Monday, January 11, 2010

My Life Is Run By Cats....And I Can't Seem to Be Successful at Laying Down the Law.....


Ok, Little Baby is a very spoiled cat.

I mean, she actually LAYS by that saucer ALL DAY LONG--- (see below) --- awaiting the next doling out of tuna fish. And let me tell you, it wouldn't matter if she'd just been fed an ENTIRE CAN of tuna, she would STILL lay parked in that spot!

I think she's got a problem, don't you? I think she should go to Tunaholics Anonymous. I want her to stand up in front of that room of cats and say: "I'm Little Baby and I'm a Tunaholic" ....

Sometimes she lays on her saucer in order to protect it--- so that Leonard, our other cat, doesn't get any ideas about stealing some of her tuna.

(Some of the worst cat-fights we've had in this house were over one cat snatching a bit of tuna out of the other cat's saucer....)

Yep, she's addicted allright. I wonder if I should set up an "intervention"?

It must be exhausting to lay there all day.

But, actually, sometimes she does sleep somewhere else. At times, she seems to love sleeping up against my shoes.

Sometimes she sleeps like the below posture--- done strictly in order to scare me to death. She folds her paws in front of her like how they arrange dead people in their caskets.....

(Yes, I alway take it seriously and run frantically to see if she's breathing, the little idgit....)

(One day that little knucklehead is going to cry wolf one too many times.....)

The below picture is her posing. Who in the hell does she think I'm taking these pictures for---a dadgum nekkid cat magazine??!!

See her primping below?---I guess she feels that she must always be ready in case a scout for the "PlayCat" magazine comes calling.....

And if Little Baby is not driving me crazy, the neighbor cat is scratching at my door. I feel sorry for her being outside in this snow. So naturally......

You guessed it. I feed her.





Anonymous said...

Dogs have owners, cats have staff.
I know, I'm in service myself.

Anonymous said...

Bo, you did the right thing by feeding the neighbor cat. I would have done the same thing(and I have in the past).

Maybe Little Baby and Leonard will get a new playmate????.

Mokihana said...

Little Baby is so cute! We had a cat once who was calico on her head and tail only; the rest was all white.

I'm glad you fed the neighbor cat too.