Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Officer Barbrady Says There's Nothing More To See Here, Folks...


Hmmm......I'm still getting hundreds of hate mails a day, full of hatred, spite, cursing, physical threats, and "wicca spells" (whatever those are.)

WOW---I had no idea that so many of the fans of that particular person were all so evil!! (Kind of says a lot, you know, about the expression "the company you keep", if you know what I mean...)

Let's take a deep cleansing breath, folks.....breath in.....breath out.....and, as Office Barbrady would say, there's nothing more to see here.

Yes.....that's it.....a deep cleansing breath.

Sure, it was a bad incident. But it's over now. And hopefully we can move on from this now and go back to the happy little world on Exit 95 on the Yellowbrick Road. (And a thousand thank you's to my loyal readers who have sent me hundreds of emails in support!! You have no idea how much they mean to me! I love you all!)

* Oh yeah, and if I have to explain to some of you why some Americans don't appreciate any sort of anti-Americanism (no matter how subtle or in a "joking manner")....you wouldn't understand.

* And if you need a reminder of my family's patriotism, here's the story of my little sister and former President George W. Bush, who are still good friends.


Anonymous said...

i didnt want to say anything before because i like to think im your friend bo but i dont like how your journal has looked the last few days with the meanness and calling people hateful names. i think that you have taken this a little too far. sure some people said things you didnt like and its okay to be mad but dont you think they would go away if you stop talking about it??? i think that they all would just go away if you ignored them right? so why keep making new posts about it? its starting to make you look like you want them to send you hate mail because its like youre egging them on and i know you and i know thats not how you are. so maybe its time to move on and just let it go. lets stop the hate bo!!!

im not posting with my name because after all the comments ive seen you make about other people im afraid youll do it to me too, and i like having you on my blog list. this has just been a bad week. i have faith in you!!!

Eileen said...

I'm an American who lives in Canada. (not because of any political reasons-my husband's job took me here)

I haven't read the whole history of the blog war, but I can say America is a great country. Canada is a great country. Canadians love Canada as much as Americans love the US. When it's your country of course you think it's the best in the world, but that doesn't mean everyone else in the rest of the world shares that view. There are things wrong with the US. There are things wrong with Canada.

When disagreement turns ugly with hate filled messages (on either side) it is inexcusable.