Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yarn Harlot--- Take Your Best Shot on Canada Day...



The day after tomorrow it's Canada Day---a grand holiday for all Canadians.

It's a day to remember how Canada became a country, the anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution Act of 1867 which united two British colonies and a province of the British Empire into a single country called Canada.

We Americans think that was a great day. And that is because we feel blessed to have such a wonderful country as Canada on our northern border. We feel love, friendship, and a host of other positive feelings for our beloved neighbor.

Now, to the point of my post today. I have received this week some emails from Canadians who hate me, declaring that they "can't wait for Yarn Harlot's Canada Day Post" and how they "can't wait for her to write anti-American remarks like she did last year". What they are referring to is how I wrote a protest to Yarn Harlot's 2009 Canada Day post because I felt she had ridiculed America in it and had taken some cheap shots against America while writing praise of her own country.

When I wrote my protests and comments, YH (who is incapable of taking constructive criticism) banned me from her blog and wrote a whiny post implying that I was an evil, dangerous stalker, for which I received an enormous onslaught of negative hatemail which continues to this day.

God, the people writing me the hatemail cursed me for being "dangerous" to the point that they suggested YH notify Homeland Security! It was so utterly ridiculous that I actually laughed. And, like I said, I receive hatemail to this day simply for my protesting her criticism of my country. NEVER, and I say NEVER, did I ever threaten her physical safety or anything of the sort!!!!! It was simply an exchange of emails---because in answer to my comments, she wrote me protracted emails where she childishly insulted my intelligence.

Basically, Yarn Harlot cannot take criticism. And her whining to her cronies has branded me as evil, for which I have received ugly, hateful emails and comments since then.

And before you get angry at me, thinking I'm a "ranter and raver"--let me tell you that I'm not the only American who feels insulted by YH's Canada Day posts. Which leads us back to the point of my post (and I'll repeat)---that on Canada Day the Yarn Harlot always writes a blog post about it, proclaiming her pride in her country--as she should. But in doing so she frequently feels it necessary to declare her love for her country by doing a strange thing---she writes the blog post in a way in which she sneaks in some comments that many Americans interpret as cheap, ridiculing, rude, pot-shots at America.

Why does she do this? We Americans have no idea. We celebrate our 4th of July (Independence Day) three days later without feeling it necessary to compare ourselves more positively than Canada. That would be silly---we're both good and wonderful countries---EQUALLY SO.

But Yarn Harlot feels it necessary to describe our country in a less than flattering light when comparing it to Canada on Canada Day.

Oh, it's done in a subtle manner---a joking manner, even. But the jokes are wearing thin. They're wearing thin because she's been doing this for quite some time, as described next.

Lest you think I'm the only one who has protested this habit of Yarn Harlot's (or lest you think I'm imagining things) let me remind you that I never said a word about the topic until 2009. But I was not the first. In fact, one year (2007) she offended so many Americans with her Canada Day remarks that in her 2008 Canada Day post she began it by writing a highly arrogant "explanation" of how she writes her Canada Day posts, completely denying that she had written things which offended Americans.

Her cheap pontifications of an "explanation" in 2008 can be seen here .

What is really funny is that, in that arrogant explanation, she actually makes a statement admitting that "every year she gets a whuppin' for this."

Which means that she has been counseled about this ugly habit of making rude remarks about Americans many times before!!! So I was NOT the instigator of this issue at all!!

As for me, I am going to take this opportunity today to do exactly the opposite of what Yarn Harlot's probably planning to do on July 1st. Instead of writing a post about my country's July 4th Independence Day while adding rude pot-shots at Canada, making thinly veiled insults about Canada, or arrogantly comparing the two countries with America being portrayed as being the "better", like Yarn Harlot does in the reverse--- I'm going to write a post which talks about how much I love and revere Canada.

Yes, it's true. I love Canada with all my heart. I love Canada as much as I love my own country. And I'll tell you why.

And I am going to break down this huge topic into a smaller piece---that of my own feelings for Canada based on my own life's experiences.

