Monday, May 11, 2009

Meet The Dove Family....


The above is a picture of both Mama Birdie and Papa Birdies, about to change shifts on the nest. They trust me more, these days, and allow me to get pretty close to take pictures. But I have had a lot of difficulty finding them off the nest in order that I could take another picture of the babies--- because they still sit on the babies around the clock.

But after much patience, I was finally able to snap a quick picture (albeit a blurry one) during another "change of shift". It was thrilling to see them---they were moving about and appear bigger than my first picture of them.

Aside from my "nest watching" these days, I've been knitting a pair of psychedelic socks for my niece, as Blaine and I are planning to go visit my family in Texas for the 4th of July, when my mother is going to throw us a big barbecue.

(On this sock I used the short-row heel technique of Priscilla Wild in Charisa Martin Cairn's discussion of the "Lifestyle Toe Up Socks" method---and I had a lot less trouble with the technique due to the wonderful support and help I get from my friends in Socknitters---thank you, bunches, everybody!!!)


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AuntWie said...

I'm glad things are proceeding apace on the Dovish front.
I'll try that pattern for my next pair. I've yet to have a short-row heel come out really well. Not that anyone looks that closely at my feet, but still, y'know.
What is that amazing sock yarn? I love that stuff. Must have some. Is it a secret?