Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Was Raggedy When Raggedy Wasn't Cool...



Man, our neighborhood is totally buried under snow---and somehow the city forgot to plow our street. And the next-door neighbors and our landlord are the only people who shoveled driveways. But I don't blame the ones who didn't.

Bless his heart, our landlord shoveled our driveway when he shoveled his side (he lives in the other side of our duplex)---because I certainly couldn't do it. I tried yesterday but gave up after only a few feet---it's backbreaking! I had to take two Motrin after I threw the snow-shovel across the porch in aggravation and came back inside...defeated.

Anyway, it's cold---which means my feet are colder than they usually are. And my current house socks are plumb wore out---shamefully so. And I confess.... they are not my own hand-knitted socks. They're cheap Wally-World socks I bought awhile ago when I wasn't in a sock-knitting mood. And I have finally wore them out beyond any repairability. Blaine chided me last night, asking rudely why in the world somebody who knits socks all the time would wear store-bought socks, especialy ones with ugly holes in the heels. I sassily replied that I could wear them holey because, as usual, I had another pair of socks on underneath them, thank you very much.

(Plus the fact that I'm not one to worry about my frequently-raggedy appearance, as I've mentioned before.....)

(Sometimes, especially when I wear my hair in braids, that idgity Blaine sarcastically calls me Pippi Longstocking. He thinks calling me that is an insult regarding my habit of wearing crazy, non-matching, "raggedy" style clothing. But what he doesn't realize is that I have always admired the way she dresses.)

Anyway, so (duly chided) I finally cast on to knit myself some of my own house socks. I've got the time---I'm almost done with my Christmas knitting since all I've got left to do is knit the toes onto the purple Regia socks.

I'm knitting while cooking up a pot of leftover turkey soup. I basically stuck the turkey in the pot and am going to boil it up, de-bone the meat, and then toss the meat back in with some celery, carrots, sage, noodles, and whatever else in the frig I can throw in that Blaine won't realize is "leftovers". (He only grudgingly agreed to me using the leftover turkey for dinner tonight, but only because I would throw a fit over wasting perfectly good, expensive turkey.)

(Blaine absolutely hates leftovers. I once pureed some leftover green beans and included them in the meatloaf---and he NEVER KNEW IT, HAH!)

(He'd DIE if he knew that, so don't tell him.)

And I'm making the soup in my favorite old pot that only has one handle. I have no idea when the other handle broke off. (See? Even my cookware is raggedy!!)

(I have decent cookware, I swear. But I just love this good ole cooking pot---I've had it forever and it just feels....well, comfortable....)

It makes the house smell turkey-soup-ish, which I like on a cold day. *


Bo... said...

To Maggie from IL: OMG, I accidentally lost your comment---I am so sorry! I am trying to find it in blogger but I haven't been able to so far---please forgive me?

Bo... said...

To Maggie from IL again: Waaaah! I still can't recover your comment, dang it! Again, please forgive me---I don't know what I did wrong in the comment moderation, but I must have done something, aaargh!

Anonymous said...

It was cold enough to snow here last night--and this area hasn't had an accumulation of snow since, I'm told, 1966. Brrr....

Unknown said...

Looks chilly out! I don't know what it is in Fahrenheit but it's close to -30C here in Alberta! Thank goodness we don't have much snow yet.. just a little bit more than you it looks like. I think I need a pair of socks too, they all look so cozy!

Warrior Knitter said...

My DH used to be absolutely NO leftovers and he's that still way on a lot of things (left over pizza for one) but he's a lot better than he was 30 years ago. There are some things he does admit taste just as good or better the next day (and the next and the next such as BBQ brisket or stew).

I go with what that don't know they don't know. I bought 2% milk for a couple of years before he discovered it. I was busted when the company changed the style and type of caps and the color of the container and I couldn't peel the 2% label off the lid any more. He was SHOCKED to learn he'd been drinking 2% for 3+ years. He always claimed he could taste the difference and hated anything but whole milk.

So we we drink 2% now but he still laughs about how I"m trying to poison him. And every once in a while he makes a big deal about checkin' out the label to make sure it's still 2% and not 1%.

Anonymous said...

this post reminds me of the days when my kidlets were young and at home and every time i cooked a turkey i would save the carcass to make soup. they HATED it. thanks for the memory.

i'm so glad you are back and all is well w/ you.

a former road nurse from michigan.

Maggie said...

YOu lost my comment??? Oh, God, now why would that make me laugh until my sides hurt??? It probably is somewhere in cyber space trying to find a warm place to spend the winter..
But, I am hoping you read it...and tonite I have nothing smart or witty to say....going to bed early as alarm goes off early here...
I do love you anyway, keep on knitting how you want, what you want, and Keep dressing to please yourself--if the man has issues, gee then make a deal with him, you dress to please him all week--as long as he dresses to please you--and chase some 'great' outfits for Blaine on line--Cos-play stuff, you know those people who dress up like a character from a Japanese anime cartoon...there are several places that sell the stuff--and Blaine would never put Pippi down after that...Maggie in IL