First and foremost, let me remind you that I grew up as a "Diplomatic Brat", a rather rude term for the child of diplomatic parents. My parents were US Foreign Service Officers and were transferred every 18 mos to 2 years to different countries overseas, where they worked for the American Embassy in whichever country in which they were stationed.

And due to the transient nature of diplomatic families in that lifestyle, we always had friends hither and yon in many other countries due to the inevitable fact of crossing their paths in all the constant globe-trotting within the Diplomatic Corps.

In the Diplomatic Corps, we also made the acquaintance of many international friends from other countries' diplomatic corps who were were also globetrotting. And thus, we met and befriended many Canadians. We loved Canadians because they were our "neighbor buddies" and we felt closer to them than we did to people from other countries. We loved them because Canada has always been a friend to the United States of America and vice a versa.

And now I'm going to tell you one of the greatest reasons I love Canadians.

It is because they helped saved some of our asses one time---a very dangerous time.

It was 1979, and the United States Embassy in Tehran, Iran, had just been stormed and overtaken by Iranians.

Yes, it was stormed, for political reasons having to do with the ruling Shah and other political reasons during the revolution which was occurring in that country. And when they stormed the Embassy, many American diplomats and military personnel were taken hostage by the Iranians---and you can read about the situation which led up to this incident and the American hostages' horrifying ordeal here.

But....not every single American was captured and taken hostage.

Want to know why?

Because a wonderful thing you can read here about, called the "Canadian Caper" , happened....

Basically, some Canadian Embassy diplomats saved 6 Americans and hid them in their homes---at a great personal risk to themselves. And they helped those 6 Americans sneak out of Iran. The Canadians performed this dangerous task with no hesitation---out of pure hearts. And the US Diplomatic Corps hearts were filled with gratitude for this sacrifice by those brave and courageous Canadians.

The story is nervewracking and full of horror and danger--you can read about it all over the internet---and it still brings a tear to my eye today----because my family had friends in that particular American Embassy. In fact, the breach of security of that American Embassy caused my father and others to work for the next ten years on newer and more tighter security measures to prevent a similar occurrence.

It wasn't the first time we Americans have nearly been massacred overseas and it won't be the last. You guys already know about the time me and my mother were almost killed in an anti-American event in Damascus, Syria, in 1998. (An event which lives on in my nightly PTSD nightmares to this day--a recurring dream where I'm running for my life in a foreign country, and where I wake up in a cold, fearful sweat almost every single night---which the therapists have as yet been unable to help me overcome.)

Anyway, those of my generation will never forget the 1979 incident whereby the Canadians put their own lives on the line to save some American diplomats.

And so I would like to say:

Canada? I salute you! You are WONDERFUL! You're tops in my book!

And no matter what negative or ridiculing things Yarn Harlot might say about us Americans on her Canada Day post, it won't matter to me. Because I still love you. And I will never forget, to my dying day, the time Canadians put everything they had on the line for some Americans.

I love you guys and so this is my tribute to you guys on your Canada Day.

May your celebratory holiday fireworks be beautiful, my friends.....



(and P.S. to the Yarn Harlot---if you make anti-American comments on this Canada Day's post, I will send them to all your various publisher companies along with a letter asking them not to sell anymore of your books in America.)




Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of your fondness for Canada. As for your feelings about YH, just let it go. Judging the YH harshly doesn't help you. You can't change her so don't let her views get you upset. There are plenty of people in the world who agree with you, just as there are plenty who agree with YH. Let's live and let live. -Mary

Bo... said...

Thank you, Mary. I guess I wrote this post because things had finally come "full circle". But your advice is very sensible and I think I'll take it---and let everything go at last.

Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth of July to you and all our American neighbours!
May we both celebrate our wonderful countries with many fireworks!
your Canadian friend

Bo... said...

Thank you, Donna!!

Anonymous said...

So, you are threatening someone's livelihood if they say something you don't like? I guess free speech only applies to you and to those you agree with.


Bo... said...

That's not it Jenny. It's not whether or not a writer says something I don't like. Plenty of writers say stuff I don't like. But I don't get upset and want to write a protest to their publisherss.

