Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Square" Dancing...

(Happy now? I took down the post where I was cussing people out.)

Anyhoo, my basket runneth over....

Sorry I've been incommunicado lately but I've been busy---I had a lot of errands to run, and in between those errands I've been crocheting my head off, making squares for the "Hugs For Haiti" group in Ravelry. "Hugs for Haiti" is a group in which the group owner is putting together all the various-sized donated squares into blankets for Haiti earthquake survivors . I've made some 9" squares, some 12" squares, and I'm also donating some square knitted dishcloths that I will never use (and they're pre-washed and dried so they've done all the shrinking they're going to do).

The yarn you see wrapped around the folded-up squares is the long tails I left on them for use in sewing them together. I was keeping all the completed squares in that basket but my basket runneth over...

And since my basket runneth over, I think it means that I'd better get these off in the mail soon to the owner of the group. (I'm thinking I can get another few made today.)

And don't forget, you can still donate for the victims of the Haiti earthquake through the American Red Cross (see the link to the above-right, just above my Twitter Update link.) And you can also donate to the Red Cross via your cell phone by texting "HAITI" to 90999 (after which a $10 donation will be routed to the Red Cross and will be deducted from your cell phone bill---and you can do it as many times as you like.)

I have to run, right now, because Fred (my therapist) has enrolled me in some sort of program, and my newly apointed case manager from that group is on his way over to the house. (No, it doesn't mean I won't still see Fred---this is something extra.) I'm waiting rather nervously because I have no idea what to expect.




Anonymous said...

You have sunk to a new low on Twitter. In practically the same breath you insult YH's appearance while asking if you should dress to shock your shrink. Why are you so mean? You lie when you say it has to do with anti-american sentiment because obviously it's become very personal. It's time to find another target.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just concentrate on your own mental health and stop being mean? Get a life.

Bo... said...

Oh boo hoo. Listen, I'm an honest person. When I don't like someone, I am honest about it. Like anything I say bothers her, anyway. But it sure does bother you. So if you don't like what I say then don't read me, idgit. I'm in America---home of free speech. And for the record, I wore un-matching socks with a New York Giants letter jacket to see Fred--quite conservative for me, but it was too cold to wear some of my psychedelic sweaters.

Bo... said...

Oh yeah, forgot to add. Those of you who recently flogged me to death on my "bad driving" may be thrilled to know that I got pulled over by a cop today! Heh! I had just ROYALLY ran a "stop sign" and I couldn't produce my driver's license to him (as I lost it) and also I couldn't find anything in the car with my name on it! HEH, was I ever squirming on this one.

But, he was a gentleman. (Told you our neighborhood is like that.) He told me that since I was "cute" he wasn't going to cite me for not being able to produce a current driver's license. But he did have to cite me for the stop sign. And then he said: "And don't forget, young lady, watch out for them stop signs!"

Awwwww, I could have hugged him.

(But then I had to drive home and call Blaine about it---and he was not nearly as pleasant as that nice cute officer.)

I'm not sure why I ran the stop sign. It might be because I had been blasting a Don Henley song called "The Heart of the Matter" and was singing along with it, oblivious to the world.

"The more I know,
the less I understand,
All the things I thought I knew, I'm learning again,
I've been tryin' to get down
to the heart of the matter,
But my will gets weak,
and my thoughts seem to scatter...

#8 said...


I have been really busy and have not had time to read your blog/twitter for a while. I have to say,i am so disappointed in you. You are now turning me off and I really was liking reading your blog.

I know, I know, I can just stop reading, but I don't really want to...not from a 'train wreck" standpoint, but I was enjoying you when you were being nice.

I get it that you have free speech, I get it you can have opinions and can hate whoever you wish but how sad is that? is that your position to support your continued nastiness? And then you want people to have a giving heart for Haiti? Makes no sense at all. I don't think Fred would consider this an acceptable behavior for someone wanting to get healthy. Just sayin...


Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between honesty and just plain being petty and mean. And yes, it's a free country and you can say whatever you want, but stop fooling yourself that you're just being 'honest' when you hurl unnecessary insults toward someone else. Not really a great example of good values, is it?

Number 9 said...

