Friday, June 26, 2009

President Bush and My Baby Sis.....


* See? I don't think her forehead is shiny at all. My sister is a very pretty girl--- and charming to boot. The other people at the event said that the President seemed very taken with her!

Apparently, they all had a very good time over lunch. Everybody said that President Bush is a fun guy to hang out with! The President's Secret Service guys were even flirting with my sister and her BFF! (But alas, my sister is "taken". She dates a millionaire who owns a trucking company---a guy I have worshiped ever since he bought me a stereo system for my Jeep.)

And a good time was had by all!

Anyhoo, Blaine and I are going down to Texas next week for a vacation at my mother's house. And, in honor of the occasion, my mother is throwing a huge, Texas-style BBQ.

For the BBQ, Blaine offered to contribute some of his famous marinated pork-tenderloin kabobs, which are eaten with tomato/onion relish and pita bread. My mother said that would be a great idea. But idgity, die-hard New Yorker Blaine just HAD to ask skeptically: "But can you get decent pita bread in Texas? Maybe I should bring pita bread, too. I hear you can't get decent pita bread in Texas..."

I told him "For God's sakes, Blaine. I'm sure they have decent pita bread in Texas. It's not like we're going to dadgum Alaska!"

To which Blaine responded: "We had better take some, just to be sure...."

So I guess we'll be traipsing down to good ole Texas with a cooler full of pita bread. (Yippee-yi-ki-yay!)




Steph said...

Great pictures and I love your commentary! Appears that everyone was enjoying each others company. Enjoy your trip to Texas and the BBQ with the from home pita bread. Steph

Macy from Buffalo, NY said...

Like Kansas is the only place that has the "best pita bread"???? HELLLLOOOO - I'm a NY girl, and I beg to differ, dude.

Bo... said...

Blaine WISHES he could get some good New York pita bread!!! (He's originally from New York.)

Anonymous said...

I ask again, did she wash her hands afterward


How very cool! Imagine, getting to shake hands with a president! Lucky gal! Forehead is so not shiny!

Unknown said...

Your sister has gorgeous hair. I love red hair. I wonder if Blaine's pitta bread is the same as we have here-flat and stuffed full of meat and salad when sliced open.