Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Tell Blaine That I'm Having Too Much Fun To Leave Texas!!!!

Mother and I have returned from Dallas and we had a rip-roaring day of shopping and lunch today!!! I had the funnest day with my mother! Above is some of the loot she bought me---a red, embroidered cowgirl shirt, three pairs of cowgirl boots, a cowgirl Western-style purse, and a cowgirl hat!!!

(And there's also pictured a couple of necklaces I made in her art studio!)

Okay, the first thing we did was buy matching cowgirl hats! I got the hat above, a rodeo style hat with a tie-strings which wrap around the hat band. (The tie-strings are so that if your hat falls off your head while you're racing the barrels or something, the hat will still remain secure around your neck instead of falling into the rodeo ring where it could be stomped by somebody else's horse or an errant rodeo clown.)

(But notice that I immediately beaded up the tie strings on my hat with all kinds of glass, crystal, cloisonne, and ceramic beads from the overwhelmingly huge bead collection in Mother's studio.) (Guess I don't need to actually "tie" the tie strings since I'm not riding rodeo these days, heh!)

And GOOD GOD but my Mother has bazillions of beads in her art studio!!! I'm not saying "lots" of beads---I'm saying she has more fricking beads in her art studio than you could find in three Hobby Lobbies or Michael's! I went completely cuckoo with the beads, as you'll see in a minute....

(I love those two-tone boots above). Anyhoo, when we came home, I went so crazy with the beads that I made the above two long necklaces. Mom and I had so much fun beading!!! And she gave me two exquisite pendants for the necklaces. The pendant on the necklace to the left is a large, solid silver Bolivian "monolito" pendant my mother gave my father when he was alive. (She purchased it in Boliva when they were stationed there.)

The pendant on the necklace to the right is a giant Tiger's Eye gem my mother got in India. I adore that pendant! And I just went crazy with the beads!!! Why didn't anybody tell me how fun beading is??? I'm going to wear both necklaces with my red cowgirl shirt she bought me. And maybe a third one I plan on making tomorrow with a bunch of red glass beads, some abalone beads, and some more cloisonne ones. (All three necklaces together at the same time!)

(Yessirree, Bob, I'm going to get up early in the morning so I can have some more fun with Mom making more beaded necklaces!..... hell, I might change my train reservation to stay an extra day to do more beading!....)

(And I'm going to come back at Christmas to see her and bead some more.....)

(I'm serious about staying here an extra day---but what in the dang heck will I tell Blaine?) (Don't worry---he doesn't read my blog.)

And I adore the leather Western style purse with the silver conchas and belt-buckles! As we shopped, Mother said it was "High time I dressed appropriately in 'proper' Texan attire", and I was only too thrilled to oblige. My mother is such a generous sweetheart.

I'm really excited---Mom's seen to it that I'm going home dressed "Texan" and I can't wait to see the look on Blaine's face, heh! (He's so used to me wearing the "varsity look"---football jerseys and sweat-shirts stamped with various universities' logos....) And God knows what the other Amtrak train riders going to the Midwest (or the North) will think---but I don't care.

(And I really needed this fabulous day with my beautiful Mother to cheer me up because Blaine's parents are going to be there visiting when I get home to Kansas--- and I don't get along with his fiendishly critical and RUDE mother!)

(And she's more critical and rude to me than she is to anybody else because she thinks I'm a bonafide lunatic who should be locked up and kept away from her son. HEY, that's what many of you idiot "Anoymous" assholes think! Like minds think alike, ya know?)

(Also, I noticed on my sitemeter that a lot of people looking for my blog are Googling using the "search" terms "Bo, Yarn-Harlot's Anti-American Comments" ---how hilarious!!!!)

(But I digress--- more on the dismal news of Blaine's horrible mother's visit later......and oh, how I intend to tell you all the.... uh.... news....)




Unknown said...

oh the hell with your m-i-l. She can just grow up and deal with the fact that her son choose you!

Bo... said...

Thank you, Sue!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just stay at your mom's house until the MIL leaves? Why put youself through dealing with her.


Bo... said...

Hi Anonymous--I thought about that, but she's too crafty for me. She told Blaine on the phone that if they arrive before I do, they will "wait till I get there". And believe me--she will! (Waaaaaaaahh!!!)

Anonymous said...

HI Bo!! Love the stuff you got on you shopping trip. Wow,

You will turn heads wherever you go, in a nice way!

baxter said...

1. Boy did you get spoiled! And you thoroughly deserve it - am glad you had fun...
2. I think you should arrive home dressed in your totally Texas outfit....but maybe with 2 different boots on....I mean, if you are going to be branded - flaunt it!!!!
3. Can you make your MIL a beaded necklace??? Only make it look like a kindergarten kid would make...and tell her that thoughts of her inspired her (so speaks the person who made a crazy quilt type clutch purse for her MIL for Christmas one year just to have that same MIL take it totally apart and re-do it...)
5. Maybe your mom can mosaic a toilet for your yard....or your MIL's yard!!! (see above comment about my MIL)

Bo... said...

Baxter--You are so funny! And I LOVE your idea about the necklace---I just may do exactly that!

susan said...

God bless Texas and your mom! I see that you are happy and having fun, you need that. All I can say is I wish my mom lived in Texas, all I come home with is Iowan corn stuff...kidding, I love Iowa! Take care, have lots more fun with your mom and when your MIL is being cranky, you can say, "my mom is so different than you...she loves me and we have a great time!"