Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Greatest Knitting Show on Earth....

Jackie Blue...

likes a dream that can never come true...

("Jackie Blue", Ozark Mountain Daredevils) *


* Okay, they say everybody gets fifteen minutes of fame.

And, I.... um... was asked by a really cool online Spanish/English magazine,, if I'd like to be featured in this month's issue (Issue No. 6)--- in the "Art" section.

This month they are doing the Art Section on.... um... "Ugliness". And they wanted to feature my beloved Pinwheel Sweater.

Along with the photos of the Pinwheel Sweater and some information on my background, they also requested a photograph of me, and so I gave them one from my university cheerleading days.

(But I've gone double-colored blonde recently.)

Here's the link to my article (Article No. 7, titled simply "Bo") in

Okay, okay. So it's in there under "Ugliness". I really don't mind. I mean, beauty and ugliness are relative terms --- and totally in the eye of the beholder, right?



But hey, I'm very flattered and happy to have been featured at all.

But, however .... all this talk about real or imagined ugliness doesn't help my growing fears and discomfort towards my current "Mystery Project" --- a knitting project which Blaine calls "Mrs. Bozo's Sweater".

The other day he actually thought he was hilarious for hollering out: "Bozo's wife called --- and she wants her sweater back!"

Very funny. But okay, so I may have gone a little too wild with the colors. I always have. My old knitting teacher, a darling German lady, used to say in her charming German accent: "Bo, you are so brave wiz zee coleurs--- you should haf been German.

And I'm proud to be brave wiz zee coleurs and told that I should have been German, truly I am --- and I don't give a tinker's damn that Fred, my therapist, regards my taste in colors as a "symptom" of my... uh... mental condition.

So, to that end, I have decided to continue knitting my Mystery Project defiantly --- into a sweater of which a clown's wife could be proud.....

( I wonder if would like to feature my Mystery Project in their next issue.... perhaps in a section called... say... "Apres Circus"?)



Rose Blue said...

I absolutely LOVE your pin wheel sweater and will die slowly of envy until I can make one of my very own. (or a facsimile thereof)

Congratulations on being featured. OUTSTANDING. Can't wait to see the Mrs. Bozo sweater.

Knit ON, just keep on knittin on!

Rose Blue

Anonymous said...

Incredibly ugly sweater, but YOU GO GIRL! Have fun. I imagine Rembrandt had some ugly paintings in his background.

Warrior Knitter said...

You ARE brave with the colors, knitting and wearing. And what the heck does Fred know about colors anyway. I suppose he would think Kaffe Fassett's not all together there either.

I LOVE the way you express yourself with color.

Grandma Elsie said...

Well its not my style nor color(s) but if you like it I wouldn't exactly call it ugly but ...different .... I've seen really ugly ones of which yours isn't: and that's my opinon. Elsie <><

Kim said...

Hey, that pinwheel sweater rocks! I don't just think it's nice, I would wear it!

Ugly my derriere!

PS - the cat is cute, too! : )