But if I perceive somebody is writing anti-American stuff, then YES, I do not want them to profit in this country. Because why should they profit from a country they criticize over and over and over?

Call me over-patriotic but that's just how I feel about that matter.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll buy an extra copy of YH's latest book .. just to counterbalance your pathological lies and vicious personal attacks.

I'm not sure that 4 therapists are enough.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it seems that you are not taking Mary's advice and letting everything go...you are giving YH a great deal of power over you. Is that what you really want in your life?


Bo... said...

Beth, I am taking Mary's advice. After I finish out this post I will lay the matter down. I'm not quite sure why you think I'm not taking her advice when it hasn't even been 24 hours since I told her I WAS going to take her advice. ???

Bo... said...

And to the Anonymous who said she's going to buy an extra copy of YH's latest book---you are but one of the gazillion fans of hers that will NEVER see my point. You are a reactive type of person and it gives you some sort of thrill to engage me in an argument. So you won't get any argument for me. Hey, I encourage you to buy an extra copy of her book. Have a ball spending that money---and I'll get a good laugh at you losing money over your anger at me!

Cindy/KS said...

I remember the 1979 events!

Happy Canadian Day to all the Canadians who are reading! Happy Independence Day to all the Americans reading! Let's all celebrate our own countries & the friendships that exist now or in the future!

Bo... said...

Thank you, Cindy/KS! What you said is perfect!

Anonymous said...

If this is the last time you mention YH in your blog, it'll be awesome. Best thing ever that you could do for yourself.

Losing money by buying her books? Nope. It's investing. Mostly, I give them away, encouraging others to take up the wonderful hobby of knitting. I'm quite sure that's exactly what YH wants by publishing her books.

(Anon because I don't have time to register yet another Internet acct.)

noallatin said...

I spent 10 years in the US military, the same military that helps ensure your right to free speech. I don't agree with everything the US does as a country and I have no problem letting anybody know that. The Yarn Harlot has the same right to free speech as I do, as you do. You don't have to agree with her but attacking her, rather than her arguments, weakens your argument and makes you look foolish.

I started reading your blog before you went to Cendant because I found it interesting. I starrted reading again after you were released because I was genuinely curious about how you were doing. However, your commentary (obsession) with the Yarn Harlot 's wrongs, real or perceived is causing me to consider whether or not I want to spend any more time with you.

As attributed to St. Francis, "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

Let it rest.

Bo... said...

To Noallatin:

The one thing I can't seem to get across to people like you is that it isn't about free speech. Of course I believe in free speech. What I don't like is somebody who makes negative remarks about my country making a profit here. That's it. I made a protest against what I consider anti-American remarks. I know quite a few military personnel and I have asked them the question---they say that NO WAY would they want somebody who speaks negatively about their country to make a profit here. And I agree, YH has a right to free speech---but let her go sell her books to another country. I personally don't want her to make money here. If you don't believe what I say about her remarks, go back and read her Canada Day posts for 2009, 2008, 2007--and so forth. In one of her Canada Day posts she actually felt it necessary to state that 70% of Canadians believed that our President (Bush at the time) was one of the greatest dangers to peace in the world. I have a problem with that. I don't celebrate the 4th of July by degrading Canada's high political people--or any other country's for that matter.

I just don't know why so many people can't get this simple idea through their heads---it ISN'T ABOUT FREE SPEECH. It's about somebody criticizing our country and then making MONEY OFF US.

I don't mean to be rude to you but geez---even our own government puts embargoes on certain countries' goods because of those countries' attitudes towards us. It is the SAME THING.

Anonymous said...

Your perspective is deeply embedded in your past, your illness (sorry), and your morals, ethics, etc.....just as anyone's view is, rightly, their own. Yes, you are telling your readers that it is not about "free speech", but free speech is about as American as one living on this planet can get. I LOVE my country, it's free speech, and honor of the individual. That is what Americans are all about. Someone criticizing us, or us criticizing someone else is what free speech is all about. Heck, in our politics we are criticizing each other's beliefs 24/7. I don't just care about free speech of Americans, but all people. And if YH makes money all over the planet for her books, that is fine. I respect her right to talk/write/humor us in any way she wants. That's what Americans value.

