Monday, August 16, 2010

Finally Over With The Consumption......

Well, FINALLY, after over a week of being ill and not being able to play with my hobbies, I am back in good health--- and also back in the saddle again for getting back into my studio to enjoy myself making jewlery. First off, I decided to get organized and tidy things up. The above is one of my "stringing stations" where I sit on the floor to string necklaces, make earrings, or wire beads & pendants.

Above is one of the "unfinished stations" where I have things that are mostly finished but need the finishing touches. Like how those metallic blue buttons need holes drilled into them with the dremel. The pendants and earrings to the left need beads to be attached to the bottom loops. (You can click on the pictures to enlarge.)

The above is a bunch of finished items---sorry the picture isn't very good (but you can click to enlarge). There's pendants with matching earrings and there's a sack of finished buttons all the way to the right. (And yes, I do realize my jewelry is not everybody's cup of tea.)

More finished items---necklaces and earrings.

Even more finished items.

And more finished items.

The above is a pendant with a guilded gold edge, made to look like the metallic gold papers some chocolates come packaged in.

Here's some other pendants and earrings---and I transferred a Barbie-like face onto one of those pendants. I liked the picture because she's wearing a leopard hat.

And last but not least is the paints area, where all sorts of paints, glosses, and other miscellaneous items are. There's other areas in the studio, where different things are done---you'd be amazed at how much stuff I have got in there.

I'm still an amateur, but it's fun learning. My mother is going to teach me some things when I go down to Texas in September.

What's happening is that my sister is going to get married. And afterwards there will be a two-day wedding event in Dallas--- with a family dinner and a huge cocktail party at the Mariott hotel in "The Legacy" complex.

But there's a glitch---my mother and sister have had a huge falling out and are not speaking. My mother has chosen not to attend the wedding event. (Long, complicated story.)

So anyway, I will go down to Texas a couple weeks before Blaine drives down so that I can spend some extra time with my mother. As you know, she is a professional artist and has 2 huge, exciting studios which contain every hobby material imaginable. And Mumsy has promised to teach me jewelry wiring techniques--yay!!!

Blaine will come down later on, and then he and I will drive to Dallas to check into the Marriot for the two days of festivities. I asked Mumsy if she thought I could make napkin rings out of polymer clay for a wedding gift for my sister and she said yes---and that she will show me how to do it when I get down there--yay again!!!

(Yes, my sister is one of those who uses napkin rings on her table.....)

(Blaine and I eat our meals in front of the TV set with paper towels as napkins....)

(You know, I wonder what guests would think if I ever served a meal with napkin rings..... but with paper towels rolled up in the napkin rings instead of cloth ones????)

(Interesting thought, don't you think?)




Anonymous said...

They don't have to be anyone else cup of tea... they're yours!

Good luck with the Wedding "Event", in my experience weddings make people go a bit weird temporarily (also, "event"sounds really formal to me).

See if you can't persuade your Mother to go, even if she just stays in the background. They'll eventually make up (family HAS to!!) and she'll always regret it if she doesn't go.

Glad you're not dying of the black lung disease after all... :)


Bo... said...

Thank you, Lora! And I'll do what you said about trying to persuade my mom to go!

Miranda said...

I like your jewelry -- it's not my own style, but it is well done and colorful and uniquely yours. If we all liked the same thing, the world would be an incredibly boring place, wouldn't it? Chin up, and keep making cool stuff!

Bo... said...

Thank you, Miranda!