Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm Honored!!!

Wow!! I just got notified today that my blog site has been listed in the Online Nursing Degree Guide's "Top 50 Nursing Blogs" .

Cool!! I'm honored!!!

Also, there's links there to tons of really interesting nursing blogs, differentiated by style of blogging. (I really like the funny ones!)

As for the "Bird Watch 2009", Mama Birdie is very protective of the two babies. She SITS ON THEM all day long! I wonder if they're getting tired of being under her feathery little butt? You can see one of them peeking out from under her in the below picture---the darling little thing!

She's so stubborn---every time I go out there to look, trying in vain to get a better glimpse of the babies, she stares at me with a look that says: "Nope---I'm not gonna move!" And sometimes she just turns her back on me, heh!

She trusts me, though, because she allows me to stand very close and take pictures of her.

(Bless her heart, she's probably so tired of that flash in her eyes...)

I'm really excited because tonight is the Season Finale episode of my favorite tv show "Supernatural". Okay...okay....I admit it--- I'm totally in love with the melancholy angel, Castiel. Sigh... he's so dreamy...... And I'm going to miss him until the new season starts.... waaaaah!


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