Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I swear, I must not have read the fine print when I signed up with Blogger to do this blog.....

Because you see, unlike a lot of people who run various types of blogs, I run mine as if I were sitting around in a circle talking to a bunch of my closest buddies.

In short, I am totally honest, very irreverent, sometimes zany, sometimes critical, sometimes irritable, sometimes insane & totally crazy, and sometimes just downright in-your-face-blunt.

I mean, REALLY, people!!!

With all the blogs out there who strive to stay politically correct and non-offensive, does it not get boring reading all that sugary-sweetness? God, after I read some blogs I need a trip to the dentist to cure the sugar damage. At least with my blog, I'm totally honest. I tell about my life and what happens in it---and that sometimes means the OPPOSITE of sweetness-- in fact, it means that I sometimes step on the toes of a lot of holier-than-thou people.

I like to think of the people who read and comment on my blog as friends. If they're not friends, they either keep silent or they challenge me. But the thing is---when people challenge me, they're going to get the same thing out of me as I listed above! HONESTY! And, unfortunately, a lot of them get pissed off at that honesty---and start making assumptions about me that are not true! They get all hot and bothered and start throwing every sin known to mankind at me. Sometimes they don't read my comments all the way through and don't even have the faintest understanding of what I actually said!

I mean, what do those people think? That I'm suddenly going to see the "error of my ways"? No! I'm ME. And that's all. I'm me.

And no, I don't think that everything I do or say is good or right. Not at all. I'm about as flawed an individual as they come. The number of my hapless therapists can attest to that sad fact. Currently I have 4 therapists. Two who come to my house and try to drag me out of it. One to do Freudian-type therapy on a 1:1 basis, one hour per week. And one who runs the group I'm going into next week, which will be a year-long group (GOD, a frigging year? I didn't realize I had that many bats in the belfy....)

But geez oh man, some people try to turn my honesty into something that it's not. For instance, take the latest brou-ha-ha. Several nit-pickers turned my opinion about respect for mourning the death of a loved one into a couple of things where I "hate Canadians" and "am calling people low class."


Now, put the context of my remarks into a setting whereby I'm sitting around with a bunch of buddies. And that I'm having chats with my buddies in an irreverent, somewhat rude jokester fashion whereby we all howl with laughter at our own stupid rude jokes which, if our mothers heard us, would garner us a boxing of the ears or (if southern) a southern "snatchin' bald".....

I mean, come ON!!!! There is simply NO FRIGGING WAY that I can write a blog without being honest. And I do have a lot of friends who totally understand how I am and don't make a federal offense out of it.

I actually feel bad when somebody leaves my blog. I was hoping they'd join my irreverant, funny, entertaining group of friends.

I know, I know---they're YH groupies--the queen of sugary sweet political correctness. (And the BIGGEST whiner when criticized.) But I have one question for them:

Have you never in your life sat in a "girls gab" type group and NOT said something your mother or grandmother would disaprove of?



Because the truth is no. And if you're going to go that far, the next is this: There is a sad fact that most people these days blog to "be nice". Most people don't insult, rag on, criticize, or make rude fun of others on their blogs.

Gag me with a spoon!

I prefer total honesty----just like when I sit in a group of gab-buddies.




Anonymous said...

You know, Bo, you always talk about being a Christian woman but you don't display the teachings of Jesus Christ in your everyday life. I don't have a problem with honesty, I just don't understand why you must be so negative and judgmental towards others. You may think other people are being politically correct, I think they are just being civilized.

Remember the teachings of Christianity and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I hope you someday find the peace that seems to elude you....

Bo... said...

Thank you, Anonymous.

Miranda said...

Honesty is refreshing. I may not always agree with you, but I read your blog for the no-holds-barred, snort-coffee-through-your-nose honest opinions here. Keep it going, Bo -- you gotta just be you!

Bo... said...

Thank you very much, Miranda!!!!

Rose Blue said...

One wonders about the beam in Anonymous eye.


Bo... said...

Touche, Charlene!!

Anonymous said...

Total honesty? OK. I think that red hoodie is butt ugly. do I admire the work you put in it? Absolutely. But I think it is hideous. I have not said so before because I really thought one should go by the tenant of "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all."

And please stop talking about your southern manners when you talk about your in-laws or whatever they are like dogs. Not polite no matter how you try to spin it.


Bo... said...

My, my, my, the insults are flying.

My hoodie is "butt-ugly" (and my relatives are "dogs"?

Feel better now that you've fired your best (albeit low-class) insults at me?

