Tuesday, February 01, 2011

They Weren't Foolin' When They Said It'd Be A Blizzard!

I'm beginning to wonder if Blaine's going to be able to drive home in this mess.

They haven't plowed our street yet. Which is okay because all the snow that's going to drop hasn't happened yet. But I'm worried about Blaine because there's a layer of ice underneath the snow....

Update, 12:30pm :

Blaine just left work and says he'll make it in this snow. He said he's even going to try and stop at the grocery store in this mess. Let's all cross our fingers that he makes it home safely!

Update #2:

Blaine made it home but is now trying to get up the driveway and into the garage. No such luck. He's out there slipping and sliding. (As is another neighbor down the steet). Finally, he had to go get the shovel and is shoveling snow out of the way so he can make it into the drive.




Simply Ridiculous said...

Wow.. Looks like end of days!!

Bo... said...

Hi Simply Ridiculous! You're right! The news people on TV said that there hadn't been a storm like this here in many, many years. The weather is totally wonky this year.