Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mother Always Told Me to "Accessorize"...


But you've got demons in your closet,

And you're screaming out to stop it,

Saying life's begun to cheat you,

Friends are out to beat you,

Grab on to what you can scramble for....

("Hide in Your Shell", Supertramp)



And so the predicted blizzard begins.

First it rained, then it froze, and then it began snowing over the frozen rain. The weather man on the news said (and I quote): "If you absolutely don't have to go out on these roads, DON'T GO!" And then Blaine, in his numbskull brilliancy, decided to drive to the grocery store......

I will be nervous until he returns. (Especially since he's driving MY truck....)

There's a picture down below of my progress on the Little Red Riding Hoodie. I'm on the body now. So many cables to do but they're relatively easy ones. They look more complicated than they are.

But it helps me to knit because I'm very worried about a medical thing. If you've been reading my Twitter you'd know that I went in for some routine labwork at the medical doctor and no sooner had I gotten home than they were calling me urgently to tell me that the scheduler would soon be calling to tell me when to come in to discuss with the doctor some "abnormality" in my labs.

And I know exactly what it is....

I had been seeing a previous doctor but I fired the asshole for being rude to me. But I fired him right after he had just found the same thing---that I had some abnormal labs. It seems that my liver labs have suddenly gone sky high when they have never done that before in my entire life--- even in my heavy drinking days. So for my liver enzymes to go astronomical when I'm sober is.....well... scary to say the least. And he did a test to see if it was any of the hepatitises but I was negative on all of them. So then he said that he thought it was one of my psych meds which has a reputation for causing liver trouble in some people.

So now I'm worried about that ---in fact I'm more than worried. I'm very terrified and frightened that it will turn out to be the fault of that particular med. So frightened and terrified that I'm not sleeping or eating---and I'm drinking too much coffee. And the reason I'm so terrified is that I really need that particular med. And I'm nervous that they'll take me off of it. I mean, I think that some of my various meds are no big deal--- but this one....this one I need.

Anyhoo, I'm knitting a lot to calm down and not fret so much about the issue until I talk to the doctor. And I'm mainly knitting a lot on the Little Red Riding Hoodie below.

And below is my attempt to allow you a closer look at the cables, but they don't show up well even though I "zoomed" the picture. For some reason my stupid photo program hasn't been "zooming" very well, which is frustrating. The "sharpen" feature is also acting up. I think it's because Blaine re-loaded the program after he did one of his computer overhauls. (I think I'll just un-install it and then re-install it MY WAY.)

I think the hoodie matches my new bag (below), don't you?

You know me---I wear funky clothes, funky accessories, funky everything. One time, my therapist Fred asked me to wear some of my knitted things to our next appointment. I thought that was an odd request for a therapist to ask. But it was right after I had innocently mentioned that I usually dress a little crazy, but that I try to keep my attire conservative when I go see him so that I don't frighten people in the waiting room. (There's other therapists and shrinks there.) But he insisted.

So I wore a psychedelic sweater that I'd knitted with un-matching sleeves, some of my un-matching socks, the jean jacket that has turned into a monster, and my beloved Bass Pro Shop knee-high rubber fishing boots (which I kicked off so he could see the socks).

And after he took one look at all this stuff he scribbled madly on his little tablet.

And I would give $100 to see what it was that he wrote.

Seriously, $100.

I mean it, I would actually pay $100.

Seriously, I would.

Hell, I'd pay $200, maybe three....

* *


Anonymous said...

Hi. I like your blog, though I've never been driven to leave a comment until now. But now you've just touched on a subject with which I am ever so familiar, and I have to ask- have you ever wondered if your therapist is ever tempted to scribble nonsense just to make you wonder what he's writing? That thought hit me once in the middle of a session, and I may have let out a short, tiny laugh (barely even a laugh, really, more a soft "snort" if you know what I mean...) And my therapist asked me what was funny, so I told her. She didn't say anything, but she sure wrote something down on that darn pad...

Bo... said...

I know what you mean. And whenever he madly scribbles something, I stop talking to give him time to get it down, whatever it is! And I have to admit to you---there have been times when the shoe was on the other foot and it was I who wanted so bad to say something totally outrageous just to see him scribble THAT, heh!

A. M. Warnke said...

"Little Red Riding Hoodie" Where did you get the pattern from please?

Called by the Lord,
A W.

Bo... said...

Hi Ang! I'm designing it as I go!

Mary said...

It's hard to do but try not to worry before it's time. Tests are tests - to see what is going on. Until the end the answer is not always obvious even if we think it is. In the meantime, I love seeing how you are putting beautiful stitches together in a way I could not have envisioned. It really opens knitting up for me and I have been at it for over fifty years. Thanks. Hang in there. Thinking of you.

Bo... said...

Thank you so much, Mary!

danielle said...

LRR is loooooooking good Lucy!!!
Love the bag!

danielle said...

Goodness Bo - I just read that your labs were not out of sight - I hope you told that MD how scared the phone call made you and maybe they could have handled it a little better - maybe by the MD actually making the phone call and telling you the WHY before she made you come in for the discussion! That is just horrible - heartless and thoughtless all rolled into one!

Bo... said...

Bo... said...
Thank you, Danielle!!! I felt the same way. And I even told the assistant that called me that I was worried about the results---and then I spent 6 sleepless nights and much daytime worrying over it! And then for her to say she called me in out of concern for my "too low" levels...aaaargh! She even criticized the fact that I had very low cholesterol and the other related labs. (And thank God my liver labs were fine.)

You know, I have always believed that a student doctor in training should have to be a patient for one full week. I bet they'd learn a lot about how frightening it can be as a patient.