Monday, July 30, 2007

What The?......

Oh Holy Hannah, but you are absolutely NOT going to believe this...

* But through a rating tool on the web, provided by the blog "A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver" , I was horrified to find out that in the online dating world my blog is rated "R" for "restricted"!! *

And his blog is only rated NC-17!! I just don't understand it.

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Can you believe this? I don't even say the F-Word in here for God's sakes. you think it's because all the animals are nekkid????

I mean, I know the horses never have their saddles on, but give me a break---it's 95 degrees out here!

The Message Goat is going to KILL me--- because some of the horses are already starting to get all modest on me....

(On another note: As promised in the comments section of my previous post, "The Story of Belinda", I will have the pictures up soon of Belinda's new baby!)

(And she's fully clothed.)




Angry Nurse said...

Don't feel bad;mine was only PG-17!

Taueret said...

that's pretty funny, especially considering that my 4 year old asks to see your blog EVERY DAY (and I let her)- she likes the pictures, especially of the birdies and eggs and nestseses. I guess that makes me a Very Bad Mummy. hee!!

mielikki said...

sigh. I only got to PG-13 myself, Bo. Maybe I should chuck up a pic of nekkid horses. . .

Anonymous said...

I used to do page layout for elementary school textbooks and we used to have to use PhotoShop to removed any exposed genitalia on animals.

Growing up on a farm, I thought this was hilarious. Bulls come with those parts, ya know!

Anyways, maybe your animal pics need "doctoring", too! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I thought maybe it was because you talked about patients dying ... never thought about nekked animals!

Deacon Barry said...

It's probably death. That seems to push you automatically up to PG - well that's what it said gave my blog that rating. I guess all this talk of snatching people bald probably pushed your classification into the naughty corner. Maybe the programmer is Texan?

poody said...

I gotta an R rating too! WTF??

Anonymous said...

And Yahoo has moved the Six Sox Knitalong to the restricted adult section at least twice since I've been a member. The group knits six sock patterns a year. There's been a lot of speculation on what can be done with a sock to make the group X-rated, and how do we get in on it? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I was rated "R" for two words:

death and lesbian!!!!

Not in the same post....

Unknown said...

And here I was innocently reading not realising I am likely to corrupted. I had better be off and find a PG site.....

Anonymous said...

NC-17 is the same as what used to be an X-rating, so Ambulance Driver still has you beat. Besides, R is the new PG, haven't you heard?


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