Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Things Bo's Neighbors Might Have Overheard Bo Muttering To Herself Today...

"Tra-la-la, Tra-la-la.... Hello--- what the hell is this?"

"Okay, listen here Ms. Birdie --- and thank you very kindly for having the decency to look me in the eyeballs when I'm talking to you--- but it's been 14 days since you laid that first eggie. And 14 days is what all my exhaustive research on white-winged doves reported was the length of time for your eggies to incubate and then hatch. So then... where are your dadgum children? It's time for them to show their darling little selves!"

"Um....okay... Perhaps I didn't make myself perfectly clear in my first statement?.... and so... I'm just going to address my next statement to the durn eggies themselves, alright?"

"Hello, Eggies? Yoo-hoo? Egglets? Dammit, is anybody in there listening? When the hell are you two going to hatch? What are you waiting for--- a dang engraved invitation? Hey! LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!"

"Don't make me come IN THERE!"



Cat said...

Hey, are you related to my Mom? I think she said something along that line when I was running a bit late for my apperance outside the womb...


megangiselle said...

no, no, Bo!
Its 14 days from the time the LAST egg was laid!
That way, the little nestlings hatch at the same time, and mama and papa aren't torn between setting eggs and hunting for bugs.