Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Got Home!

We're back from Dallas! And I am so tired I could fall over! Forget unpacking---I don't have the energy. And I have tons of email to answer, yikes! (By the way, I have an anonymous blog stalker! She's threatening to "out" my blog, and she made the remark that I "wouldn't believe who she knows in Dallas". This cracked me up!)

Hey, Anonymous? Do you know anybody at Control Risks?

Anyhoo, everybody, when I unpack and come to my senses I will put some pics on here with a post about all the fun we had in Dallas, yeee-hah!




Mary said...

Can't wait to hear more about your trip and see pics. It's great to spend time with family. It made me feel good hearing even a bit about yours while you were gone and imagining what a good time you were having.

Bo... said...

Thank you, Mary! As soon as I get over my "trip lag", I'll post everything!

Maren said...

Yeah i know about the naughties....Hannity is sporting a slash on his chin because he was poking his nose in Lynx's business.
He has started tormenting her. Time to have those little "nards taken off I'm afraid.
Hannity never shuts ups hence his name:)

Cindy/KS said...

Welcome home! Hope the trip was great! I'm trying to catch up here - tons to do & don't even know where I want to start, but will try to start somewhere, although I would rather sit & knit!