Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Told Blaine So....


Okay, I don't give a rat's ass who thinks I'm crazy about this....

(And I do find it totally strange that this happened right while I'm writing the "Who Ya Gonna Call?" series of blog posts--- but I promise you that it wasn't planned that way.)

Anyway, here it is:

It has always driven me INSANE wondering WHAT in the hell the cats are looking at that I can't see.

I mean, at any given hour in our house the cats, Leonard and Little Baby, will deliberately turn their gaze to one particular location---the top of the stair well--- and then STARE at that spot as if there's something there. But when you look at the spot they're staring at, you can't see anything.

I mean it. It happens all the time. You can sit here in our living room and watch the two idgity cats do it over and over again. No matter what they are doing down here in the living room, either sitting, playing, or napping--- they periodically turn their gaze up towards that spot at the top of the stairs--- and then gaze at it purposefully for a few minutes.

When I have remarked about this behavior of the cats to Blaine, he says that I'm crazy. But yet he also doesn't have any sort of an explanation for why the cats do this--- nor an explanation for the fact that they don't stare at any other spot in this house. Nope---they only stare at THAT spot at the top of the staircase. And it happens constantly.

I think it's the strangest dadgum thing.

Okay, so yesterday I was sitting here in the living room watching a movie, and I noticed Little Baby taking a nap in one of her favorite napping places, over behind the magazine rack, which is near the bottom of the stairwell. After a bit she woke up and just sat there calmly, thinking her little cat thoughts or whatever. But then sure enough, a few minutes later, she turned her gaze up towards the top of the stair well--- and appeared to stare at "something". But when I turned and followed her gaze to the top of the stairs--- naturally there was nothing there!


It is driving me nuts! So you know what I did? Yes, I did--- I grabbed the digital camera and snapped a picture.

And wouldn't you know it...... even though I really didn't think it would happen--- but something weird actually showed up in the picture!

Now you tell me---WHAT IS THAT? And before you say it's just a "reflection" or a "dust particle" or some other anomaly in the camera image, just know that the .....the bubble... or whatever it is... has NEVER appeared in any of the hundreds of other pictures I've ever taken in this house of other locations. only appeared after I snapped a picture of the spot that stupid Little Baby was staring at! In fact, I've taken several pictures of that spot and those "bubbles" sometimes appear---and sometimes don't. But they have NEVER appeared in any other flash photos I've taken of other areas of the house. So maybe it's just artifact in the flash function of the camera---it probably is---but I still find it strange that it only appears in photos of that area of the house.

You tell me???......

And like I said--- I think it's strange, and I don't care who calls me crazy. (And I printed out the picture and will be taking it to my appointment with Fred tomorrow.)

(If you don't hear from me anymore, it's because Fred had me committed to the State mental hospital in Olathe.....)




Cindy said...

We used to have a cat who'd do the same thing. He'd stare at a spot on the living room ceiling and make odd little chirpy noises. We'd resist as long as we could stand it, but then finally turn and look (and see nothing, of course). Then when we looked back, the cat would be strolling off, unconcerned. We just knew he was only doing it to see if he could get us to look!

AuntWie said...

I had a dog once who "saw things" that made him whimper and cry. And this was a dog who faced down and BEAT a whole pack of feral dogs who threatened me. He was no sissy.
The round thingy looks sort of Mandala-ish on the screen, doesn't it? Does it always look like that?

Eve said...

It looks somewhat like a jellyfish without the tentacles. While there probably is a plausible explanation for it, the improbable is much more fun to speculate.

Maureen in Fargo said...

Much as the improbable is more fun to speculate about I think it looks like a reflection of some sort.
This would explain why the cats are periodically looking there, if light is reflecting off something outside on a regular basis and maybe moving a bit with the reflector swaying in the wind or something it will catch their attention.

Or maybe it's Tinkerbell's cousin...

Unknown said...

No comment about what that might be. However, dogs and cats are much more likely to be aware of people we are not. Those we call 'dead'.

LizzieK8 said...

A paranormal researcher would call it an orb. Many believe them to be the manifestation of a spirt caught on energy ball.

We always called them fairies. Small children often see them as well as animals.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Bo, you are crazy. But not because of this particular story. :) I've had cats, dogs and my own wee monkey (when she was a baby; not so much now she's a 'tween) engage in similar behavior. I have no doubt they are just more in tune with energies (spirits? atomic particles? ) than I am. That having been said, I also think that adults who are open to such things have more a chance of experiencing the phenomenon themselves.

You g'on with your crazy self. You're just saying all the things we think but are too hung up to say out loud. In the meantime, I'll keep nodding in agreement from across the ether.

cynthia said...

I agree with LizzieK8, it is an orb. You have someone/spirit watching over you.

Cat said...

Ok, I don't (for obvious reasons), advertise this, but my family is highly superstitious. Before you said anything about what you'd photographed, my first thought, "Oh, it's a ghost." My Grandma, for lack of a better word, devoutly believed that cats could see spirits. (She also wasn't overly fond of cats, but that's another thing...)

I seem to even remember her telling me a story about dogs guarding Heaven, and the Devil trying to sneak in as a rat. The cat, being able to see spirits, saw his true form and dispatched him back to Hades.

So, you might have some angel, spirt, fey, ghost, what have you. Cats just seem to 'get' that vibe.

Cat (the one who can't see 'em...)

Denise said...

you're not crazy and neither is your cat. I have four cats and they all at one time or another look up and stare at one spot for long periods of time. Our one cat even "sings" to the spot he is looking at. I say he is singing to the angels. It gets aggravating though when he does it at night when we are trying to sleep. We live in a new house but since you live in an older house you could have a ghost. Don't worry they can't hurt you, scare you maybe enough that you have to change your unders

softwhite1 said...

I have a friend who believes those orbs are people who have crossed overand this is their way of making contact with us. To let us know they are ok. She lost her son in a horrible accident and for a long time took pictures in her home and in favorite spots. Sometimes there were orbs, sometimes not. It's just whatever you believe it to be.

Anonymous said...

Yep -- like a couple of previous comments state, it's an orb. Orbs aren't bad. They are seen as a good energy. I happen to believe they are angels. I have seen many of these throughout the years in photos ... in fact, several different times in various photos of one of my good friends. Look on it as a good thing!