Monday, September 06, 2010

Friday's Getting Closer---And it's the Amtrak Train for Me....

Okay, so I have shopped for clothes for the trip--- and I've started packing. (And I hope you don't think the pink stuff is hideous....or the leopard cardigan... but I couldn't resist matching up an outfit with that wonderful pink scarf and I have NEVER been able to resist leopard motif.

While I have been packing, I've been working in the studio to see if I could make some pendants for the clothing I bought. I mean, I have tons of stuff I've made already that I could use, but I wanted to see if I could make stuff that would match a couple of items in my new clothes perfectly.

So the above is the pendant (pre-glossed) that will go with the pink skirt and blouse, both of which I bought exclusively to match a gorgeous hand-knit shawl given to me by a knitter friend. And the below is a grey and black spotted pendant to go with the grey and black leopard printed cardigan.

The grey and black one is not my favorite piece of work. I don't really like it just by looking at it. But it does look better in person (and glossed) and it does match the dang cardigan well.... and so I'll wear it solely with that cardigan.

The above is more of my packing attempts--- where am I going to put the "scrunchy boots"? So far, my packing is not very thorough. There's that rolling bag and then a duffel bag. I'm probably going to have to wear the scrunchy boots since they take up beaucoup space in either of my bags.....

Here's the grey and black pendant with the cardigan. And I know, the pendant doesn't look that great. But I promise you the pendant looks better in person and glossed---and it does match the cardigan if you could see it in person.

And the above is the purple/pink pendant I made to match up the pink outfit with the gorgeous shawl--and I really like that pendant. I even made earrings to match.

The above is stupid Little Baby waiting for her tuna fix. I don't think she'll miss me much because Blaine spoils her rotten and he's not coming down to Texas until a couple weeks after I leave.

I just stuck the above picture on here to show you these buttons I've made recently. They're glossed and ready for holes to be drilled into them. I'll do them after the Texas trip.

Anyhoo, I'm DYING to get on the road! I am really looking forward to spending time with my mother and then going to my sister's shindig.

And if I don't make a blog post entry before I go this Friday, I will definitely make one when I arrive at my Mumsy's house. She has some new projects that I'd like to photograph and show you---they are GORGEOUS.




Anonymous said...

Hey Bo!
I really envy you your upcoming train trip, I love to travel by train. Have a great time and enjoy your visit at your Mom's. I look forward to your posts and hearing all about the wedding.
Have fun

Bo... said...

Thanks, Donna! I'll take pics and tell ya all about it when I get back!

Gramma Phyllis said...

Bo, Dear sweet one, PLEASE do NOT apologize for your beautiful work. I make beaded jewelry as well as knit, but I have never been able to create the beautiful and fascinating things you make with clay. Those two pieces go so well with the intended outfits!

Enjoy your train trip and have fun at your mom's. I love her pieces that you share with us.

Peace be with you in your travels, Gramma Phyllis

Bo... said...

Thank you very much, Gramma Phyllis!