Um...Ann is it? I take it that you missed all my numerous blog posts where I say that I couldn't care less whether some people (people like you) like me or not?---or my knitting.



Bo... said...

Oh yes, Ann.....you misspelled the word "tenant"---the proper spelling is "tenet".

Dum dee dum dum.....

Anonymous said...

Oh Bo, you silly silly girl. I did not call your in-laws (are they really in-laws since you are just a worthless no job slut who lives with your ex?) and yes I mis-spelled a word.

Just being honest in our little gab fest. Do you have any friends to gab with since you are such a flaming bitch and so "shy?" Not that I give a flying fuck. just intersted as to what kind of losers you have out - with besides your ex and your therapists.


Bo... said...

Goodbye, Ann! Goodby! You've done this before on my blog and now you've succombed again to the urge to obsess about me and my blog. I'm flattered that you pay so much attention to silly old me, but you're no longer making sense. Your rage has gotten the best of you again. I think you could use some therapy yourself!


Magnolia said...

Ahh..there's the hypocrisy of Bo.

She can be kind and good and god forbid anyone ever says anything about USA or her people.

But she can pick on others for their hardships and times of trouble in their family and call them whiners and over sensitive politically correct people.

You know why you need 4 therapists?

Because you have no contact with reality.

First Anon was right..you say you're a christian but you act just like all the other women and men who give the christian church a bad name.

You want to dish it out..but you don't want to take it in.

And I sign my damn name to it..because unlike your school ground bullying bullshit. I -am- telling the truth.

And I hope dearly that your mother and your family gets to see a real good look at how you are treating other people in their time of need and suffering.

If you were mine it'd be a come to Jesus Meeting. You might not know him when we start..but you'd be screamin for him when we're done.

Anonymous said...

HMMM. But since you aver that you love total honesty so much, I'm afraid I have to call you on that.
Ann's completely correct. No one is jealous of you and that sweater is horrifying. Heinous.
Maybe you need to add more bits and bobs and ridiculously overwrought details?
No. It's horrid enough as it is.

Wow. I like total honesty as well!

Anonymous said...

I also admire the work you put into this current project. It is not to my taste, colour wise, but you are truly a skilled knitter! I saw a sweater you were knitting on another site...a grey fair isle type, and that I love!


Rose Blue said...

Bo, that was weird. Is this Ann person the same as the Anonymous person? If so that beam in her eye is colossal.

Ann, your rudeness and crudeness only show you in exactly the light you're attempting to cast on Bo.

Sad, very, very sad, the more so as you show no sign of shame and you should be ashamed.


P. S. I think the sweater is nothing short of an artistic triumph and I would be proud to wear it anywhere.

Bo... said...

"Screamin' for Him when we're done?", Magnolia? Lord, I better step up Security around my home, since that almost sounded like a threat.

I'll never understand those people who get so obsessed with me that they let their rage take over--like poor Ann.

Magnolia, you need to take a Valium or something. Really. You need to chill, big time.

Bo... said...

Um...Anonymous up there? I don't care if you like the LRRH or not. I knit according to my muse. My therapist says it is "my art" and he has forbidden me to start anything else until I finish the LRRH. My therapists think my mood is tied to the things I design and knit.

Bo... said...

Thank you, Terri!!! Your kind words mean a LOT!

Bo... said...

Thank you so much, Charlene!!!

Cindy/KS said...

Wow Bo! You invite people into your "house" & they are the rudest, crudest I've read in a long time! I wouldn't go to their house & say things like that to them & I would hope they wouldn't do it to me! On my blog, I try not to insult people, or if I do, I try not to make it so that someone who doesn't know me really well would be able to figure out who I am talking about. I have vented about my bosses & their choices of employees, about my siblings & even my children. That doesn't mean I don't love most it not all of them - it means that I have something that is bothering me, just like most do whether they acknowledge it or not & I need to get it out! I sure hope I come across as a friend to those I post on their blogs. And as for the LRRH - I wouldn't wear it I am sure, but then my kids despair of getting me to wear much other than navy & black - just not a person who likes to draw attention to myself, but I think it is beautiful and the only person who really needs to like it is you! So let the other go jump off a cliff somewhere!

Bo... said...

And thank you, too, Cindy!!! I know my stuff isn't everybody's cup of tea but we all knit to our particular muses--and mine is a little bit on the wild side.

Anonymous said...

If by "wild" you mean "super ugly".
You're not wild. Just Ugly.

Bo... said...

