Monday, August 31, 2009

Meanwhile...Back in Texas.....

Okay, so I'm back at my beautiful mother's house.

But I'm leaving for Kansas tomorrow night, again on the infernal Amtrak train.

Mamo, as predicted, is "lingering" due to the institution of a dialysis regimen. A doctor buddy of mine says she could linger for weeks or even months. She sleeps much of the time, wakes up for meals, and is experiencing abdominal pain due to constipation since she does not have the strength to have a "movement". She is so weak that she cannot do any physical movement except to turn her head slightly. When she is awake and can speak, she is coherent in the things that she says--- which means that she is very much in her right mind and totally understands all that is happening to her.

My uncle goes to visit and feed her twice a day. And the only thing the rest of us can do is to wait... and wait.... and wait... hoping like hell that she is comfortable and not in any distress. But I can only imagine her state of mind--- and I pray to God that she is not miserably depressed or feeling lonely.

The rest of the family has all returned home since none of us (nor the doctors) have any idea how long the dialysis will keep her alive, and we're not able to stay there indefinitely. But we jump every time the phone rings, thinking that it's "the" phone call.

I am spending a couple days here at my mother's home and so I decided to do something to distract myself from all the misery--- so I took photographs of my mother's home and art.

My mother is a well-known artist in these parts. Most people are wide-eyed and agog when they view her fantastic art pieces--- she has a personal style and flair that is different from any artist I've ever seen. It's beautiful, wildly colorful, and interesting as well as thought-provoking. She's been featured in newspapers and on the internet. She has been asked to give classes. And she sells some of her work, frequently asking me to advise her on the pricing of particular pieces.

My mother's artwork varies from gorgeous oil painting, to mosaicing (whereby she cuts each and every piece of the glass/tile/ceramic mosaic pieces herself with her vast array of tools and saws), to mixing and constructing concrete buttressing structures, to lamp-making, to custom upholstery and cushion-making. She's partial to rich, lush colors of burgundies, purples, reds, golds, mirror tiles, and even leopard print. It's impossible to describe-- you'll have to see it for yourself.

Whenever I visit my mother's home, I calm down immediately. It is a place of unimaginable beauty and wonder. The floors are covered with authentic Persian carpets of varying sizes and all the upholstery and fabrics are richly colored with matching tassles. Here is where I keep a bedroom--- and in it I keep my collection of Painted Ponies. My mother's breathtaking art pieces are spread out within the house and also outside, in her amazing English style gardens. She is frequently asked to give tours of the entire place. (And I sigh with delight when I use the imported French soap in my bathroom.) (But you knew that I like French things, right?--- it's Mamo's French blood in my veins....)

Right now my mother's current work is a fountain. Yes, you heard that right---she is making a fantastic fountain which has three upper bowls emptying into a main pool. Her handymen help her with the underground plumbing for it--- right now they're installing valves or something--- and it will be surrounded by tropical plants such as a banana tree, ferns, and flowers. It will be in the front of her garden area--- but she has another fountain on her side patio, where she takes her meals.

So....I've decided that I will show you her art. Truly, it is so beautiful and unique that I think you might find it fascinating. I'll download the pics when I get to Kansas.

Anyway, I'm boarding my train tomorrow night and will be home in Kansas on Wednesday, where Blaine will pick me up at Union Station. (Lord, that man has phoned me incessently.) (And I lost my dadblamed cell phone and have to go get another one tomorrow....) As usual, I reserved a little room on the train so I can stretch out and watch videos on my laptop.

(Word to the wise---"Race to Witch Mountain" was very disappointing. I could have told you the entire plot and ending of the movie simply by watching the first five minutes. Mediocrity, Thy Name is Disney.... )

But I won't stay home long--- because I will be returning to Texas in the second or third week of September to accompany my mother to Dallas where we will celebrate my niece's 21st birthday. (Yikes! How did she get to be 21 already?...... I feel so old!!...) And my sister just put in a greenhouse and fountain in her own garden--- so I'll have to get pics of those things, too...)



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