You always say how some of your commenters are obsessed with you.....you are obsessed with one individual. It is truly frightening, and I am embarrassed to call you a fellow American.


Bo... said...

Well Kathy, I am not embarrassed to call you a fellow American, but I am embarassed FOR YOU that you think I am "frightening". What kind of idiot bawl baby are you to be "scared" of a person who simply has a strong dislike of somebody? I am a pacifist.

And I'm also embarassed for you in that you are incapable of understanding the issue of "embargo". You probably think it's okay for Americans to enrich the coffers of Iraq and Afghanistan by buying stuff from them.

I'm thinking your intellect isn't all that high.....

Anonymous said...

okay...I will leave. I understand "embargo", I am of some intellect (masters of nursing, working on DNP), and do follow our current war efforts, as I have a son there. I do love our country and all the diversity, different perspectives, beliefs and views....just not the hatred.

I thank you for your knitting passions, insight, honesty, and fun over the past months. I am done reading your views, though, for I find them angry and hateful.

Good luck to you and God bless.


Bo... said...

Whatever, Kathy. You are again wrong in saying I harbor "hatred". I don't hate. I strongly dislike. And I hope and pray that your son stays safe. I do find it odd that somebody with a son in the war would be so "understanding" about anti-Americanism. I was overseas and nearly killed for being an American. Anti-Americanism, no matter how watered down, is still anti-Americanism.

Amy said...

Bo -

last year, you agreed with me that it was time to give it a rest.

please.......... give it a rest.

Bo... said...

Amy, I'm waiting to see what she writes this year. I want to see if she takes care not to offend Americans in her Canada Day post. (Because she has offended many more people than me---they just don't want to get into the scrap.) And then it's over for me. I wanted to see things come full circle to another year and another chance for her to prove she has nothing against Americans. And then it's over for me. I'm so tired of her I could throw up.

Amy said...

Bo, get serious. you're not waiting to see what she writes - you set off the first salvo.

if you are being truthful, and ready to give it a rest, and simply go about your business and live your life.....

then do it. because right now? you are precisely what you accuse YH of being..... and worse, because you have yet again blogged with NO provocation.

you started this one.

Bo... said...

You're right, Amy. I did do a pre-emptive strike. Because I wanted her to know that I hadn't forgotten and that I was waiting to see if she was going to at least ATTEMPT not to offend Americans. And although many Americans are mad at me for doing this, MANY Americans are happy with me for taking a stand. One thing I'm not afraid to do is stand up for my country. And nothing you or anybody else says will EVER cause me to stand down when I think my country's honor and integrity are being bad-mouthed by some arrogant idiot who thinks that just because she got some books published she can criticize my country, its customs, its leaders, or anything else about us.

Cindy/KS said...

I know there are some who will call this comparison radical. But I ask you to forget that this is about what YH posts & instead substitute Osama bin Ladin or another anti-American person from the news in the story.

Would you want bin Ladin to write a book about his hobbies or his life & then make money off Americans by selling it to them? No! That is the point. Not that she can't say what she wants, but that she disrespects American by saying these things & then turns around an sells her books to them.

To me this is not that much different than the laws that say a person like Son of Sam can't make money or profit from writing a book about his murders.

In my opinion, an American who buys a book written by YH or anyone who spouts off disrespectful things about the US, is giving their unspoken permission to be disrespected. It's totally not about having free speech. Free speech you say what you want, but that right doesn't say you should then try to convince that person to buy something you want to sell them. Or if they do, the insulted party says no to it, if they actually use their brains. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

There have been businesses that I disliked their policies & I no longer shop there or deal with them. This is the same thing to me. Maybe Bo is more vocal than some of us in stating her opinions on it, but does that make her wrong? I don't think so. No more wrong than Martin Luther King, Jr. or Rosa Parks were when they disliked a sign of disrespect to others & they spoke out about it!

Bo... said...

Oh thank you, Cindy/KS!! Thank you SO MUCH! What you said is exactly my point!!! I was totally feeling so down right now but you have completely cheered me up! Thank you, Cindy---you are a good friend.

