Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missouri & Kansas Rivers and Me.....



"We're after the same rainbow's end,

Waiting round the bend,

My huckleberry friend,

Moon River and me...."

("Moon River", Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer)


Okay, the first thing I would like to say is a great big HUGE thank you to those of you who wrote supportive comments on my last blog post. It meant so much to me that I can't find words to describe it----but trust me, it was greatly appreciated. In fact, let me say it again---it's so nice to know that I have friends out there. And I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their support and understanding.

And as unpleasant a task as it was, I think I made my point crystal clear with that blog post--- which I should have done a year ago, so please accept my apologies for waiting this long to write it.

(Actually, I was finally driven to it by the unrelenting demands of a lot of doubters. But I think they understand NOW....)

And as for you cruel, nasty people who left what can only be called venomous spewing, well, you have to live with your childish selves. Don't leave comments unless you can grow up.

And, as Forest Gump would say, that's all I'm going to say about that.....

Anyhoo, the above picture is my darling Blaine, putting together the "double table" for my studio. It has two levels (one rolls out when you need it). I'm going to put the new sewing machine on the top and use the bottom, roll-out, level for jewelry making.

Above is poor Blaine trying to figure out the table's put-together directions with Little Baby in attendance.

I don't know what she is looking for---his beer maybe? (After all, she IS my cat.....) But I don't think alcohol is her problem---what she needs to do is to go to a Tunaholics Anonymous meeting. I think the tuna-obsessed neighbor cat which keeps coming to my door to beg for food could be her sponsor.)

Below is the shell of the top part of the table. Blaine is now trying to figure out the innards of the whole thing....and then we'll have to get the damn thing upstairs because Blaine refused to put it together up there. I'm going to try and convince him tonight to finish the rest upstairs so we can carry each piece up there separately. Carrying the whole table would be a big pain in the ass.


As you can see below on the right, I still haven't quite gotten everything that is non-hobby related out of the studio room yet. But trust me, I will.

Below is one part of the Magical Yarn Closet in the studio---the part of the yarn closet with a bunch of Lionbrand Homespun yarn, Noro yarn, some kettle-dyed yarn from Uruguay, a few skeins of Opal 6-ply, and God knows what else. I have a whole 'nother side of the closet with about 75 skeins of sock yarn. And the top shelves are crammed full to the ceiling with various yarns as well. And I can't hardly get into there because of UFO bags on the floor.

Here's a scarf forming on the floor. It still needs more length, of course, and then a final trimming before sewing down the edges. Then I'm going to put long, luxurious fringe on it.

Here below is where I am sticking extra beading and jewelry supplies since the other wall for jewelry supplies if full now. I need some shelves in the studio but I am going to spread out the furniture expenses for poor Blaine's benefit.... what do you think of the 2 handcrafted things below---a decorated straw heart and a decorated tissue holder? Um.... do you like them?

Because guess what?

(heh heh heh....)

I made them in craft class when I was a patient in a psychiatric hospital----HEH!!!!

Can you believe Blaine saved them all these years?

(That damn hospital didn't help me a bit---I was still batshit crazy when I left there. And when I was loading my luggage into my mother's Jeep to leave, she said: "So what did you make me in craft class this time? A birdhouse like in your last psychiatric hospital stay? Or beads again?")

When I returned to Blaine after I divorced him and left him for ten years, I found them in my old clothes closet, up on the top shelf, next to a box holding some antique imported Italian ceramic, handpainted kitchen cannisters I loved. (They have cunning little cabbages on the top of the lids.)

(Mom wasn't thrilled with the straw heart and tissue holder so I kept them.)

Anyhoo, Blaine said this morning that he'll probably finish up the table tonight---yippee!


"Through a meadowland towards a closing door,

A door marked nevermore,

That wasn't there before....

("Days of Wine & Roses, Henry Mancini, Johnny Mercer)




Cindy/KS said...

Glad you are upbeat this morning! I have already had a blow up about the trash people calling at 7 am, waking up my dh after I left them a message last night. It's true I forgot about signing the ACH for their bill, but when the next day I got a letter saying we would be billed through the city with our water bill & I also received a bill giving a 15th due date, I didn't expect an ACH on the 10th! And it's not their fault that within an hour prior to their message I have been told about my job. Anyway, on to a beter day! It's rainy here, Fred, my male pom is right under my feet since he loves storms if we are outside, but he can't figure out that they are the same thing he hears when he is inside. Times like this I wish you could reason with an animal!

Nice chatting with you yesterday as well! Have a WONDERFUL day!

Cindy/KS said...
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Bo... said...

Hi Cindy!! I think we're going to get your rain next---the weather man said there was an 80% chance of rain today and tomorrow, yikes! My topsy-turvy tomato plant is NOT doing well without sunshine for the last 2 weeks (and too much rain.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bo
Your studio room seems to be coming along nicely
tell Blaine I can see my husband doing the same thing in a couple of days since we are moving and bought some new stuff that is "some assembly reqired", he'll be doing that for a few days I'm sure!
I love your idea of storing the yarn in those hanging shelves in the closet, how clever, I'm going to copy. Don't you just love Noro!

well as I said we're moving so I have the kitchen yet to pack...
see you again when wer're settled.

Bo... said...

Keep in touch, Donna!

Anonymous said...

And what have YOU done today that even compares with what she is doing?

