Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I"m back.....

We just got back home from our holiday in Texas and Louisiana, only to find Kansas under a couple feet of snow. Anyway, I have TONS of pictures of Christmas in Texas and our side-trip to the swamp of Lousiana, and I'll get a blog post up in the next day or so---after I unpack, aaargh!!!




Anonymous said...

Eager to hear about the gifting of the fisherman's sweater!

Anonymous said...

welcome back!
Hope you have pictures of the look
on his face when receiving the sweater. What a kind person you are.

Happy New Year


Terri said...

Glad you have arrived home safely. I look forward to your photos!

jenny said...

Hi Bo
You had a wonderful Christmas, the sweater looks great not surprised he was happy,
Yorkshire Puds
I cook mine in muffin tins a friend brought me back from USA 30 yrs ago. I use them all the time for muffins yorkshire and small pies, you couldn't buy the tins here in UK back then. some people cook them in a shallow cake pan and serve them with meat in the middle. I live in Suffolk UK. and my Mum calls yorkshire puds, Battar puddons Suffolk speak.
Have a very Happy New Year.
Best Wishes