Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at Bo and Blaine's...

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas,

Just like the ones I used to know.....
("I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas")


Okay, so I made my annual wish on the Christmas tree. I can't tell you what I wished for or it won't come true, but I'll give you a hint----it comes on skeins or hanks and you knit with it. Did you make your Christmas tree wish yet?

Mostly what I'm doing today is hanging out at the house knitting, cooking, and watching Christmas stuff on the television. If you haven't seen the movie "Ernest Saves Christmas" you are really missing out. (I mean it---that dang movie is just plain ole heartwarming.) (You think I'm joking but I'm not---I watch it every year.)

And, of course, I'm waiting for Santa---know what I mean?......

While I wait for Santa I'm knitting. I'm experimenting with some multi-colored fingering yarn in my attempt to learn triangular shawl construction. I'm doing it in stockinette stitch and throwing in a row of eyelets every 20 rows. If I manage to knit this thing up to shawl-size without having a giant yarn-over disaster, I'll try to put a simple lace border on it and call it a shawl.

And I'm still knitting red pieces of what will ultimately be my "Molly Weasley's Amazing Technicolor Housecoat" from "Charmed Knits". I decided to put bobbles and cables in it. I put some stripes on the back. (No, I didn't put stripes in the front---that would be the "normal" thing to do.) (Wait till you see the sleeves....)

I'm anxiously awaiting Blaine's promised "great Christmas Eve dinner". He's going to make lobster tails. He bought them while he was out yesterday Christmas shopping with his brother-in-law, Emmie. He brought them home in a big bag of ice, dripping ice and lobster juice all over the place. And I haven't eaten all day in order to save my appetite--- because I swear those lobster tails are each as big as one of our cats....

So anyway.... now dash away, dash away, Donner and Blitzen...(and all the rest of the reindeer).... and Merry Christmas again----

And don't forget to make your Christmas tree wish!!


caroline said...

Merry Gretzmoose, Bo!

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