Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The 70's Peace, Love, and Flower Power Shawl


Oh, I've finally decided my future lies

Beyond the yellow brick road...
("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", Elton John & Bernie Taupin)



Although I was too young for the Woodstock generation, I have a penchant for 70's music, Peter Max art, 70's style crochet, and other memorabilia of the times--- and so I designed the "Peace, Love, and Flower Power Shawl".

Maybe it's totally silly-looking---and I'm not really sure that I truly managed to capture the 70's spirit in this quirky shawl--- but it's at least good enough to be a cozy warm wrap on a cold winter's day since I made it long and wide in worsted weight yarn.

Charting out, knitting, and then attaching the patches was quite a trick, but it was fun playing with outrageous psychedelic color combinations.


Make Love Not War....


P.S.: I'm almost finished writing the final chapter of the "Who Ya Gonna Call" series. It was the most difficult chapter to write due to the bittersweet memories and the tragic culmination of our two years at Shadyside. Sorry it took so long---I'll post it tomorrow or the next day.




Susan said...


Your shawl captures the 70's very well and it is making me think of my and my sisters room...Yellow walls, orange shag carpet, black curtains with flower power and black fur bed spreads! I am even picturing my sister ironing her hair!

Love it!


kg said...

I was there, and this so captures the 70's.
Hope your Grandma is ok.

mjomnp said...

For someone who was there and lived those years with many flower power vests and hats and flower power vans...have no fear you captured it just wonderfully!

babs said...

I love this shawl. I think it captures the 70s perfectly!

Zenknitter LesleyD said...

I absolutely love it!! Excellent job hun!!!

Anonymous said...

People who support the war are not allowed to wear peace signs.

Think about it.

Bo... said...

Dear Anonymous:

Are you still mad about the "pom-pon" thing? You sound like you don't have very much "peace" in your own heart.....

joannamauselina said...

The shawl is indeed very seventies and very cute. It will feel really nice on a winter eve.

danielle said...

It looks very warm and comforting! The only critique of it as compared to the 70's - not enough fringe!!!!!!

Bo... said...

Danielle--you are so right!!! And now you've inspired me---so I just may start cutting some multi-colored fringes to put along the whole border!

Macy from Buffalo, NY said...

Fantastic, Bo! I shared a room w/ my sister in the 70's. I think your beautiful shawl captures everything I can remember about that room in one place! Thanks for the memories!