Friday, April 24, 2009


Oh, goody goody gum-drops!

Yesterday the Mama-Birdy flew madly, back and forth, to build her nest in the tree on our front porch. She worked all day long.

So I snapped a picture of the nest while she was away--- it's such a sweet little nest! And I do believe, by looking at Mama-Birdy's markings (and also by listening to her soft and beautiful "coo-ings") that she is a Kansas white-winged dove.

And then look what's going on this morning.....she is sitting very still, calm, and not moving.....

She's definitely laying some eggies!!

* Oh goody! Oh goody! Oh goody!

The Lord makes such beautiful things....


Cat said...

You lucky person! I would love to have some birds nest where I can see them. Not gonna happen here, so I will have to vicariously watch YOUR birdy!

Have a great one!

Grandma Elsie said...

Beautiful... Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of how God does things in nature.
I love to set on my patio and watch the birds at my feeders ,if the deer doesn't eat it all.
I can't wait till your next installment of "it's happening" !!!!!