Anonymous said...

One characteristic common to almost all Canadians is the ability to make fun of themselves and their culture. We also find humour in the sometimes hilarious misconceptions Americans have of us, i.e. the lady who sold my girlfriend a motor home in California and wondered what we do about the bears that wander into our kitchens. So sometimes we poke fun at selected Americans, too. You guys need to lighten up and not take yourselves so seriously. Don't take me wrong, I love visiting the U.S. and am always surprised by the amazing customer service we receive.

Happy 4th of July and may you see some humour in your life.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that there are good things that have happened in American history. There are also horrible things that have happened. There are awkward things, there are funny things, there are silly things, there are sad things, there are upsetting things. Same can be said for Canada. If you really don't like what she is saying, then don't listen. She has a right to say what she feels is important, just like you do. I know that people in the past and present have taken it upon themselves to criticize you, and some was wrong, but some was right. Until you can take responsibility for your own actions and comments (which I don't see you doing, and by the way I didn't notice you refuting the quotes Stephanie used), people are going to continue to berate you and belittle you. So just let it go. I know you've said you're going to, but by posting this blog post, you obviously haven't.

My personal opinion is that Stephanie was using satire and humor to jest with the many Americans that read her blog. I never felt attacked or hurt by the things she said, just like I never feel attacked or hurt by comments made by Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, who use similar humor. You obviously were offended, and that is OK. You are entitled to your own opinion. But you can let it get you down, make you upset, and fester inside you (or on your blog) or you can stop reading her blog, you can stop thinking about it, and you can move on to bigger and better things. I guess what I'm trying to say is what you see as an attack on America doesn't appear that way to everyone, and I'm sorry if I don't agree that it is. I have a hard time picturing Stephanie sitting in her house scheming about how to attack the US with those dangerous, harmful words. I just can't.

Anonymous said...

Also, I didn't read through the other comments until after I had commented. As for the debate as to whether George Bush was a threat to world peace, he invaded not one, but two countries, both of which we are still in. And yes, we may be doing humanitarian work there, but what about other areas of the world that aren't enriched in natural resources, like Darfur? Surely a genocide needs our help more than a dictator providing stability to a volatile region. Not to mention, if we really want to get involved in a country that has bragged about the nuclear capabilities, shouldn't we look to Iran or North Korea? Sorry, but as an American, I also saw Bush as a threat to world peace. Like I said in my last post, there are good and bad things in every country, and the US is no exception. But we can't ignore the bad just because we say we're patriotic. It's healthy for others to point out our shortcomings so that we can improve as a nation. Without those criticisms, we would have an even more bloated ego of ourselves.

Cindy/KS said...

Bo - I'm going to say let it go. Not because of you & any fake concern for your mental health like I think is being exhibited by those who keep bringing it up, but instead because they are just plain too dumb to see what's right in front of their face!

It has been explained over & over by you that the freedom of speech isn't the issue, it's the profitting after using that freedom of speech which is mocking the people that she then expected to earn her livelihood off of.

All these people are dumb and quite possibly are former schoolyard bullies who as children saw someone who was different & picked on that person for their own pleasure with no regard as to what it might be doing to the child they were picking on! You were honest enough to tell of your health issues (& yes mental health issues are health issues) and they have chosen to try to use those against you because they view it as a weakness of your part & they are so petty that they feel it makes them superior to try to take you down! Schoolyard bullies are cowards if the truth were known, their tactics cover their own insecurities. But the person they are bullying is so busy trying to protect themselves from it that they don't see it for what it really is. I'll bet they also are ones who will laugh at someone in a wheelchair or on crutches!

I ask you to just let it go & go on to the wonderful things you do because trying to educate them is a worthless task! So what if they spend their money buying her things while she laughs behind their backs & calls them fools? It doesn't take anything away from you!

