Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bo's Cat Cam (With a P.S.) -- 7/29/09, 3:40 pm


Okay, Little Baby, I always knew that I was pretty boring, but you could at least attempt to hide it when you yawn.....


Okay, Leonard, how many times are you going to force Blaine to offer you a bite until you finally realize that you don't like blueberries?


* P.S.---Soon I'm going to write a blog post that explains some things about myself which might explain why I feel strongly about certain things (and not just about topics such as anti-Americanism but lots of other things) ---and why I fight for those "causes" so vehemently (even uglily) (is "uglily" a word?) ---and even why I allow my hot temper to take over sometimes (which I admit is hard to take for some people). Because I really don't think I deserve the degree of hate directed at me. (Hell, be angry or furious with me if you think I'm out of line in my behavior, but VIRAL HATRED, THREATS, and EVIL WICCA SPELLS?? Goddang! I ain't that bad!) So anyway, I'll write that post to see if you're interested---if not, so be it. But be prepared....

* *



Anonymous said...

I think hate is a strong word for anyone to use but I do think many find it hard to understand how you can take such an ugly stand against someone. I think we all are worried that your anger doesn't get more out of hand than it appears to have gotten. The short version is that we are very worried for someone that we truly like and respect and who gives a lot of herself to further our knitting knowledge. Personally, I hope that you can each just go into your corner and decide to end the fight. This negativity whether you feel it is justified simply adds a huge black cloud into a world that is already full of worries (how do I pay the rent/mortgage, feed my kids, put gas in the car so I can go to work so I can.....). Please, I beg you to please go to your corner and let this rest.

Maggie said...

the cats are funny, and your posts are usually great. I am wondering how the tree/bird nest and landlord issue is working out.
I am hoping the weather is reasonable and the knitting at your house going well. My old house is making some progess on the long list of repairs and improvements needing done, my garden flurishes, as does the weeds and grass where I don't want or need it...and my sock knitting continues to be boring basic work socks for me, and long and very boring black socks for that Marine who used to be my dirty faced toddler...hugs, Maggie

Gayle said...

Why do you keep deleting your posts? What are you ashamed of?

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Little Baby's fur looks like so much cashmere and angora and all sorts of high-end fiber-y goodness, I just want to smoosh my face in her belly. Of course, she'd probably scratch my eyes out for trying, but it would so be worth it. :)