fascinated instead. You have had a very interesting life!

danielle said...

I am not a huge fan of mosaics but can admire the talent and work that goes into them! Love the floor your mom painted - and those multi colored curtains! I also admire how she has melded collectibles with her own artwork! No wonder you are such a color artist with your yarn Bo!

Anonymous said...

I take it no one in your family has a seizure disorder.

Yes, I know. I'm an asshole and a stupid little snot.

Bo... said...

To Anonymous: I'm glad that you have a good self-awareness of your assholeness and stupid little snottiness. I will pray to the Lord that you discover the peace of heart that non-assholeness and non-stupid-little-snottiness brings, sweety.

Anonymous said...

I will pray to the Lord that you discover the peace of heart that non-assholeness and non-stupid-little-snottiness brings, sweety.

Or as they say - it takes one to know one

A different anonymous

Bo... said...

To "A Different Anonymous":

Didn't know you were a prayin' lady! You act so much like an asshole and a little snot that I didn't think you knew the Lord, heh!!!

(I crack myself up!)

Anonymous said...

"the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"

a mosaiced house? WTF?

another, different, asshole/ snot.

You...should actually be less of an asshole/snot

Too much of that behavior is bad for the karma.
I like just enough to keep an even kiel.

Bo... said...

To the current Anonymous (above):

You must not be educated, nor schooled in the arts. Therefore, your opinion doesn't count. (Having no experience with art or even an appreciation for art means that you have nothing to compare styles or methodology with, you see.)

Plus, you're stupid. Your quote "Too much of that behavior is bad for the karma.
I like just enough to keep an even kiel" is misspelled.

KEEL is spelled K-E-E-L, not "kiel".

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Bo... said...

Oh yeah, and you're not an asshole or a snot---you're a low-class, uneducated, idiot dunce! You don't have even the tiny iota of character to be an asshole or a snot!

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Anonymous said...

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Bo... said...

Uh...Anonymous? Do you need some anger-control classes? Are you aware of just how insane you sound? I'm starting to feel sorry for you as you are obviously mentally ill. Here's the facts:

1. You are obviously obsessed with me and my life.

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