Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying to Knit & Watch The Olympics---Despite Certain Annoying Distractions


Hark, thou stupid human!

Okay, as you can see I've got Little Baby trained to come tell me when it's time to do certain things, like open a can of tuna, pour cream, or turn on the Olympics. In the above case it is most likely time to open a can of tuna. But I chose instead to commit the unforgiveable sin of setting something else above her wishes.... which in this case was that I turned on the Olympics and picked up my knitting.

And in addition to hand knitting, I'm also trying to make progress on the camouflage sweater for my uncle on the USM machine.

And, like always when I don't pay attention to Little Baby's tuna demands, she then goes on a campaign to distract me from whatever else I'm doing so that I'll be forced to give her some tuna or go insane. Here she embarks on one of her favorite gambits for distracting me, that of "posing".

And don't, for a minute, fall for it. Sure, it's charming. Sure, it's cute. But let's call it for what it is..... a cat's way of "human manipulation".

She's not above ridiculing me, either, as shown below where she yawns as largely as she can next to a stack of my reading material, which really doesn't bother me since I couldn't care a fig about what she thinks of my reading choices.

(Those particular books are on the floor since my knitting stuff has grown, like lichen and moss, all over every single piece of furniture we own, leaving little space for books. I'd put homeless books on all the toilet bowl tanks if I didn't think it would convince Blaine that I'm even crazier than he thinks I am.)

And if subtleties don't work, there's always the ever-popular pose below, where she literally sits on her damn plate until it drives me so damn nuts that I go in there and put some damn tuna on her damn plate.

It's cold today so I'm wearing my Mardi Gras house socks. (And excuse me for the errata snafu on my posts to the Socknitters and Knitlist today---I have since corrected the errata with an errata to the errata---and I've also corrected it on the original blog post. The pattern was correct as written, but I had just neglected to put in the option for a slightly different color pattern just before dividing for the heel, which basically is where you switch two little color charts.)

(Dadgummit, I just confused myself again. Frankly, I think there needs to be an errata to my brain...)

"Oh for pity's sake, Little Baby", I told her rudely, as she continued her foolishness. "If you think you're so dang cute, then why don't you go to Cat Fashion Model School?"

Meanwhile, here's my progress on the Little Red Riding Hoodie's peplum area. But you can't see what I've done--- it's a row of small bobbles. This camera does not like that particular red yarn no matter which angle or flash I use.

And then, of course, Little Baby wasn't about to let me get the last word with my jab about Cat Fashion Modeling School--- as illustrated by the startling picture below....


(The little asshole...)





Zenknitter LesleyD said...

My 2 cats are like that too. If the food or water bowls are dry then they are ALL over me when I'm on the couch knitting/watching tv. OR they start doing things they shouldn't like jump on the kitchen counters and knock stuff off or paw at our feet as we walk past them ignoring them. Darky, my bengal, is still a kitten around 6m and she usually isn't very vocal unless you are doing something to her she doesn't like. Lately I think Izzy, the heinz 57, has taught her the key to gettin what you want is vocalization. So Darky ends up doing her rendition of "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, Nobody knows my sorrow." Yes drama kitties indeed.

jayla said...

What in the world would we do without our cats?!!! I recognize the behavior, and have to laugh about how well it works on us! Love your blog. You and the kitties are very entertaining! Thanks for the smiles and chuckles.

Bo... said...

And thank you guys for your kind words! They mean a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

I have no cats (VERY allergic) but I have a crazy bichon who sighs like "Oh puhleeeeeze" when I make him sit on my lap so I can brish him!

Bo... said...

Aawwww....I love bichons! I asked Blaine if I could get a dog like that and he won't let me since we have 2 cats and he doesn't want the work of a third pet.

Anonymous said...

My bichon's name is Bob the Wonder Dog (bob for short) and he is convinced he is a rough and tumble ready for action dog instead of the cute little ball of white fluff that he is. I have to think what his reaction would be if he were to see himself in the mirror and figure out that the image is really him!