Bo... said...

Well, as a matter of fact, I got up at 5am to be with Blaine, make his breakfast bag to take with him to work, and saved a barbeque recipe out of the daily paper that he wants to try.

Then I re-charged my new cell phone that Blaine gave me. I needed it charged because the mobile therapist is coming today at 12:30pm for our weekly visit. She already called me to confirm.

Then I cleaned the kitchen.

Then I ate some rice crispie treats. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.)

Fed the cats.

Washed my hair and straight-ironed it flat. (I had my hair chemically straightened recently and so I have to use certain products to keep it straight, soft and shiny---it's really great, you should see it, it's in a layered cut. My stylist is Shirley and I wouldn't go to anybody else.)

And....well....Little Baby is bugging me right now.

What else?


Bo... said...

I'm inviting you back, Execulink---if you can be nice....

danielle said...

Moon River - has ALWAYS been my #1 fave song! Thank you for putting it into my head again today!

Cindy/KS said...

Sorry about the double post earlier!

The rain has stopped here, so probably is in your area now or has been, maybe will be. Who knows, I am inside & unless I actually look outside I can't tell. I just know my dh came by to tell me he put my insurance card back in my van after going to renew or tags, but that he was going to wait for it to dry up before putting them on. Today is the 1st of his 4 evening shifts, so I won't see him except while he sleeps now until Saturday when he surfaces. Tonight I will bake a birthday cake for my grandson, then decorate it tomorrow night. The party is Saturday, but I pick up his next younger sister for her visit with me on Friday. Will have her until Sunday & we will fit the party in on Saturday. Will have to adjust for equality a bit later since she may spend the summer with an aunt from the other side & he will be going on a 3 week camping trip with his grandfather from the other side in about a week.

Bo... said...

Oh, you sound busy, Cindy! I am too, as I just had a mobile therapist appointment and now I've got to go to the store---aaack. Hopefully it won't take too long in this rain---cuz we did get your rain!

Maren said...

HI Bo,
I nearly cried with envy over the Noro. The colors on Noro just about kill me off. I just love them.
Today I have to clean carpet and cat boxes. I swore I'd never have cats in the house and now I have six of them and five dogs.
A friend suggested I get a screen door for my office to keep some of them at bay when they get under foot.
Your studio is going to be sooooo great. You will love having your own place. I sure do.
Blaine looks so cute working with Baby. My Husbutt never does stuff like that. The fact that he kept your stuff for all those years is really sweet. He's a keeper!
Take care!!

Cindy/KS said...

Well, we didn't send all the rain to you yesterday. It was raining again when I got off work, rained off & on all evening & is still raining currently.

I got the cake baked, turns out he wants a star shaped cake - either yellow or white & he wants it iced with stars - yellow on the side, red & blue on the top. So I will ice it tonight, then put it back in the freezer until Saturday morning. Not sure where we will have it at - he wants to go to Sports World, but usually she takes the kids to McDonald's for lunch first & we have the cake then. That way, they are also less likely to be asking for snacks & such. Helps her budget as a single mom of 3!

Called the youngest natural granddaughter last night to wish her a happy birthday & I started trying to tease her about now being old enough to drive me around everywhere. It became obvious that she wasn't listening. So I asked what she was doing - she was playing a computer game. So I asked if she wanted me to hang up so that she could play - she said yes! Guess we will have a little talk at another time about how when someone makes a special effort to call you, it is polite to actually listen to them & giving Grandma time when you want Grandma to give you her time. But it was funny!

Bo... said...

The cake sounds good! And all of Blaine's nieces and nephews are the same way about computer games!

Anonymous said...

what are you 5? Mumsy bought me this, Brian is going to buy me that...and yet you are still never happy. so sad really. and no, not jealous at all, actual it is pity I feel...for brian.

Bo... said...

Um....Anonymous? First of all, where on earth did you get the ridiculous idea that I'm not happy? I'm happy as a clam. I don't work. I have no responsibilities except to do my hobbies every day. And I have therapy which helps me with emotional issues. In fact, my hobbies are highly encouraged as they contribute to my pschiatric wellness.

Second, where on earth did you get the feeling that you needed to "pity" Blaine? Do you know him or something? Do you have some sort of psychic ability to read his mind or something? What kind of idiot are you to pretend to know something about the relationship between a man and a woman you've never met?

You know, I'm going to say to you what the nuns would say to anybody who made bad grades in grade school: "You are a stupid girl."

Anonymous said...

The holiday boa you put up on Twitter reminds me of one that I saw in a knitting magazine years ago. This wasn't made of yarn though, it was actual tinsel garland that was knit on size 50 needles! It looked cool, although a boa made from yarn would probably be more comfy to wear. ~anon #2

Bo... said...

Hi Anon #2!:

You're right about the comfiness issue. I had to find eyelash yarn that is not only soft but inexpensive. This skein is soft against the skin (forgot the brand but remember I only paid $2.88 for it on sale) and I've gotten two boas out of it. (The other one is over 1/2 way finished, with 2 strands of regular yarn instead of 1, making it 3 strands in all--- and different colors.) I sold tons of these around the holidays in Texas---hope my luck is as good here in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Love the way the studio is coming together. It is inspiring me to get my own space in order!


Bo... said...

Thanks, Terri! It definitely does feel good to do crafting when the room is in order!