Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hey Birds! "South" is THE OTHER Way!


Gollee Moses---it's snowing like crazy outside!!!!!

And what's with all those birds swarming around the bushes??? Are they looking for the way south to escape this snow?

I'm jazzed this morning because Blaine's mother sent me a Christmas card with some money in it---and when I called her to say thank you I told her I was going to spend it at the yarn store, heh! (I really am.) I'm already planning what knitting to take with me to New York when I go.

Poor Blaine cussed his way to the curb when he took the trash out this morning because he had spilled coffee grounds in the kitchen. But I'm glad he made the coffee because I'm going to sit here and drink it all day while I knit and watch the snow.

I've got to finish that other "go-to-the-hospital-bedboot"..... *


Sue said...

Snow seems to be everywhere this week. Central NYS is supposed to get 3-6 inches tonight.

I love the socks you have made for your ex-inlaws. And Little Baby is just too sweet for words!

Have a great holiday!!

Unknown said...

This day was my 50th birthday. i wish I had had snow....yes I know it causes havoc and me with my problems would have been housebound due to it but I still think snow is beautiful.