Surely you should practise what you preach and just...not read what she writes, if you don't like it? ("So if you don't like what I say then don't read me, idgit.") It's clearly gone well beyond defending your values and into personal territory when you are making comments about someone's appearance, and while you're entitled to say whatever you like in a land of free speech, you should be clear about your reasons instead of hiding behind rationale like 'patriotism'. There's nothing patriotic about insulting someone's hair/religious beliefs/etc., it's just mean. I was entertained by the stories of the bayou, but now I'm saddened and done with your blog because of your pettiness. Taking your advice, I won't be reading any more.

Bo... said...

You guys highlight my bad qualities.

But WHERE WERE YOU when I was asking for prayers for the plight of the Haitians?

WHERE WERE YOU when I was asking for donations for the Red Cross?

WHERE WERE YOU when I was advertising the formation of groups on Ravelry regarding making squares for blankets going to Haiti?

WHERE WERE YOU when Ravelry formed a group for "praying while knitting?"


Where were you, DAMMIT?

You were NOWHERE!

So don't EVEN give me any flak about how "bad" I am.

What's-her-face rests on her knitting laurels, preening her blogging-peacock feathers. To me it seems that she's become so addicted to the attention that she receives that she feels that she no longer has to "dig in the dirt" of the trenches. She seems as if she is no longer capable of doing anything but asking for donations.

And yeah, I had a friend donate money to that cause in another name than my real name.


Number 9 said...

Apparently I can't look away because this is like a car crash, I have to tell you about a donation to make it count? Everyone is doing what they can do best, whether that is spending their time at home knitting squares or spending their time at home campaigning for donations in a way that will reach millions of people at once. Every person their own contribution, however small or large, and it all adds up, right? (for the record, because you seem pretty agitated about knowing what we're up to: 1) don't pray, 2) payroll deductions with employer matching, 3) not on Ravelry, 4) see 1&3.)

When your negative qualities are so outstanding that people can overlook so many positive things to focus on those, perhaps it's time to take stock? I couldn't possibly profess to know you as a person or pass judgement on your qualities, but your actions really stink.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well,you've just effectively made my point. You're so hypocritical----which would actually be funny if it also wasn't so sad. In one breath you talk about prayer, religion, god, and helping your fellow man, and then you turn around in the next second and are unnecessarily cruel to another person. And how do you know 'where I was' when it comes to Haiti? For the record, yes, I have given my financial and emotional support to help those in Haiti, not because of your pleas or those of any other blogger, but because I was moved to do so and it's the right thing to do.

Oh, and when it comes to someone being "addicted to attention"? Take a good look in the mirror, my dear.

Bo... said...

Excuses, excuses.....

Anonymous said...

Where was I Bo? While you were sitting there whinging away at your imaginary god I was organizing a fundraiser for Red Cross and DWB. While you were making squares for blankets I was raising money for food and shelter and medical care. While you were bleating publicly in an attempt to appear pious I was actually doing something. Don't you dare get all holier-than-thou girl.

Bo... said...

Whew, Anonymous above. That's heavy duty.

First of all, the person you call my "god" is GOD. THE GOD. THE ALMIGHTY. YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER. Alpha and Omega.

You may not recognize Him as God, but He recognizes you as His child. But if by chance you spend your life denying Him, His Son, Jesus, will deny you---and you'll spend eternity separated from Him.

And I wasn't trying to be "pious". I was trying to join with others to appeal to the Greatest Power of Them All---the guy you call "imaginary", which is the all-to-real God.

I hope and pray that some day your heart will be opened to His love and salvation, which is Jesus.

danielle said...

Sorry - I dont give to the ARC - too much of the money donated goes to administrative costs - we have donated several times already to another group who uses much much less of the money donated for administrative costs. But what does it matter - as long as the help gets there???? And maybe keeps on giving even after....

Anonymous said...

Wow. I remember a time several years ago I printed out your blog posts because they were so funny/poignant that I wanted my non-internet buddies to read you. Has something happened to the brain cells of late? Seems the year away developed a totally different personality - of shock treatment proportions. Not funny, not poignant. Mean spirited and narrow and oddly braggert-y. Very self-centered memememememe. I'm sorry to lose a good blogger. It was a delight to read you, expecting entertainment and laughs. Now I feel so sad. Somebody hijacked the Bohemian Knitter. Goodbye. Can't stick around to see the crash.