Thursday, November 04, 2010

OK, He Asked For It.....

My therapists are very nosy about what I knit or what I do with jewelry making. And I have no earthly idea why.

Why would they care??? Are they just nosy----or do they have some mental health reason?

So, finally, it's a cold enough day that I need long sleeves with a cardigan. And so I decided to finally wear something I made down to the psychiatric center. It's the pattern for Molley Weasly's cardigan from the Harry Potter movie (I think it was the "Chamber of Secrets" one or something like that.) (You can click on the picture to enlarge it.)
I got the pattern out of the book "Charmed Knits", but I didn't knit or crochet it the way the pattern went.

I added cables, a crocheted edging, and the sleeves are completely out of my imagination once I did the shoulder ruffle.

(You know that I never could follow somebody else's pattern to a T---I just had to tweak it somewhat.)

Anyhoo, I'm going to wear it. I know it's wild, but the other patients at the psych center probably won't even blink. Many of them have purple, blue or pink hair, one or two of them walk around with ukelele's or banjos (while playing them), and then there's the Hula Hoop Girl.....

What Jack (my therapist) specifically asked to see was the Little Red Riding Hoodie, but I don't think it's cold enough yet. And besides, I haven't attached the frog closures yet. Maybe I'll oblige next week when the temperature is expected to drop.

Anyhoo, I'll see what happens. When I talk he sometimes scribbles something on his pad. (Just like Fred used to do, remember?) And I want to see if he scribbles something when I first wear that thing in front of him...

(Hee hee....)




Cindy/KS said...

So how did it go? I took my sister out for her birthday lunch today, gave her the crocheted scarf I made for her & the cake I baked & decorated for her. Then came home & allowed myself to take a nap! There are benefits to being permanently laid-off!

tottergirl said...

Bo, I totally want one! That is sooooooo cute! The only knitted thing I ever made for me is a cowl I just finished and wore to work today because the walk from the bus stop is cold.

Bo... said...

Thank you, Cindy and Tottergirl! The receptionists tried not to stare but I caught them staring, heh. Patients who had never spoken to me suddenly started talking to me while I was waiting for Jack to come get me. And then the FIRST thing Jack asked was: "Did you make that?" And when I told him I had, he complimented me---but I'm uncomfortable with compliments. One of the other girls in the group kept saying she just loved it. So I guess it was a good reception. Wait till I wear the Little Red Riding Hoodie, hee hee!