Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Okay, I'm Getting Sick Of This Damn Snow...

Yep, we had another damn snowfall. And, as usual, the damn snow plow hasn't come to our street.

And what's at issue at the moment is that the mobile therapist is coming today. But she likes me to drive my truck on our outings because "that will get me used to doing things outside of the house".


But I know that Blaine wouldn't allow me to drive on these road conditions--- so she can just whistle Dixie if she expects me to drive.

The main roads are plowed but the neighborhood streets and town side streets are largely unplowed. And we live on the downslope of a hill.

So I'm just going to ask the mobile therapist to drive. If she doesn't want to, we can just sit in the living room and either have a therapy session or twiddle our thumbs. (And I'm wondering if she can get through this unplowed street to our house herself.)




danielle said...

That was my first question - will she even be able to get to you!

Bo... said...

Hi Danielle! She usually calls before she comes, but I think I'm going to call her first and see what she thinks. She'll probably brave it if the main roads are good. And maybe she can park up on this other street that is most likely in good condition and I can walk up to where she is. Brrrrr!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I'm glad that you deleted most of your negative comments. All that bad stuff weighs you down, affects your outlook and can actually make you sick. My hope for you is a happy, healthy life.


Bo... said...

Thank you, Jenny!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bo,
I’ve only posted here a few times but have been reading faithfully for several years now. I have a question. I’m trying to remember the name of another blog I used to read. I think I got it off a list of your favorite blogs that used to be listed on your site.

This is a woman:
- around 40 years old.
- single.
- doesn’t work in medicine.
- lives in the US, in a northern state.
- knits and sews (mainly doll clothes).
- collects dolls.
- worked shifts (the last time I read her blog) at a plant (meat processing related?)

I enjoyed following her pursuits and would like to “check in” and see that she’s doing well. I didn’t see a link anywhere to email you personally.

Hope your day’s gone well.

(aka hobbyho)

Bo... said...

Hi Merissa! I'm sorry but I don't know who that person was. I used to have a bunch of links on my blog but these days I don't. I'm sorry I couldnt' be more helpful. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bo!

Bo... said...

You're welcome, Merissa!