Monday, May 04, 2009

Angels and Birdies.....


I'm waiting patiently for the eggies to hatch.

(And I must not be too worried about the "swine flu pandemic" since I've got a pork tenderloin in the crock pot right now....)

During the "change of shift" when Mama and Papa Birdies switched places on the nest, I was able to catch this picture. And HAH! I was right!

There WERE two eggies laid!

And as I nervously await the "blessed event" when the baby doves hatch, I have been knitting socks and....

.... and don't laugh.... sketching.

It is because Fred, my therapist, has given me an art assignment. He stated that he believes that I need to engage in "artistic pursuits" in order to express myself.

When I told him that I feel that my knitting is an artistic pursuit, he disagreed. He stated that he believes that my incessant knitting is simply a relaxation technique--- and that it has become too "automatic" for me. He believes that I should engage in some other art medium in order to "dig deep within" and express myself.

He suggested oil painting, but I didn't want to deal with messy paints and brushes. But I did agree to return to an old pursuit, sketching angels.

First I sketched a Rescue Angel.

(That's why she's facing downwards and has a sword --- because if you need a Rescue Angel, you need one who will bring a large weapon and haul ass down to earth as fast as possible, right?)

Then I sketched a Good News Angel wearing some of my handknitted socks.

And today I might sketch out another angel..... and I might have her wearing some more of my knitted socks.

I know I'm no Rembrandt... but hey, it keeps me busy while I'm waiting for the eggies to hatch, ya know?.....



Knitnik said...

Someone needs to give old Fred a wake-up call. The bright colors and fancy designs you create are most certainly art. You've just managed to merge art with your knitting.

And those angels are stunning - you are very talented and creative! I hope my rescue angel is on the ready just like yours.

Anonymous said...

Your "attempts" are loads better than what I can do. I'm still stuck at stick figures. BTW you need to teach Fred to knit. Start with socks. Maybe he'll get the idea that knitting is art.

Cat said...

I think your therapist is a bit of a poop, I think knitting IS a form of art, (you inspired me to make the circle type sweater...), but I think your angel sketches are lovely. The wings remind me of some beautiful willows that we have close by. Hmm. Willows as hiding places for angels? heh...

Have a great one,
Cat who is happy the eggs are still 'egging'...

Unknown said...

Bollocks to Fred! Honestly., some of these people are really up themselves. Quite why they think they know better I don't know. Mine was excellent. He listened and guided but never ever did he use 'should' nor did he ever tell me something was 'wrong' with me. he saved me. Of course your knitting is art! And your drawings are amazing too. Keep it up Bo and do your thing regardless of who tries to tell you not to.

Duckie23 said...

You're quite the artist Bo! Great drawings! May we see more??

AuntWie said...

Ok, this Fred person is an authority because...? Isn't there a therapist somewhere in Kansas who will value you and what you can do?
Wanna bet he suggested oils because HE likes to work in oils? So oils are art and fiber is .... not.
By all means, find every way possible to express yourself. Draw angels, paint, knit, play the drums on your coffee table, dance, play the flute or recorder, or guitar or whatever you can find. But don't ever think that cooking, and blogging, and knitting, and saving families of doves are not creative processes.
Your angels are glorious. So are your socks. I'll bet your pork roast will be, too.
Rock on.

Kathy F said...

How attached are you to this therapist? Your knitting is art and if it's also relaxing, hey!