Friday, May 28, 2010

My Thumb is Greener Than I Thought It Was.....



Two kinds of trouble in this world:

Living... dying.

I lost my power in this world

and the rumors are flying--

So I go insane

Like I always do....

("God Insane", Lindsey Buckingham)


Okay, see that crazy looking tomato plant in that well-known and advertised "Topsy Turvy" upside-down tomato plant grower---the one all my neighbors said wouldn't "work out"?

Well, behold the pic below---look behind the outer leaves....

Hah! Tomaters!!

And look at the pic below---there's little ripening cherry 'maters all over that dang plant!

The below is a normal tomato plant and I tied it to the stake with some red yarn a couple days ago and it's still getting taller. I have two of them. And I have so many hopes for them.

(I want some big 'maters....)

But below is Mystery Flower #1. Can anybody tell me what it is? Our landlord had planted a bunch of seedings and had too many so he gave these to me, along with beaucoup others. But he forgot what they were and I don't recognize them.

And below is Mystery Flowers #2. Does anybody recognize them?

I recognized the below marigolds but I planted Mystery Flowers #3 next to them. Can anybody identify those?

(Or am I going to have to send their pictures to Interpol????)

(Don't laugh---Interpol knows everything....)

Now take a gander at the innocent looking little burgeoning snap bean plants......

Below is what they've been sneakily working on---all over the largest plant! I got me some SNAP BEANS!!!!




Charlotte said...

Bo, I can't tell you what your flowers are (if I would even know) because I can't see the pictures. I'm thinking the reason is a Blogger thing because none of the blogs I read that are Blogger blogs show the pictures. I just get boxes with tiny red x's in the corner. You might want to check with Blogger to find out what the problem is and get them to fix it.


Bo... said...

Oh no, Charlotte! And I am so sorry. I did get a couple error codes while posting this blog post. I will do some investigating to see if there's something that can be done, okay?

Bo... said...

Charlotte, I went back into the HTML of the blog post and found lots of those errors. It was a "closing tag" that didn't have an "opening tag". I eliminated them. See if it works, now. (And thanks for letting me know about the problem!)

Cindy/KS said...

Things are looking good there Bo!

Charlotte, sounds like a setting on your computer. I never have that problem - I do have a blogger account, but I never had an issue before either - no matter what computer I was using.

Have a great holiday weekend Bo, Blaine & everyone!

Bo... said...

Thanks, Cindy! I hope you and your family have a great holiday weekend!

Cindy/KS said...

We just made plans to take the folding tables & chairs, the grill & groceries to our oldest daughter's on Monday to bbq there. It's a 30 mile drive each way & her fiance has to work Monday, but my dh should be off unless he has arranged to take some overtime.

So blackberries are on sale this week - I will stop to get some in a few to make a blackberry cobbler. Also thought I would make as well for anyone who doesn't like blackberries - but use strawberry instead of raspberry hopefully.

Bo... said...

That sounds like fun, Cindy---and you're making me hungry!

tottergirl said...

How are you, Bo?

Just so you know, I officially hate you! My tomatoes are doing absolutely NOTHING! ARRRGGGHHHH It doesn't help that we actually had a freeze the other night. (No damage, the plants were covered.) I just don't get this. You are in Kansas, I'm in New Mexico. You have tomatoes and beans & I got nothin! Color me totally pouting!

On to other things!
Mystery plants #1 look a bit like our baby "Livingstone Daisies".
Mystery plants #2 - no clue.
Mystery plants #3 are asters.

Have a good weekend. I'm still praying for your friend. Keep us updated. TTFN

Bo... said...

Thank you so much, Tottergirl! I am befuddled about how these really young plants are putting out the tomatoes and greenbeans! But one thing I've always done with any plants of mine, is to put a smidgen (large pinch) of Miracle-Gro into a half gallon of water, and then water the vegetables GENEROUSLY. Everybody says that you shouldn't Miracle-Gro every watering but I do. (But with just a pinch.)

And in the really bad heat of summer, I water in the early morning and then again late in the afternoon (like 5:30 pm or 6pm.)


m said...

Mystery flower #1 looks like Mesembryanthemum to me, because of the red stems. The others aren't well developed enough for me to be sure. #2 looks as though it might be a Virginia stock (Malcolmia maritima), but I may be quite wrong as I am in England rather than the USA.

Bo... said...

Thank you, m! I just keep watering them with Miracle Gro so that maybe they'll get big enough to let us know what they are!

Sue O said...

My Topsy Turvy tomato isn't as big as yours yet but it is flowering! The ones in pots or in the ground haven't done nearly as well, I think the reason is the roots stay warmer in the hanger.

Pot #1 looks like 2 different plants to me, the ones with the very thin leaves looks like portulaca

Pot #2 no idea yet

Pot #3 some look like either dianthus or sweet williams!

Will be fun to see what they really are.

Bo... said...

Sue: my sister agrees with you about the Mystery plants!

Sue O said...

Well I'm fairly sure about the portulaca because I have volunteers from last year showing up in some interesting place. I'm not complainig though because I do love them.
The ones I think are dianthus or sweet williams look a lot like mine as well. Can't wait to see what they really are.

Bo... said...

Thanks, Sue! I'm trying to pay a lot of attention to them to encourage them to grow well.