Friday, June 19, 2009

The View....From the Couch....

*'s not a good day.

The back pain is so bad that I couldn't get off the living room couch--- unless I absolutely had to because the phone rang, I had to go to the bathroom, or some such.

The pain is so bad that I could use some pain medication--- but I ran out of the small amount the Emergency Room gave me. And I'm so desperate that I've decided that if I'm still this miserable tomorrow, I'm afraid that Blaine is going to have to take me back to Olathe's Emergency Room.

The clinic nurse did call today and tell me that I'm scheduled for a "bone density test" at Olathe next week, along with some blood work. Lovely.


But bless Blaine's heart, tonight--- because since I was incapacitated on the couch for the evening, he hand-fed me some pieces of Alaskan King Crab dipped in butter!---and DANG, that was good!

Then he helped me up to the futon mattress, where I'll sleep tonight, in hopes that the pain will abate some...




Macy from Buffalo, NY said...

Hey Bo, ate last night I threw my back out bending over to pick up the lid from the pretzel jar! All I got is Robaxin. I already take Tramadol & Valium, so I didn't get any good stuff. Hope you do! Time for more ice and my wedge pillow and the floor - we don't have a couch. Dadblam it! Take it easy.

Unknown said...

Along with painkillers have they given you a muscle relaxant? Sounds like you need it to un-spasm your muscles in your back.