Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now I Understand Why Eve Ate The Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden....


There I was, minding my own business, knitting on the final sleeve of the Little Red Riding Hoodie (which seems like it will take forever to finish), and I began hearing the siren's song of.....well....

My cherry tomato plant.

The cherry tomatoes growing from the Topsy Turvy planter are all in various stages of size and color, from small and green to....um....larger and "reddish".

I tried to ignore the call of the tomatoes but their insistent whispers kept interrupting my thoughts and logic....

"Come on, Bo, we're ripe enough to eat......"

"Some of us may not be deep red in color but we're almost there....what's another day?"

"We taste just as good a day or two before we finish ripening as we do when we're all the way ripened...."

"Nobody will know if you pick a few of us.....nobody's counting..."

"Just pick a few of us....just to get an idea of what we'll taste like when we're fully ripened..."

"There's no cherry tomato swat team that's going to swoop down and arrest you if you pick a few of us...."

Finally I couldn't stand it any longer! And so I jumped up from my knitting, throwing the LRRH sleeve down like yesterday's trash--- and I ran into the kitchen to grab a collander out of the cupboard.....

And then....well..... I couldn't stop myself!!!!

Feverishly, I snatched a few of those cherry tomatoes off the vines!

And then I sliced them up, sprinkled salt & pepper over them.......and then.....






Anonymous said...

still warm from the sunshine
nothing tastes like a tomato you just picked
I can just about taste that plate of tomats
and looking good on the LRRH I might add

Cindy/KS said...

You had me until the salt & pepper! Not a big pepper person at any time & steer clear of salt also most of the time. But I LOVE tomatoes! I especially love grape tomatoes! When I was expecting my oldest daughter I craved veggies & my dad had picked a bunch of tomatoes that he was planning to have with his dinner. But he made the mistake of me being at the house by myself while he finished the paper routes that I was helping him with - with the tomatoes! He came back, put his dinner together & then started looking for them - I had to tell him he had feed his grandchild with them! But he was happy to see me eating anything since I lost most of what I ate for over 6 months & until the end had only gained 1/4 a lb.