Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chicken & Dumpling Eve

Sigh..... another week of work. Another day, another 33 cents... And even though I got Monday as a holiday and only have to work 4 days this week, it's going to be a bitch because the Powers That Be dumped Monday's workload onto the rest of the week. So we'll do 5 days of work in 4 days.... aaaaarghh!!!

So come along with Bohemian Knitter as she tours Redneck-Land in the Jeep, visiting various and sundry places to see her beloved patients.

First visit today-- a small brahman cow farm. Now, these people are smart--they know how to keep an intact fence, thank the Lord. Unfortunately, they don't separate the house area from the pasture---so to get from my Jeep to their front door, I have to WALK THROUGH that herd of cows! And ever since The Incident At The Rickenbocker Ranch, I have been very leery of walking through herds of cows. Because I never know when there's a wayward bull around. Now, these people claim they keep their bulls penned behind the barn out back, but you never know.....there's always that sly neighbor Hereford that roams around trying to unionize other herds..... (although Brahmans are known for their snobbishness and probably wouldn't listen to a simple Hereford.) But yet, my friends..... there is a silver lining on the cloud, as you can see from the picture below.... Yep! You guessed it! I told you that Wednesdays are Chicken & Dumpling Days!

YEE-HAW!! And if I know this place, there'll be BANANA PUDDIN' for desert, DOUBLE YEE-HAW!!!! And here I thought it was really going to be just stupid ole Pork Chop Day. But I was wrong, hee hee!!! Tomorrow it's dumplings! Tomorrow it's dumplings! (Dang, I bet I'll have to be rolled out of that place after lunch...) So the week is not a total loss afterall.

I stopped in there and told them to save me and Amber a seat tomorrow--we don't want to have to wait behind those big ole PO-leece men or the Firemen. (Hell, if those boys get in there before we do there won't be nary a dumpling or thighbone left...)

And, thankfully, usually nobody on horseback comes through to hold things up. (Although there Was That One Time.... when a county jail prisoner escaped when the deputy let him take out the trash and the whole posse went looking for him but stopped into the Dumpling Place for what they called "strength for the ride". (Now, understand, in small Texan towns a posse isn't just a gang of friends---it's REALLY a POSSE!! Where a bunch of idiot, yay-hoo PO-Leece men have an excuse to jump on horseback and ride through the town yelling stupid stuff like "Yippee-Yi-Ki-Yay!" like they were Bruce Willis in Tombstone or something..... and they never did catch that durn criminal because he turned his own self in when his wife got a loveletter from his former cellmate, and so the pissed-off escaped criminal showed up at the jail house demanding to be let back in just so's he could whup the guy's butt..) (And Deputy Jimmy-Jack Hinton hollered at the escaped criminal for 2 hours saying things like: "And you spilled TRASH all over the damn alley and they made me clean it up after you ran off--so I'm givin' you Trash Duty for the next 3 MONTHS, so how do ya like them apples??!")

Oh yes, the dumplings....Ahem... So anyhoo, on Wednesdays me and Amber don't even bother lying to our boss about where we are on the road when we sneak off to the Dumpling Place for a "too long" lunch hour (when we're really only supposed to take 30 minutes for lunch) -- because when we get there we'll see our boss and her cronies sitting there, big-as-you-please, having their own selves some big ole bowls of chicken & dumplings!

So we all just pretend not to see each other. Except I almost got busted one time because there was a big smear of dumpling juice on my shirt when I got back to the office--and my irritated boss whispered: "Were you raised in a barn? You're supposed to be discreet about Dumpling Day! You trying to ruin it for everybody else or what?" Anyway, with dreams of tomorrow's dumplings on my mind, I finished my day of work for today and came on home to do some relaxing knitting. I cast on for a pair of socks for "Socks for Soldier's". I'm using some Wildefoote sock yarn and some bamboo Crystal Palace needles. I decided to join "Socks for Soldier's" to continue knitting to show support for troops because I have a lot of friends at work and in my personal life who's sons and daughters are serving in the armed forces.

So here's my Big Black Sock that I cast on for tonight. (If you'd like to join, the link is at the bottom of my blog.) Hey, do you know how I finally figured out that I'm not a spring chicken anymore? When I started knitting with the black yarn tonight and I started thinking about Ott lites....... (aaargh!...black yarn is hard on the old eyes!!....)

(SSHHH.....I'm going to bed now--and I'm going to dream about DUMPLINGS, hee hee!!!!!)


Leslie said...

OH...OH...my kingdom for a big bowl of chicken n' dumplings!!! And and even bigger bowl of banana pudding...so big I wanna puke afterwords. No cool place like that in my town.
But we did get an escapee like you did. He was seen running up main street toward the interstate. A friend of mine saw him. He waved, so she waved back. Durn friendly town, eh?

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