Saturday, August 25, 2007

I've been Tagged!

Don't worry---she ain't dead. It's just an example of what the Texan heat can do to your energy level. Dang it, I wish I could lay down in the grass under a shade tree and take a siesta in the afternoons...

(I thought about sneaking up on her and waking her up by yelling "All the alfalfa hay's been stolen!" but I didn't.)

Anyhoo, I've been challenged by Not Nurse Ratched to admit 8 things about myself. EEEK!!!

So I got to thinkin'.....hmmm....and I thought that simply admitting the fact that most people think I'm insane would answer most of the questions anybody may have about me...... but I'll go ahead and try to get more specific here (and I sincerely hope that my readers don't recoil in horror and then run screaming down the street...)

Okay....deep goes:

1. I sing to cats. My own made-up songs. Alas, but my current apartment complex doesn't allow pets and so I have no cat to sing to. (However, I'm willing to share. So if anybody has a cat they want to sing to, I'm willing to divulge the lyrics and tune....)

2. I think most people know that I knit for relaxation. Although most of the things I knit are gifts for my friends or their children, I used to knit "for sale". In the days when I was married and could afford to work only 3 days a week, I had more time for knitting. So I knitted things for two stores. I knitted children's biker wear for a biker shop, and I knitted some of my own designs for a boutique shop. Although I made good money, I couldn't have quit my day job...

3. All of you know that I love animals, but some people might think I am "fibbing" when I mention in my blog that I talk to the animals. But I'm going to admit that it's true---I really do talk to them. Out loud. (And, unfortunately, I've been caught doing that a few times....)

4. All of you know that I'm a nurse who used to work in Emergency Rooms and ICU's, but I'm also a psychiatric nurse. I used to be a Head Nurse on a particular ward in a psychiatric hospital. (Scary thought, isn't it?) (Don't worry---I won't be offended by anybody who finds themself pondering the fact that it would be like the blind leading the blind.....)

5. I was raised overseas and developed different habits than that of the average American while I was growing up as a diplomatic brat. I experienced a terrible "culture shock" and insecurity about myself when I returned to America to go to college---and this lasted for years until I learned to "fake it". In my first year of college I had to take a remedial English class because my English language/writing/speaking skills were weird. These days, I still do have problems thinking of a word, sometimes---because I've usually thought of its foreign equivalent first. So sometimes I stutter, which embarasses me. (But the languages thing comes in handy when speaking to patients who do not speak English.)

6. Once, while overseas, I almost lost my life in the middle of a violent anti-American occurrence. I'm going to keep that story to myself because it was frightening and I almost lost my mother in it. But I love all people of all countries in the world and so I don't hold that incident against that particular country, although I do still have nightmares about it.

7. I sing to myself (out loud) while starting IV's or drawing blood. My patients really don't mind it, except some of them have complained that they wished to goodness that I'd learn more than just the first line of whatever song it is that I'm singing....

8. Belinda and her daughter Foo-Foo have sneaked up behind me and caught me talking to myself in Walmart twice. Twice...

Okay---there's my deepest secrets! Now I have to tag some people.....hmmm....

So..... by the power vested in me by Podunk, I hereby tag the following blogs (and forgive me if they've already been tagged but it's been a rough week and I'm behind on my blog-reading):

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P.S. I have an update about Mr. Kessel that I will put up soon.

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