Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Announcement From The Message Goat.....

Ahem.... Ladies and Gentlemen. This is your Message Goat speaking, with an announcement about the Bohemian Road Nurse.
As you all know from Bohemian's last two blog postings, there have been tumultuous events afoot in the Road Nurse company.
And so, today, at 8:05 am, the Road Nurse Company owners arrived at the offices and promptly proceeded to name Bohemian as their new Branch Manager.
Bohemian Road Nurse did accept their appointment, her first utterances as Branch Manager being: "Thank God I'm off call. And for some reason I have a craving for a damn Moon Pie."
The rest of the day was spent re-organizing the office and operating procedures in an effort to get "back to normal" after the recent brou-ha-ha.
Fortunately, although Bohemian will now be the Branch Manager, she will not be buried in the office---in fact, she will still be out in the "field" almost as much as she ever was, because she stipulated to the owners that she could never leave her beloved Road Nurse Territory's patients (or their animals) (or her secret "gossip-lunches" with Belinda at the Sonic or Taco Bell).
(Of course, Bohemian didn't mention the secret "gossip lunches" with Belinda but it probably wasn't necessary since everybody in town pretty much knows that those two idgits eat lunch together every chance they get--- and it's getting to where the high school kid behind the counter at the Taco Bell asks "The usual?" whenever they show up...)
Also, Bohemian did sadly mention that although it is an exciting event to be named Branch Manager of one of Podunk's major Road Nurse Companies, she is unable to feel any joy at this appointment due to it coming on the heels of the downfall of her good friend and former boss, Lu-Lu, who still remains non-communicative. It is a sad and awkward situation for all concerned.
That is all for tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen. Bohemian Road Nurse will return in a day or so, when she gets her bearings...
(And also--- and you didn't hear it from The Message Goat---but I have it on good authority that the first thing Bohemian did after her exhausting day at work today was to stop at Bubba's Jiffee-Mart to pick up a Double-Decker Vanilla Moon Pie, which she ate with relish while crashing in front of the TV in a stupor to watch a strangely exciting movie called "A Sound of Thunder"...) *


Anonymous said...

But did you have to sign anything that swears you won't engage in "moral misconduct" with doctors in the area?!

Congrats, I think ... or maybe that remains to be seen? Good luck might be better ...

Janet said...

If you want something really good zap your moonpie in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Congratulations on the promotion. I do hope it means they are going to give you more money.

poody said...

Moral misconduct oh my!! I hate turmoil in the office. Maybe I can send the "talker" over to help ya'll out. I have it on good authority she is morally upright and a little too uptight if ya know what I mean!

poody said...

Congratulations and in honor of your promotion I am sending the "talker" to help you out in the office!!

poody said...

I am just filling you rcomments section up becasue instead of working I am goofing off and I had a call and came back and forgot I had already posted a commment feel free to delete them all. LOL

Deacon Barry said...

Gosh, didn't see that coming. The thing now is to get into your comfort zone. Remember, you are the best person for the job, because you know how everything works. Look on it as an opportunity, and a chance to learn new things. I do think congratulations are in order. It hasn't happened the way you would have liked it to happen, but I am sure you will rise to the challenge.
That moonpie sounds absolutely delicious.

Runs With Scissors said...

Gosh! I didn't think they even made Moon Pies anymore!!

Congrats on the promotion.


Zenknitter LesleyD said...

Congrats on the promotion!!!!
Yum Moonpies!! Best wishes and I'm thinking about you hun!!!

Dr Dork said...

Congrats, best of luck, you'd make a lovely "boss" for others, I'm sure.

Maybe this is my Aussie ignorance showing...but what on earth is moon pie anyway ??

Unknown said...

Congrats on the promotion. Sorry tho about your friend. Sometimes when a door closes.... she may just need a little help finding the window....

Remember your knitting to help you stay sane.

Dlhaymark said...

Congratulations Bohemian Road Nurse!

How's your knitting going for Belinda's baby-on-the-way?

Being from Texas, I know exactly what a moon pie is - Enjoy!

Podunk is entirely too small for any moral misconduct with doctors!


Knitting Rose said...

I am sooo sorry that you have had a wave of Peyton Place in Podunk. I hope everything evens out for you and you get back in your normal groove. Dont feel bad about being 'naive'. It is a good quality and means that you take things at face value. You are a kind and generous soul. Congrats on the promotion (even though I am sure you feel guilty about it). and Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Susan Palwick said...

Congrats, and good luck -- and I hope you hear from LuLu soon!

Ron Southern said...

I'm at the bottom of the pile, but I was here! No more work for me!

Alex Stoker said...

Congrats on the promo. I trust you won't end up going nursical...;)
And I see you changed template. Hurrah, etc