Friday, July 02, 2010

Now That Wasn't So Hard, Was It Yarn Harlot?

I've played all my cards,

And that's what you've done too,

Nothing more to say,

No more ace to play,

The winner takes it all.....

("Winner Takes It All", ABBA)


Just wanted to let everybody know that I'm finally happy---deleriously happy.

It took me one full year of enduring hatemail from Yarn Harlot fans.... and one full year of me trying to explain my stance on the matter... and one full year of people threatening all kinds of violence against me (like bad wicca spells, boycotting my blog, and calling me every hateful name in the book)---but I finally achieved my goal.

And that goal was simple (and here it is):

I wanted Yarn Harlot to prove that she could write a Canada Day post without denigrating America in her commentary.

And guess what? She did so this year!!!! Yay, Yarn Harlot!!

She stuck to the point and wrote about the good things of her country---the Canadian things to be proud of in and of themselves. And, thankfully, she didn't write good things about her country at the expense of Canada's southern neighbor--- us--- the USA. She wrote her post with simple Canadian patriotism, sans comparing it in a more favorable light than the USA, which is admirable, considering how she usually writes her Canada Day posts.

In other words, she didn't lean on criticism of the USA to prove her positive points about Canada.

And that is all I wanted!!!

So yes, I am happy. But truthfully? I didn't think she could do it. I really didn't. Yarn Harlot has a lot of angry passive aggressive bones in her body and she is extremely stubborn and prideful. I truly didn't think she could step out of her usual disdain for the USA and write a post simply about how much she loves her own country---especially since it was at the behest of somebody she hates with a passion---which is me.

Anyhoo, I'm happy.

Deleriously happy.

So see, Yarn Harlot? That wasn't so hard, was it? Aren't you proud of yourself?

And like Forest Gump said, "And that's all I have to say about that." (Yes, I'm letting the whole damn matter go after I do my own July 4th post.)




Anonymous said...

I truly hope that your post on the 4th is about pride in the USA and doesn't take pot shots at Canada or YH. I hope you can do that but I have my doubts.

I look forward to the end of this conflict. Good Luck!


Cindy/KS said...

I haven't read through all the comments, but I did see that some commenters tried to do what she didn't. I personally wasn't too happy with the comment of hers about homo milk - because I think the giggling would be more of an age thing. It wouldn't be all US people of any age. Kind of like not all people think it is funny to pass gas, but kids do.

Bo... said...

I totally agree, Cindy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get a job ... then you would have way less time on your hands for such petty behavior ... obviously your therapists aren't doing you a bit of good. And I bet the tax payers would love to get you off of their backs too. Freeeloading takes a big toll on a person as you so ably show us.

Bo... said...

Excuse me, but the taxpayers are not paying anything for me. And I put my 22 years in taking care of patients. I worked my heart out, slogging through gallons of blood, pus, shit, pee, vomit, and mucus. The ER sapped every ounce of strength I had and still asked for more. I lasted in the ER a lot longer than most of my colleagues. I took breaks from that job to work as a Road Nurse and other fields, but the ER always sucked me back. So therefore, I don't feel guilty for retiring from there one single bit. And the taxpayers have nothing to do with it. My family and Blaine takes care of me.

You couldn't possible know what toll the ER took on me. I deserve this rest.

Anonymous said...

Another lie, Bo? You've already stated that you're on disability for your back injury. There's nothing wrong with that and there should be no shame in admitting to getting a little something back from the system which you paid in to for all those years, if that is indeed the case.

Also, YH doesn't hate you. She doesn't care about you one way or the other. She's too busy being a productive member of society and enjoying her life. Perhaps if you let go of your twisted, hateful obsession with her and came down from your imaginary cross, your therapists might stand a chance of helping you to return to a happy, productive life.

Bo... said...


Although it's true that I have 5 compression fractures in my back from 22 years of lifting patients and heavy equipment (like portable cardiac monitors and double & triple IV pumps) I am not on disability.

And 4 of those fractures are not new. I worked for years with a messed up back, limping for entire 12-hour shifts with sciatica and other "benefits" of the fractures, guzzling Motrin and Tylenol like they were candy.

Just because I chose to retire from nursing doesn't mean I'm on disability. I repeat--I am NOT on disability.

Although it's true what you said--that after all those years of serving others I probably do deserve a little payback. Oh, if you only knew what 22 years of acute care nursing does to a person...

To this day, when the microwave "dings" or the oven bell goes off when the preheating is finished, I flinch because I think it's an IV pump going off or a cardiac monitor ringing out a deadly arrythmia where I'm going to have to shock somebody back to life with the defibrillator paddles....

And you're wrong---YH has some very strong negative feelings about me---you should see the private emails from her. Then you'd know. The difference between her and me is that I didn't print all the emails in a whiny, persecutory blog post like she did, which blog post began the onslaught of endless amounts of hatemail from people who have NO CLUE as to the real me or the point I was trying to make.

They (and you) simply don't know me. And I'm tired of explaining.

And yeah, I waited a full year to come full circle---and I got what I wanted. For once, she wrote a Canada Day post which didn't denigrate my country. And I'm happy now. After I post my own 4th of July post I will lay the entire fucking matter down.

I got what I wanted, plain and simple.

And I'll repeat: You don't know me.

Bo... said...

And another thing:

Are you kidding me? Disability would NEVER pay for me to have 2 shrinks, 2 therapists (3 on group day) and a mobile therapist. I am so monitored by all those people that I frequently want to hide. But my family (especially my mother) insists on this therapy for me. And not only am I on this therapy, which takes up 3 or more days of my week---and it's a year long program--- my therapists are already talking about wanting me to go through a second year of the therapy, so that they can make sure I am "helped". Basically, program I am in right now is going to last at least 2 years. And then they have more types of therapy to go through after that. I've been told I'll need to be in therapy for the rest of my life.

And you think Disability would pay for that? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're getting good comprehensive care and I'm glad you're following through, because I know it's pretty invasive. However, I'm guessing Mcaid or Mcare is paying for it because private insurance won't cover that level of care and based on my work in the field, places that do that kind of care won't even discuss out-of-pocket payment because it's just to pricey.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Bo has said she will let the conflict go and I hope that she will. I don't agree with a lot of her comments but as long as this mess stops that's okay.

Let's ALL stop poking at her and give her a chance to prove she can do it.


Bo... said...

To Anonymous who thinks Medicaid or Medicare is paying for my therapy:

How can I get this through your thick skull? I am not on the taxpayer's dime!

MY FAMILY IS PAYING FOR MY CARE. What part of Houston money don't you understand?

And you're right--no private insurance would pay for this level of care. NEITHER Medicare, Medicaid, nor private insurance would pay for this level of care!!!

That's how you know my FAMILY is paying for my care.

Bo... said...

And thank you, Jessie.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you couldn't follow Stephanie's example of graciousness and write this post, which I assumed was to congratulate her on said graciousness, without being a nasty twat.

Bo... said...

Anonymous, I can't frigging believe you called me a twat. That's almost as bad as the C-word. I do not think my blog post merited being called a twat. I am truly floored. I've been insulted with every word in the English language but I have to admit you wounded me by calling me that word. Damn, can't you be ladylike in your insults?

Anonymous said...

You seem very proud of the number of therapists you have. You mention it endlessly on your blog. Seems like your family is wasting quite a bit of money (if any of it is true).
It makes me think of the nursery rhyme that goes "...and all the king's horses and all the king's men, couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.."