Sunday, July 19, 2009



Please everybody......ANYBODY??

Please, I'm begging for prayers for this young American soldier, captured by fanatic militants in Afghanistan!!!

He must be so frightened!!! And with good cause--- because you all know what these fanatic militants do.....they BEHEAD people!!! Google and read all the articles about Somalia---fanatic militants have beheaded many Christians there! And the same types have beheaded women in Pakistan!

And remember the American journalist, Daniel Pearl??? And how he was kidnapped and then beheaded by fanatic militants in Pakistan??!!

I'm not trying to be a drama queen here, but I am begging for prayers for this young soldier!!

Okay, okay, in my plea for prayers, I'm at least I'm going to say this:

Throughout the eons of this planet's existence, only TWO people have offered to die for you.......

And that would be Jesus Christ.... and the American soldier.

(Jesus offered to die for your soul, and the American soldier offers to die for your freedom....)

So please....pray for him?

(And yes, I'm almost finished with "Who Ya Gonna Call?---Part Four".)




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Steph said...

AMEN, well stated!