Thursday, January 28, 2010

OMG, I Am So Thrilled!



Let it lift you off the ground,

Starry eyes and love is all around,

I can take you where you want to go.....

("Dance With Me", Orleans)

I am so happy!

Guess what happened when I went to meet my new "mobile therapist" at our agreed upon location of Borders Book Store?

If you read my response to the first commenter on my previous blog posting, you will know that I am horribly shy in public or social events. (I know, I know.... I'm not shy AT ALL when blogging, go figure.) Anyway, I have a huge problem going out to any of the above type occasions and Blaine practically has to physically drag me out of the house---which is why Fred assigned me to this "mobile therapist". He wants me to learn how to cope with this problem.

I was explaining all this to the therapist (we sat on stools in the knitting book section, heh) and he asked me where I would want to go if I wasn't so shy.

I replied: "To one of the knitting meetings they have at one of the LYS's around here--- or else to a monthly Sunflower Guild knitting meeting...."

I told him that I'd always wanted to go to one of the above but that I'd never had the guts or courage to go. (So much for those people who think I'm "brave", huh?)

He promptly replied: "Then that's where I'm going to take you. You choose which meeting and which day--- and I'll take you."

Can you believe it?!!?

Three simple words: "I'll take you"....

You have no idea how much they mean to me.... because I'd never have the courage to go on my own.

(He also said one of the female counselors was going to take me to water aerobics class but I wasn't so thrilled with that....)

Isn't he the coolest therapist ever? He even made jokes about learning to knit himself.

(But he writes stuff in one of those same mysterious notepads...just like Fred....)




Anonymous said...

That sounds fabulous! Your therapist sounds wonderful too!


#8 said...

I am happy for you!

And I am also proud of you for taking down that not so nice blog post, I have faith you have privately apologized.


PS: to the psycho anon stalker-poster: Your insanity is showing. You are better (more sane, more intelligent, more normal) than Bo in what way? I believe there were "stalkerish" behaviors early on when the YH brouhaha came down(like IP tracking, big whoop) but nuttin compared to you honey. You make Bo look like Mother Teresa. I feel bad for both the YH and Bo because who would want you on their friend OR foe list? Not me. Go obsess about something else you freak.

You call Bo chicken shit? That is rich. I have a challenge for YOU, Psycho...what is your Ravelry name? we know you have one.

Bo... said...

Thanks, you guys---your comments mean a lot.

Anonymous said...

Bo saw the insane at play traffic sign. Loved it. Loved it!!!!
I sooooo want one for my studio door.
Gald you are getting the support you need from your therapist.

You anonoymous stalker is bat-crap crazy by the way.
Keep trying girl!!


Bo... said...

Thank you, MJS!

knitrageous said...

hey, went on a blog reading hiatus but im back to say, i go to two stitch and bitches a week and you are going to love it, and they are so supportive and knitters in general (missin out the odd one or two crazy who pop up every now and again)are the best type of people and those of us that actually take the time to read your blog and see what a good person you are know you're one of the good guys. dont let the losers get ya down xxx

Bo... said...

Thank you, Knitrageous!

Mel said...

Bo, that's great! :o)

If I lived in Overland Park, I'd take you to a K&B.

My K&B group is a BIG part of my sanity saving. It gives me one night a week where "Mom brain" isn't front and center. It gives me a chance to relax and not be Mom, but just a friend.

Can't wait to hear how it goes. :o)

P.S. I love my Bond machine. When one can knit an Adult XL stockinette sweater in a matter of 2 days, what's not to love? Just imagine the number of knit squares you could do for charity blankets!

The most important thing is to swatch. I use the extension weight to do my swatches so I can calculate row and stitch count and how many make up an inch. (Remember to take it off the weight and let it relax a bit so you get the most accurate count. Don't ask how I know this :oP ) Then I just roughly rewrite the pattern out in Row counts. I've also found that it's easier if I wind the working yarn into a pull cake first, that way I don't get confronted with snags or knots in the middle of my knitting.

Also, I like to handknit my ribbing and then put it on the machine from there. For me, it's less stressful. I also handknit the button bands, the neck bands and any collars after I have sewn up the pieces.

Enjoy the machine! It's a lot of fun! :o)

Bo... said...

Mel, thank you so much! I wrote down all the things you told me about the machine--that is very helpful because I want my first project to be a sweater for my uncle (out of camouflage yarn.)

Georgi said...

Wow, I am jealous. I hate (in fact I wont) going to knitting groups where I don't know anyone. I want your therapist! Have fun.

Cindy/KS said...

I just found your blog after we emailed. I wanted to say that I am shy also and one of the most meaningful things my son did for me was to go to a school reunion with me last September! My dh works a rotating shift & that was one of the days he worked evenings, so my son (who is 30 & single) offered to take me!