A perfect example of this was brought back to my attention in the last couple weeks. As a child I remember a wonderful cartoon show that was on every afternoon here in my area. A man was the person who led it & made it seem that you were going on a huge adventure. I have very fond memories of this show. But one day, not realizing he was still on the air, he made a comment about how that then should satisfy the little b*stards for a while. Any child who heard it and understood suddenly knew exactly what they meant to this person who previously they had thought was so wonderful! Any parent who heard it probably was now wondering if they should continue to allow their children to idolize this person & I am sure they probably never took their children to a live event where he was again. Did he always feel that way? Who knows. But it was out there & could never be taken back. Kind of like when I tell my children & grandchildren that if you ever lie once, your word can never be trusted again! Why? Because you have proven that you are capable of lying! So who can ever trust that you would never lie to then the next time it's convenient?

I understand & maybe these others don't that part of your therapy is being honest with yourself, honest about events, honest about your feelings. I always have the urge to be totally honest myself - was once accused of being a liar by a person in authority & have sworn I will never be accused again (& I wasn't lying when I was accused - his daughter was, but he chose to believe her & label me a liar to my parents). I feel this is also translating into wanting to have YH be honest about her true intentions with all this & to educate those who don't seem to get it. But they are choosing to be ignorant! So leave them to wallow in it! And maybe they will move on to bully someone else and one day, they will come up against a bigger bully than they are & get their comeuppance from it!

July 1, a new beginning to the 2nd half of the year! Let the crative juices flow! Cheers to us, friend, as creative people!

Bo... said...

Thank you, Cindy/KS!!!!! You always cheer me up and help me to realize that I do have true friends. Thank you for that! And speaking of therapy---I'm just now leaving for my long day at the center. Maybe they can scramble my brains better, heh!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bo, it's not up to you to decide that the Yarn Harlot has offended me. And you don't get to make the call about what I spend MY money on. The people she's offended don't have to buy her books and contribute to her profits in America. Fine.

Those of us AMERICANS who agree with the Yarn Harlot (or who don't really care about her politics) can continue to choose to purchase her books and read her blog. That's our right, which you have decided you would like to trample all over. You don't get to decide what gets published and purchased here. Sorry.

NunyaBidness said...

I wish you would give detailed examples about what you think is so anti-american about YH's posts. I've gone back and re-read them and I just don't see it. I'm not saying it's not there... I'm just genuinely wondering what parts you found offensive. Could you explain a little more? Your posts about it have been pretty vague about it.

(Sorry if I posted twice... my first attempt errored out, so not sure if it made it through.)

Anonymous said...

I think you need to learn to forgive.

And move on, this is not healthy for you. It's like you're standing in front of someones house, pointing and yelling. Some people honk when they drive by to "voice" their agreement. Others just drive by slowly and shake their heads. Girl, you've got to let this one go. Please, do something healthier with your time.

Anonymous said...

I have read the posts that you have mentioned in this article, and really don't see anything that can be deemed as offensive to Americans, unless they are reading way more into it than what is actually stated.

Granted, I am Canadian, but am I just missing all these rude comments, or maybe I'm just not reading more into YH's posts than what is written.

Anonymous said...

You say you're going to let this obsession of yours stop, and yet you post again here 'just in case'? And what of next year? and the year after? YH is going to always post on Canada Day, so you should just try to NOT focus on it, find something else to do on that day. Perhaps go knit a nice shawl or lacy something, outside? Let it go, for your own sanity.

Cindy/KS said...

How condescending - all the do gooders telling you what is for your own good! Keep your head up, keep creating & ignore their so called good advice. Be your own person & get healthy in the way that is best for you! Don't let them get to you!

Bo... said...

Thank you, Cindy!

Slager said...

Maybe you should just let it go.

Anonymous said...

hi Bo
I enjoyed seeing the picture of the necklace you just finished and you teased us the other day with a LRRH sleeve shot, want to see more...
sounds like you get some amazing storms there, I love a good storm too but will admit a certain fear and awe about them, so out of our control.
Veal Marsala sounds yum!

Bo... said...

Hi Donna! Thank you! And I admit...I'm still working on that sleeve! Blaine's been underfoot these days that he took off from work but I know I'll get more done on it sooner or later. And he did make a WONDERFUL veal marsala today!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

Bo... said...

Thank you, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Can’t wait to read the next ones :).