Monday, October 12, 2009

At Least I Admit It...


Okay, I admit it. I cry at the sentimental parts of movies.

The problem is, most people consider the particular times I cry during certain movies as ridiculous. They say I cry at "the stupidest things"---that I'm too sentimental---and that I'm too emotional. They also can't understand how in the heck a cartoon-movie could move somebody to tears. (But hey, I ask you, WHO DIDN'T CRY when Bambi lost his mother?)

But I'll let you be the judge.

Here are the times I've bawled during a particular part of a movie--- which caused whichever one of my ex-husbands or friends who was with me a load of embarrassment:

1. I cried when the stupid chickens finally flew their haphazardly-made airplane over the fence of the chicken farm in "Chicken Run". I was married to the biker man at the time and he and every kid in the theater turned to look at me with total disgust when I burst out crying while saying: "They made it! They finally made it!"

2. I cried during "Beverly Hills Chihuaha" when Delgado got his police dog badge back. Blaine looked at me like I was a nut.

3. Lord Jesus, but I totally (and I mean TOTALLY) bawled my silly head off during "Homeward Bound--The Incredible Journey" when I thought the old dog wasn't going to come home. But then, at the last second, the good ole dog appears, loping tiredly over the hill, and his kid sees him.....OH HELL, I'm bawling NOW just THINKING ABOUT IT!!

4. Okay, I bawled in "The English Patient" when he flew her body home. I thought that was so romantic.

5. I sobbed during the award ceremony in the first Star Wars movie, when Princess Leia gave the medals to Luke, Han, and Chewie. I mean, I bawled for the entire time they walked down that aisle. And all the friends I was with kept trying to shove popcorn-butter-soaked napkins into my hands, trying to shut me up.

6. I cried hard during "The Perfect Storm" when that one sailor, who was about to drown, said: "My kid is gonna take this hard..." (but wouldn't you cry at that part?)

7. I cried during "The Deep Blue Sea" when, as the floating sea research facility was flooding with water, a bottle of booze floated by LL Cool J and his pet parrot (and LL Cool J was playing a chef who was a recovering alcoholic) and he was highly tempted to drink it.....but he decided to be noble in the situation and didn't succomb to the temptation. (Um.... let me admit a little secret here. If I thought that me and my pet parrot were about to DIE by being chomped by genetically mutated sharks, I'm sorry but--recovering alcoholic or not---I'd drink the damn booze!!!! Man, I would totally grab that bottle...I would drink that stuff so I'm sorry. Where was I?)

8. I totally BAWLED out loud in the theater during "Toy Story", when Buzz and Woody finally made it onto the moving van truck. Again.... every dumb ass kid in the stupid theater looked at me like I was a crazy loon. And I got mad and yelled out: "So what!?? Didn't you ever have a Mr. Potato Head or a Barbie or something that you loved?"

9. I cried during "Date With An Angel" when the angel came flying in, in all her glory, to rescue her boyfriend from the totally insane Phoebe Cates.

10. I cried during "The Boy Who Could Fly" when his little brother FINALY made it around the block and triumphed over the neighborhood bullies. Hey, don't laugh---that dang movie was GOOD. My mother didn't believe it until she watched it herself---and even she had to admit it was heartwarming...

11. Okay, I cried during "Ernest Saves Christmas", too.

(Yes, I know---I just admitted that I watch "Ernest" movies..... * q



Azmomo2andcounting said...

Well could be worse... my husband cried in the theater at the end of Monster's Inc!

Magdalene said...

Toy Story 2 - during the song about Jessie and her "owner".

Lion King - both times when the baby lions were introduced.

Up - during the first section about the old man and his wife.

Ghost - when he moves the penny and it goes into her hand.

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King - when everyone bows down to the hobbits.

Oh, heck, I cry at everything too. I am so used to going to movies with my kids and have them all turn and look at me, knowing that I'm gonna be crying. (I even cry during "So You Think You Can Dance")

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Now that I'm peri-menopausal, there are certain times I'll cry at the drop of a hat (caught a preview of Rosie Perez on Law & Order, SVU. Bawled like a baby.) Of course, I'm equally likely to haul off and cause great bodily harm. Those hormones, man. Good times.