Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Slowly, our neighborhood digs out from what the authorities here are calling "The Blizzard of 2011". And I totally agree with them--it definitely was a gigantic blizzard. Now all you can see is the pyramids of snow from the shoveling of driveways and sidewalks. I think they look strange.

But today is a consolation prize for football fans---it's Superbowl Sunday and Green Bay is playing against Pittsburgh. I'm rooting for Green Bay because I have never liked to remember my years in the city of Pittsburgh since graduating from nursing school there.

Nursing school practically killed me and so I don't really like to harbor those dark memories. If you want to know what happened to me and my 2 intrepid classmates in Pittsburg, read the "Who ya gonna call?" series of blogposts. There's "Part One" through Part Five". (Part One starts out slow because the whole blogpost came out of me griping about Blaine watching ghost hunting TV shows, which I think are fake---and my saying that I could tell a real ghost story of something which happened to me in nursing school. And then the whole story of my nursing school experience came tumbling out.....)

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Superbowl Sunday.

The above is a picture of Leonard, moving into position on the top of the couch, ready for the standard Superbowl Sunday couch ride. Notice his tongue sticking out in an act of defiance. Leonard doesn't like getting his picture taken.

Below is when Blaine joined Leonard and they both got into their main "Superbowl Watching Position". Looks like Leonard is already asleep. Never mind that it's not time for the Superbowl game yet---they just wanted to claim the couch before I could, dammit.

I guess the enjoyment I'll get out of the game is my knitting and watching the Superbowl's TV commercials. The Superbowl's special TV commercials are something that people wait for all year. (Remember those frog commercials from a Superbowl a zillion years ago?)




danielle said...

Bo - I dont tweet - but I read yours. Cant you try wetting the sock and forcing it onto a sock blocker? Or did he, sigh, felt it??

Bo... said...

Hi Danielle! Unfortunately, he felted it. He always runs his clothes on at least 2 cycles if not 3. And they were his favorite, so I guess I'll have to knit him some more....sigh...(and waaaaah!)