OOOOOH, I'm so insulted, Anonymous. I'll probably cry into my pillow for the next few days!

Bo... said...

Look all you haters here---why don't you spend your time and energy fawning over your idol? She cares deeply about your opinions. I don't.

Maren said...

I love the LRRH and I think your knitting is brilliant.
Once again, I feel the ned to say, it is YOUR blog and YOUR opinion and YOU can say what you want to on it.
For someone to criticize you on your blog is beyond rude.
Ann/anonymous has issues and the "privacy" of the internet allows her to say things she would probably not dare to say in person, mean-spirited to say the least.
I don't always agree with you and I don't always agree with YH. It is the privledge of having ones own opinion.
Play nice people. Bo does not deserve such venom.

Bo... said...

Thank you, Maren!

danielle said...

WOW. Are these the same people who blame the violence and hatred on TV because they do not realize they have an OFF button to push? If I dont like something/someone on a blog I do one of two things - I dont post - or I stop reading it. If someone irritates you so much, why hang around? Guess some people just have way too much time on their hands....right now, I wish they would share some of that time with me....Just because I would never knit something like LRRH (mainly because I am not talented enough) does not mean I cant think it is beautiful! And I do think it is beautiful - and complicated - and artistic.

Bo... said...

Thank you, Danielle!

Anonymous said...

First of all - ridiculing Bo because she has therapists is really low. Who of you haven't needed a therapist, counselor, or just someone to talk to at some point in your life? What about he/she who is without sin casting the first stone? And are you making fun of her because she gets therapy, or because she freely admits that she does? C'mon.

Second - my political views are 180 degrees opposite Bo's, but I don't write angry comments and cuss her out just because I don't agree with her. The only reason some of you do this is to make yourselves feel better - you don't really think you're going to bring Bo around to your way of thinking? C'mon.

Third - her sweater in progress is a work of art. It is self expression. Do you really think she gives a damn if you say it's ugly? And could you start with a pile of yarn and create something that elaborate with just your two hands and imagination? C'mon.

Fourth - I read this blog and Yarn Harlot's. I have met YH and know that just like Bo, what you see is what you get; there's no pretense. I respect that. But if I had to choose just one blog to read, it would be this one. Why? Because "I'm Canadian and it rocks, tra la la, went to sock camp and then had a beer, yada yada" and then several hundred commenters kissing her ass no matter what she writes, gets old after awhile! At least Bo has something to say to those who challenge her; she doesn't ignore or hide.

Rock on, Bo.

Bo... said...

Thank you VERY MUCH, Anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

1. your meds are not strong enough
2. dog and horses are bred, not people
3. everything you do and say is a direct contradiction to the teaching of Jesus
4. you don't even know Mumsy's address????
5.your sweater though it does show various knitting techniques IS BUTT UGLY!!!
6. Who are you to comment on the way someone mourns?
7. if you don't expect negative comments then shut 'er down, your blog is crap
8. a lot of your comment and written word shows your lack of education (too much time in the swamp?)
9. as for sitting around with a bunch of your friends, don't see that happening any time soon
8. you do in fact talk about your ex's family in a less than flattering light

Bo... said...

Leave me alone, latest Anonymous who said my meds weren't "stronge enough". My art studio is being worked on this evening for all my hobbies, beading & jewelry making, knitting, knitting machine, crocheting, sewing. Isn't that cool? I finally have my own studio. Blaine's going to install a flat screen TV in there for me.

And what in the Sam Hill does my Mumsy's address have to do with ANYTHING??????

I do know her address. She lives in a fortress (high level electronic surveillance) and she, too, has art studios (2). You better believe I know her address---didn't you see the picture of my room in her house?

Here's one of some of her house:


But my room isn't shown in the above one. Let me look to see where my room is shown...

Aah, heck, can't find it right now. But it's cool. Now ssshhh.....I'm trying to direct the guys how to do my studio just right.

Bo... said...

Here it is! You (latest Anonymous) said I didn't know my Mumsy's address. Well here's a link showing my bedroom at her house:


Isn't it the coolest room you ever did see?

Speaking of being educated---your grammar is atrocious, heh!

BoFan said...

Bo - I never comment on blogs, am content to just read and enjoy, but feel compelled to tell you how delightful I find you. You are irreverent, fresh, unique and true to yourself. I don't always agree with you, and somehow I think you would be just fine with that. Keep being you, because you are really special. And your hoodie - it's gorgeous. I have loved your trials and tribulations as you have designed, developed and solved its problems. That's the joy and the frustration of knitting, isn't it? Oh, and my Mom thanks you are a ton of fun, too.

Bo... said...

Thank you so much, BoFan!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Can't we just all get along? Or, should we whip it out an have a good old-fashioned pissing contest? For all we know Bo and Blaine and Brian could be some lonely old person playing a nasty trick on all of us.

In the end, nobody is going to make you wear the hoodie. So, why does it matter? Do you wander through Macy's critiquing everything and leaving post-its behind with your comments? I doubt it--although...hmmm...might be fun to do and see what happens.

All of you need to get over yourselves.

Speshul Kitteh!

tottergirl said...

Hanging with you is a bit like hanging with my sister (when Mom's not around.) That is just one of the things I love about you. I really don't know what all the bitching is about. Don't these folks gripe about their relatives and stuff? Or ever have problems to work through? Sheesh!

Hang in there & don't let the turkeys get you down. :-)

SloKnit said...

Oh my gosh ... I sooo agree with speshul kitteh. If you don't like what's posted on someone else's blog, then don't read it. If you don't like their opinions, you don't have to share them. If you have something to say and don't like what someone else is saying... start your own blog. Live and let live ... okay?

Bo... said...

Thank you, Tottergirl!

Magnolia said...

Shoulda known that you were incapable of reading plain English.

Bo? Darlin? I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole and a rented dead man's arm.

I don't care where you live, or who you live with or how to get there. I wouldn't piss on you to put you out if you were on fire.

If you think me telling you that I would be damn ashamed to the point where I'd have a come to Jesus meeting if any of my children behaved like you as a threat?

Well then it just goes to show you..Your "breeding" isn't all that it should be in the first place.

Why don't you pop another pill for the both of us Darlin, I'm sure you're the one with the prescription for all those Little Helpers.

You should be ashamed of yourself. I am sure your Momma is and Jesus as well.

Bo... said...

Magnolia: LOL! LOL! LOL! You crack me up! Really you do! How much time did you waste writing that soliloquy about how bad you think I am? But you are wrong about how my "Momma" thinks of me. Mumsy has told me many times that I am her favorite. She says I'm like a baby bird with a broken wing---and she is my strongest supporter with my problems.

Today they delivered the brand new sewing machine she bought me, and my studio upstairs is coming along just fine for all my other hobbies. I made a necklace this morning and plan on making another one in a minute.

And hint hint... don't call me "darlin'". In the south, gentlemen of good breeding use that term to describe a lady. But a well-bred southern woman would NEVER use that term to describe another woman. (It's one of those subtle "signs" which differentiates between real ladies and....er...trashy types.)

Bo... said...

Oh, and Magnolia dear? If you were on fire I would attempt to put you out whether I liked you or not. You saying you wouldn't put me out if I were on fire shows cruelty and a soul filled with rage...

Magnolia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bo... said...

Magnolia: You're a stupid little twit, and you are filled with rage against me. You are OBSESSED with me! You're jealous of me! And you get so excited when you get attention from me! I'm flattered, really! Hah! It's people like you that crack me up! You spend so much time trying to come up with "witty" comments and insults---but you end up sounding like a grade school brat.

Go on home, little girl---I can tell you're very young by your lack of education and manners. And your childish way of insulting me.

Magnolia said...

And yep I deleted the ugly post by me because my own Momma wouldn't be proud of me for saying things like that and I try to live by my own creed.

Sorry for the personal appearance attack.

Still not convinced you're the end all be all of southern upbringing but hey..being ugly about the fact I think you're full of bullshit isn't right either.

Cindy/KS said...

Don't waste your time or energy on her Bo! She isn't worth it!

Bo... said...

You're totally right, Cindy!!!

Magnolia said...

Just a question Bo..before you go off on your own continual insults of other people and their upbringing, and their families, and their manners, and their knitting and their way of life.

If' -we're- obsessed with you.

Doesn't that make you obsessed with YH?

You get so angry at people who come on here and disagree with you and who are ugly to you and yet you see nothing wrong with doing it yourself.

Bullshit was once defined as the fact of lying while knowing the facts and not giving one whit of them.

I hope that you're not bullshit and that you're just blind.

I also really hope you sit down and think about how your behavior is mirrored in the same actions you condemn others for. You can't point fingers and expect none to come back at you.

Just like I expected you and your friends to come back to me.

You get it yet?

Also..'honey' I don't have to spend time being 'witty' or writing posts. Some of us are just naturally verbose.